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Top 250. Living Groundhog Day

Image “Don't you have an emergency line or celebrities? I'm both, I'm a celebrity in an emergency.

The alarm goes off frantically, and Cher and Sonny begin to vigorously chant “I Got You Babe” . Phil Connors has a brutal expression on his face and he walks to the window. Everything is still - it's February 2, Groundhog Day.

And we eagerly look at the screen: Phil Connors will be very, very bad for an hour and a half, but we will be very, very good. This is our holiday - the film Groundhog Day .


On February 2 in Pennsylvania, in a small town with the difficult name Punxsutawney, an annual holiday is held during which the local groundhog Phil is shamelessly awakened from hibernation, and by his behavior after sleep they predict the onset (or delay) of spring.

A weather observer from the “metropolitan” city of Pittsburgh, a very arrogant type, namesake of the unfortunate animal Phil Connors , is forced to go to this seedy town to shoot the phenomenon of the groundhog to the people, together with the cameraman and charming assistant Rita b>. Phil is bored to death of these annual trips, he grumbles, takes out the operator and the assistant, behaves tactlessly towards the animal at the very holiday ...


But on the morning of February 3, something extraordinary happens. Phil Connors wakes up in his room, but outside the window again the 2nd. He falls into a time loop, and everything starts all over again: the next day Phil wakes up again on February 2nd, and again, and again, and again ... Every morning Cher and Sonny wake him up with their annoying `` I Got You Babe '' ... What can you do to make this nightmare end and come February 3rd?

- Do you have deja vu, Mrs Lancaster ?
- Well, it's unlikely, but I can look in the kitchen ...

Even attempts to kill himself and the groundhog Phil were unsuccessful. The self-defeating Phil Connors still woke up on the morning of February 2.


But it turns out that there was still an opportunity to break out of the loop ...

ImageMovie Groundhog Day has been released screens in 1993. Director Harold Ramis became famous for the fantastic comedy "Ghostbusters" and its sequel. Ramis and co-writer Danny Rubin wrote the script inspired by the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche's book Gay Science , which depicted the life of a man living the same day again.

Harold Ramis starred Bill Murray in all of his films, and so the role of Phil Connors naturally went to him. Andie MacDowell was the only contender for the role of Rita . The role was written almost for her.

The huge success of the film was a complete surprise to all its creators.

The film received almost no significant awards other than winning aBest Screenplaynomination at the British Academy Film Awards ( BAFTA ). But the lack of awards did not prevent the film from being included in the 2007 National Film Register of the United States as one of the few films of cultural, historical and aesthetic significance. And in 2006, Groundhog Day was named Top 50 Comedy of All Time by Premiere magazine.


So Phil Connors wakes up every morning on February 2nd. According to Danny Rubin , Phil may have been in a time loop of ten to a thousand years. It took him so long to figure out something. Something very, very simple - sons of bitches in our world are not very popular. Including good girls. And our Phil is in love with Rita , and on one of those endless second February, he finally makes a sharp gesture and begins to court her. But in the morning, February 2 comes again, Rita does not remember anything at all, and we must start all over again ...

“What if there’s no tomorrow? Today, for example, he was not! ".


Does it look like anything?

After all, many of us also live in "Groundhog Day" for years - every morning the same, the same ... And to end this endless day, you need to do something with yourself. Not as radical and erroneous as Phil will try, but to do something with his inner world, and it is possible to see the rest of the world with different eyes. So it actually turned out to be very simple - Phil Connors began to change himself. He tried to become a good person. And when these changes reached the desired condition, the long-awaited February 3 came.

Maybe we should try? Or just enjoy your favorite movie once again.


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