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Top 30 Best Dramas of 2019: Part 1


From science fiction, horror and action films, we will smoothly move on to dramas, which are firmly followed by genre ratings. And so, in our today's top 30 best dramas of 2019, the most heartwarming stories that most touched the souls of moviegoers in the past year.

And we'll start with one of the most "Oscar-winning" hits (3 statuettes from 10 nominations) ...

1. 1917 (USA, UK, Canada, India, Spain) 8.17

From the title it is clear that the film is set during the First World War. Two fighters - Lance Corporal William Scofield and his comrade - Private Tom Blake while away the time between shifts lying on the field among the flowers of the field. Out of nowhere appears a messenger with the order to report to the command. From that moment on, the idyll ends and the dark and depressing war drama begins.

The parallels between "1917" and "Saving Private Ryan" suggest themselves. In both films, without any retouching, the "charms of war" are shown in all their tragic "coloring". The only difference is in the following facts:

  • In "Salvation ..." the action takes place during the Second World War, and in "1917" - during the First World War.
  • In the first case, the soldiers are tasked with finding a soldier, in the second - to convey an important report.
  • In the first case, the special group had to cover a greater distance.

But in both cases, the plot unfolds against the backdrop of the equally spectacular and overly truthful atrocities of war. And there, and there the plot serves only as an excuse to show the very background of the war, its deathly rotting disgusting face.

The soldiers saved people, performed a feat and all that. But without the "bloody background" it would be just another "battle tales" and nothing more.

So, two fighters are ordered to deliver a dispatch to the commander of the second battalion of the Devonshire regiment about the end of the offensive on enemy positions. The Germans retreated on the eve not by accident. They foresaw that the British troops would immediately rush after them in pursuit of "finishing off" and prepared a trap for them. The second battalion, which currently consists of more than one and a half thousand soldiers and officers (what kind of a large battalion is this?), Would have been defeated by direct fire artillery fire, even without the participation of personnel.

All this will happen if Scofield and Blake fail to deliver the commander's written order on time, that is, by tomorrow morning. Will the fighters succeed and, in general, will they be able to get to the designated place, given that the insignificant distance that they will have to cover will be stuffed with mines, snipers and soldiers of the enemy troops to the eyeballs?

2. Ford v Ferrari (USA, France) 8.14

Next in our top of the best dramas of 2019 is a sports and biographical story about two famous people in the "world of motors" - Carroll Shelby - a former racer and an outstanding constructor and driver Ken Miles, also a famous developer of racing cars.

These two have known each other for a long time, but their real collaboration began in 1963, when, at the peak of regression, Ford was looking for a way out of the crisis through new advertising and other tricks. And one of these "tricks" was the creation of your own racing car, capable of outshining the indisputable leader of sports endurance and speed racing - Ferrari on its territory.

The idea of Ford's participation in the 24 Hours of Le Mans was Shelby's. He undertook in a short time on the basis of Ford's technical capacities to create a racing sports car capable of competing with Ferrari sports cars on a 24-hour French track, capable of pulling any concern "from rags to riches" in one day, if he succeeds in winning this race. p>

But to win, as Ford's first participation in the 24 Hours of Le Mans showed, it was not enough to create a worthy car that could compete at the limit of its capabilities with the pillars of the world auto industry on the track, while not only not falling apart, but also winning. It also needed a pilot from God, who is able to feel all the units of a sports car, get along with it in symbiosis, merge together. This was Miles.

But his participation in the races seemed unethical to the head of Ford's sports program. After all, Miles was the same asshole who, on top of everything, had a lot of problems with this very head of the sports program.

This is the whole and the drama of the moment. Ford wants to win, but he doesn't want Miles, without whom he can't win. I wonder how Shelby will find a way out of this stalemate?

