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Groundhog Day to Become a TV Series


The famous science fiction comedy "Groundhog Day" will be the basis for a television series. This was told in an interview with The Production Meeting Podcast, a participant in the original tape Stephen Tobolovski, who played Ned Ryerson, a former classmate of the protagonist.

According to him, he met with one of the producers working on the new show, who invited him to return to the image of Ned again. "I replied," Yes. No problem. "But this is Ned thirty years later. What has become of his life?", He commented. The actor did not provide any details of a promising project.

Recall that earlier for the next anniversary of Groundhog Day, the total number of days that the protagonist had to spend in a time loop was calculated.

It turned out that in total Bill Murray's hero spent 33 years and 358 days on Groundhog Day.

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Author: Jake Pinkman