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Fallout 76 - Learn more about PvP and fast travel


The closer the release date of Fallout 76, the more details of the new post-apocalyptic Bethesda game appear on the net. This time, Todd Howard, in an interview with the Italian edition of, commented on the ability to quickly move through the radioactive wasteland and talked about how low-level players can survive when meeting experienced, pumped and aggressive gamers.

Since the game world of the new Fallout is four times larger than the previous part of the series, it is logical to assume that the game will have a system of fast movement between locations. In an interview, the head of the Bethesda gaming division himself confirmed that fast travel will appear in the new game, but many questions still remain. For example, how will there be fast movement to locations that are close to the bases of other players. Maybe you need to destroy enemy buildings in the area to open quick transition points?

Agree, if the enemy team constantly teleported to your base, it would be pretty annoying. When to find time to explore the wasteland, if you need to constantly sit in your town and defend yourself from intruders? Apparently, we will learn more about how the fast travel system works in Fallout 76 closer to release.

Fallout 76

Also, the publication asked about the PvP mode in Fallout 76 and how low-level players should be if they don't want to become easy victims for high-level opponents. Bethesda's decision in this matter is very simple: players with level 5 and below cannot be killed by other users in PvP. Not a bad idea, but what happens if a low-level player wants to measure their strength, then they both can't kill each other?

Recall that the release of Fallout 76 is scheduled for November 14th. But if you are not very interested in the multiplayer experiments in the famous series, then it will probably be nice to know that Bethesda is already thinking about developing Fallout 5, which will be a single game.

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Author: Jake Pinkman