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Fallout 76 Immortal Player and Bethesda Trial - This week's game news digest from CADELTA. Part one


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Fallout 76 Immortal Player

We all hate cheaters in online games. It is much worse when the cheater is the very game that spawns them. One Fallout 76 player recently noticed the fact that he cannot die due to a bug with his character becoming immortal. He cannot be killed by anything in the game, both other players and natural conditions, and even a direct hit with a nuclear warhead. The problem is that his character's health level is stuck at a certain level and does not decrease, but it does not increase either, so he cannot use mutations.

The player contacted technical support, where he was advised a number of banal operations that did not help to rectify the situation. As a result, he has nothing to do on the servers, since any PVP cannot end with his defeat, and his level of pumping has already exceeded 100.

Fallout 76

He shared a problem on Redith, where all the other players suggested that he become a nightmare of the game and terrorize different servers in order to later become a real legend. Namely, an immortal creature that wanders through the radioactive wasteland in search of something that can kill him, bringing chaos with it.

Rooster is now playable in Fortnite ...

Further in the gaming news is a story from the series: "If you are a dad, then only like that." Epic Games recently added a new rooster skin to their battle royale called Tender Defender. Its author is an eight-year-old boy who loves Fortnite very much. The boy's father took his son's sketches with this character and published it on Redita. The post gained a lot of pluses and was noticed by the developers who purchased the design rights from the family and included it in the game. This is how the father made his son's dream come true.

Rumors about a new game in the "Alien" universe

It is very possible that soon we will be waiting for a new project called Aliens: Blackout, which will be announced at the next The Game Awards 2018. Twentieth Century Fox has already registered such a trademark and are creating corresponding accounts in social networks. Also at the beginning of the year, they announced that they would create their own Alian shooter with the help of their Fox Next Games division.

Alien game

The thing is, recently Hideo Kojima visited their office and of course posted photos on his instagram, where under one of them there was a comment from the account of The Game Awards 2018 that the world will change soon. Contrast this with their early announcement that this year it will have the juiciest announcements in history and hope for the best.

Overkill's The Walking Dead flops - official statement

It is we, ordinary gamers, who are used to sharpening the words that the project has failed, nobody needs it, and so on. It's another matter when the developer himself declares this. According to him, the game turned out to be financially unsuccessful due to the fact that the price for it in USA and China was too low. Allegedly, the demand for them turned out to be higher than planned, so the price had to be raised higher initially.

Overkill's The Walking Dead

However, no one will give up on the game, since the audience has formed and there is someone to offer new content. Also, they are going to focus on their core business. It is not clear what exactly they had to enter.

Grandma streamer is not sure if she will live until TES VI

Time for sad gaming news. Shirley Curry, a famous streamer who has been streaming a series of Scrolls, doubts she will see the sixth part. Shirley is already 82 and her fears are not without foundation, since according to analysts' forecasts, the game will be released only in 5 years. She called the release of Part 6, a quote, literally the last nail in her coffin.


On the same Redit and other popular forums, the gaming community is already offering Bethesda to immortalize the memory of the overage gamer in the sixth part, as the company has done more than once in similar cases. The studio is still silent.

Bethesda Trial Over Fallout 76

Something too often our game digest today recalls this studio, but still we will continue. One of the gamers has filed a complaint with tech support because the price of their latest online survival stick fell sharply almost immediately after the game was released, and he feels cheated, as he bought it for the full amount. He was credited with 500 compensation atoms.

However, the episode was not exhausted and one law company undertook to investigate all cases in this matter, as it believes that the studio was distributing a broken product, not what it promised, and negatively responds to players' requests to return money for the game. This could threaten her with court. Bethesda rolled out an appeal in which they apologized for the long silence and announced two patches for December that will fix the game.


The first will be released on 4 numbers and will increase the capacity of the cache, adjust the mechanics and balance. The second - on December 11, will give you the opportunity to choose if your place is taken, transform the camp into a blueprint or look for another server.

Microsoft announced which games will get gamers for free on Xbox Live Gold

The first on the list is the Cube 2 puzzle and the Never Alone platformer, and then the owners of both the past and the current console will be able to get Dragon Edge 2 and the action movie Personaris playground of destruction. All this can be collected within a month.

Never Alone

AC Odyssey Expansion

Many gamers have complained that the series is generally far from the original source. It is for them that the "Legacy of the First Blade" add-on will be released where the carriers of the hidden blade of the assassins will tell us about the feather. It consists of three episodes and will be interactive, it will give you the opportunity to choose allies, introduce new characters, and we will also get even more sea battles. The first episode is worth waiting for on all platforms on December 4th.

This was all the gaming news for today, if you haven't read last week's news about Diablo 4 and the results of the year from Valv they are waiting for you here.

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