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Todd Howard: Bethesda is still betting on single-player games


Todd Howard, Lead Producer for Fallout 76, announced at the Gamelab conference in Barcelona that Bethesda continues to focus on single-player projects. He also added that Fallout 76 will not herald a new direction in game development for the studio.

Recently, there are many games in the electronic entertainment market that are considered by publishers as a service. Manufacturers increasingly rely on titles that are released with a basic set of features and then finalized / expanded long after the premiere.

The new Fallout will work on a similar model. Todd Howard, who announced Fallout 76 at E3, gave his opinion on the topic. Although this will be the first game in a series focused on online gameplay, the project's chief producer and Bethesda boss consoles the skeptic and promises that future post-apocalyptic adventures will not set a new trend in studio game development:

“We already have a lot of different titles that people sometimes forget about. The Elder Scrolls Online is one of the largest online projects in the world. Then there is Fallout Shelter, which we are constantly improving, and The Elder Scrolls: Legends. We wanted to develop a new multiplayer game for a long time, and we had an idea, so why not give it a try? ”

Participation in online and mobile projects such as the aforementioned TES: Legends or Fallout Shelter shows that Bethesda management is aware of the commercial potential inherent in these markets. However, we still hear from company employees about story-driven productions. The best example is the studio's # SavePlayer1 promotion, which touted Bethesda as the "last bastion" of a single player game.

Howard himself still believes in this regime and, touching upon the subject of the death of a single player, he comments: "Anyone who was in a hurry to claim that" this is the future, and this is dead, "was cruelly mistaken.

Despite the marketing strategy chosen by Bethesda, the publisher does not intend to cut costs on the most profitable projects. Todd Howard also talked about the opportunity to enter the Chinese mobile game market: “We are working with Shanda Games in China, who is responsible for Fallout Shelter Online in the eastern market, so we have taken the right steps. But TES: Blades, I think, does not quite correspond to the specifics of the Chinese market. In China, people want games to have a distinctive oriental style. ”

Until the premiere of Fallout 76, players still have to wait and see - the game is scheduled to be released on November 14 this year. The studio is also working on The Elder Scrolls VI and Starfield. Both of them should offer a single-player mode and place a lot of emphasis on the storyline. The exact release dates for these projects have not yet been announced.

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Author: Jake Pinkman