3. Parasites (South Korea) 08.08

The next best drama of 2019 will focus on the Kithack family living in a slum on the outskirts of Seattle and doing odd jobs like assembling pizza boxes. This family consists of Kim Kithak himself, his wife Chunsuk, the eldest and already adult daughter Keejon and the younger 17-year-old son Kiu, from whom all this dramatic mess was brewed.

Kijon was fortunate enough to get a job in the house of the trusting and conscientious moneybags Pak, after which, by hanging noodles on his ears, he hired the rest of his family to work for them, and the owners did not even suspect that the four adopted workers were relatives of each other .

It would seem that this is the light at the end of the tunnel. Happiness is near. But at one point everything went awry due to the fact that the husband of the former housekeeper, languishing with hunger, was found in the dungeons of the castle.

The housekeeper, having learned about the secret collusion of the Kijons, threatened them with blackmail, because of which the Kijons family was forced to resort to protective measures, which eventually resulted in very unpredictable and non-standard dramatic consequences.

The film is not without Korean naive, but the originality of the plot and the unexpected outcome of these flaws conceals. In our opinion, he does not pull 4 Oscars (and even 1), but you can definitely look once.

4. Joker (USA, Canada) 8.04

A dull and wretched type of standard appearance and non-standard psyche Arthur Fleck works as a clown in one of the local entertainment agencies. Basically, his job is to wave, standing on the corner, an advertising board, inviting passers-by to buy something or enter somewhere. It happens to him and earn extra money on children's parties. But, be that as it may, the money in the agency is paid so much that it is barely enough for living. And if you consider that a mommy is sitting on his neck - the now aging actress Penny, then his life is not at all sweet.

But Arthur holds on. He visits a free social psychiatrist who, by prescribing antidepressants to the guy, keeps the patient's psyche, disturbed since childhood, in check with grief. But one day it turns out that Gotham politicians decide to save money on social services and refuse the program to help the poor, as a result of which Arthur is left without a doctor and without pills.

The doctor, in general, did not help him with anything, except that he wrote out prescriptions for drugs, but now that the drugs were gone, the psyche of poor Arthur began to fail completely, which led to a series of events, as a result who made Fleck the Joker:

  • During his work, Arthur is attacked by local gopniks, who smash the ammunition allocated to him - a billboard for which he will have to pay.
  • The stupid and mocking partner of the wretched Fleck hands him a pistol "just in case". Ostensibly - for self-defense.
  • A cannon flies out of his pocket during a performance at a children's party, as a result of which Arthur flies from work.
  • You can also part with the dream of a stand-up career, because at the performance they laughed more not from his jokes, but from himself.
  • To top it off, he learns that he is not his mother's son.

Hmm. Those were not easy days for our friend Arthur. In time to go crazy with the mind and without any congenital abnormalities. And get rid of the damn Wayne, who is the root of all problems.

Yes, the very Wayne who, according to his mom, is kind of like his dad ...

5. Rabbit Jojo (USA, Czech Republic, New Zealand) 7.99

The life of a teenager in Hitler's Germany was a hundred times more difficult than the life of any African teenager from the Bushmen tribe, especially when World War II was drawing to a close. And all why? Yes, if only because the perky Adolf Hitler does not jump alongside the Bushmen in their imagination, happily giving the "carrier" his idiotic advice.

Ten-year-old Johannes "Jojo" Betzler is just a petty stranger who still doesn't understand anything in life, but who, like everyone else at his age, is imposed on Nazi ideas and values. Unable to kill the rabbit and thereby prove that he is a real member of the Junfholk, he becomes a laughing stock in the eyes of other peers and earns himself the insulting nickname "Jojo Rabbit".

But the main test lies ahead for poor Johannes. Within the walls of his house, the boy discovers a Jewish girl who is hiding there from the Nazis. As a true admirer of Hitler and a member of the Junfholk, he must report the "find" to the Gestapo. But overnight, the guy is rethinking the values of adult Nazis.

Of course. The little girl, after all, although she is Jewish, is no different from other people. Two arms, two legs, human-human. What will happen to her when she falls into the clutches of the authorities? Is it really the same thing that ultimately became of that poor rabbit?

