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Weekend Movie Must See: Hang Out in Palm Springs (2020)


Again the weekend and our next tip on what to see from the movies. If the picture that we want to impose on our readers today had been released a couple of years earlier, it would have certainly entered our top of the best films similar to Groundhog Day. But despite the fact that in Hanging in Palm Springs (2020) everything revolves around the fact that the main characters are magically stuck in the same day, here everything is presented from a slightly different point of view, from - why the picture looks like quite original.

Key Features of Groundhog Day Films and Differences from Them of Palm Springs (2020)

In pictures similar to Groundhog Day (1993), everything happens according to a similar scheme: living up to a certain point, the main character or other outsiders do something that loops time for the main character on one day. That is, a person lives the day, then falls asleep and wakes up again in the morning of the same day, thereby living it an infinite number of times.

Here are the main features of the current situation:

  • Only he himself knows that he has already experienced this day. Others live their normal life without suspecting anything.
  • A person can live in this day so many times that he already knows everything about everyone and all the scenarios of the development of events by heart.
  • He wakes up again in the same day, even if he dies, which, in fact, equals a kind of immortality.

Ultimately, a person understands that providence or the creator himself wants him to become different, so to speak, to be re-educated or to do / fix something in this day.


But, not required. Sometimes the appearance and disappearance of a time loop does not depend on this.

Hang in Palm Springs is different:

  • If in “Groundhog Day” and similar pictures a person can “reset the day” only by living it and falling asleep, or by committing suicide, here you can return to the beginning of the day simply by entering an anomaly in a cave that appeared after an earthquake. li>
  • In the film "Hang in Palm Springs" there are several people who are "stuck" in one day, and, returning time after time to the beginning of the day they live, they all the time remain in a reality common to all and remember everything that happened to them in previous "November 9th".
  • Some of the "stuck" from time to time kill other "stuck", even though it is not very useful.

The story of the adventures of the protagonists in Hang in Palm Springs (2020) is somewhat extravagant and significantly different from the rest of the "woke up-fucked-up-fell asleep-reboot". Let's check out the trailer.

Now let's talk a little more about the plot of the plot.

Description of Hang in Palm Springs (2020) and its differences from similar plots

Niles, suspiciously similar to detective Jake Peralta from the awesome comedy series "Brooklyn 9-9", is already unknown for the thousandth time waking up on the same November 9, on the day of Tala and Abe's wedding, and on which his girlfriend Misty acts as the bridesmaid.


These many thousands of returns on the same day were enough for him to go through all the stages of getting out of this situation. Once, in the very first "November 9", he managed to go through a kind of anomaly in the cave created after the earthquake, which sent him back on the morning of the same November 9. And since then, he regularly went to this very November 9, each time waking up in his girlfriend's bed while she prepares for the upcoming marriage of her best friend.

In his initial ordeals, he went through both reflections on karma with attempts to fix something in the reality of this day for the better, and endless attempts at suicide, which, again, over and over again sent him to the morning bed of his girlfriend Misty. What he just did not do to return to the usual flow of time. But at some point he just got tired of floundering, and he swam with the flow, enjoying what he was given.

Another November 9th. Nothing boded trouble ...

But in the November 9 version, which the film begins with, things didn't go quite as usual. Everything went on as usual until the very evening, where he, most likely, had once again played tricks with the bride's sister, Sarah. In the heat of flirting, he takes the girl outside the estate. Between them, the shura-moors were already ready to begin, when suddenly an arrow flies in from the twilight and bites into the leg of the unlucky Niles. Sarah, stunned by such a sharp transition from romance to violence, begins to scream with three-story mats. Meanwhile, another arrow reaches Niles.

Niles sees that everything is bad, but, to Sarah's surprise, he behaves calmly like a tank, joking and shouting some phrases to a certain Roy. Hiding behind a rock, he waits for the "attack" of this very invisible Swarm, and then begins to crawl to the cave that is located nearby. In the depths of this cave is the unfortunate anomaly, which now glows at night, shimmering with all the colors of the rainbow.


The guy almost reached the event horizon of the anomaly, when, suddenly, he heard the demanding cries of Sarah, who insisted that she, damn it, explain what was happening here. Niles manages to shout to her so that she does not decide to enter the anomaly, after which he is sucked into her and thrown out, as usual, on the morning of November 9 in Misty's bed.

But from this moment on, his time loops will become much more interesting, because, to his surprise, Sarah jumps into the pool, where he rested both body and soul, and demands that Niles explain to her what nonsense is going on here.


As you can see, Sarah acted like any normal person who, as a warning not to approach the unknown, will definitely do the opposite. As a result, she was also dragged into an anomaly, and henceforth there are two main characters in Hang in Palm Springs.

Therefore, their adventures will be twice as interesting.

Pros and cons of painting

There are a couple of questions and inconsistencies that we could talk about if the film was primarily focused on the sci-fi component.


But since she is not the main one in the movie "Hang in Palm Springs" (2020), then, perhaps, we will not make people laugh with our abstruse speeches. Indeed, the main thing in the film is the comedy and the funny drama of the current situation, or rather, the situations the main characters have to overcome, the only one who retains the memory of previous attempts to survive the fateful November 9th.

And there will be some more funny and original attempts.


On this "superficial" description of the movie "Hang in Palm Springs" should be completed, so as not to turn it into a "superficial" spoiler. We really liked the film. This is an excellent tape for resting brains, of which, unfortunately, not so many have been released lately as we would like (this is about films, not about brains, if that). Anyone interested can follow the link below.

Watch Hang in Palm Springs (2020) movie online

For the rest, who are more fastidious, we advise you to refer to our section, which contains various thematic and genre selections of fresh films . There everyone will be able to choose a picture that suits their taste.

All the best, and more cool movies and TV shows!

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