Moreover, what will happen to my mother when they find out that she is not as much a supporter of Hitler as some in power would like?

6. A Dog's Life 2 (USA, China, India, Hong Kong) 7.95

Next on our list of the best dramas-2019 is the sequel to the sensational film "A Dog's Life" the year before last. The life of the dog Bailey (at the end of the first part - St. Bernard), reunited with its former owner, ends again. And this time the "Dog-Boss" goes into another reincarnation with the task of finding the owner's granddaughter in his next incarnation, helping her in everything and protecting her from troubles.

That's what the "Boss Dog" did. Remembering the girl by the bracelet on her arm and by the crystal ringing of his pendants (not to mention the smell of the girl herself), Bailey was reborn several more times, but each time he finds his mistress only for a short time. And finally. he finds himself in the body of some small balonka named Max, who managed to establish the life of her ward, which is not getting on her feet.

Well, about whether the "Dog-Boss" in the embodiment of petty Max will meet its former owner - we learn from the film itself. It will be no less interesting than in the first part.

7. Togo (USA) 7.93

And again, in our top of the best dramas of 2019, a story in which the main character is a dog. This time it is a filthy husky, who in 1925 had to perform a feat and save many children from the Alaskan town of Nome from death.

From the very beginning Togo, as he was later called, was the most restless and proud puppy that has ever been seen. Born sluggish and sick, he quickly made up for lost time and by the second month of his life established himself as the most restless member of Leonard Spalla's dog artel. Leo closed it in open-air cages and barns, but neither the fences nor the walls could keep him. He twice gave it to other hands, but after the first time, the new owner personally brought the fidget back, and from the second he dumped Togo himself, knocking out the window.

In the end, Leo decided to try it out in a team and was surprised when a squishy-born dog showed itself to be the fastest sled dog capable of leading a team.

15 years later, in the winter of 2025, an epidemic of diphtheria struck Nome. Adults more or less resisted the disease. But the children locked up in a quarantine hospital block needed serum and antitoxin, which they had to go to Nenana, hundreds of miles from Nome.

Everything was complicated by the fact that for several weeks bad weather was established over Alaska, through which it would not be so easy to get through, and keeping the correct course is even more difficult. Airplanes do not fly in this weather. You can also forget about the waterway. Only the dog sleds remain. And the choice fell, of course, on Leo with his gallant dogs and his wingman Togo at the head.

And Togo has already turned 15 years old. Will an elderly dog survive such a difficult path in a terrible storm? Hope, as they say, dies last.

8. Belle Epoque (France) 7.92

The next drama on our list of the best for 2019 again raises the age-old question of what we would do and how we would act if we happened to turn back time and find ourselves in one of the key situations of our past.

In the not too distant future, companies engaged in computer simulation of virtual reality based on images and impressions recorded in the client's memory will be able to recreate any moment in this client's life based on his own choices and preferences.

According to the scriptwriter and film director Nicolas Berdos, such companies will be able to provide not only entertainment services. For example, the main character of the film, a talented artist who once loved his wife dearly, and who is now experiencing not the best days in marriage with her, an appeal to the office of such a company brought moral and mental "recovery." After all, the opportunity to plunge into the moment when they just met their beloved, was again able to rekindle in him the tremulous feelings that had been lost throughout his life.

The film as a drama and melodrama is very good. But you can enjoy watching it only in mid-March, when the film will be released onDVD.

9. Special (France) 7.86

The next film in our top best dramas of 2019 will tell us about the exciting and rewarding hobby of two Frenchmen - Bruno and Malik. When others find entertainment in collecting stamps, dolls, vintage cars, climbing rocks, skydiving or on a sports or other path, these two find themselves in helping disadvantaged kids.

Not everyone in our world was lucky to be born and live their entire life path without congenital or acquired biological or mental abnormalities. Bruno and Malik spent their entire lives helping such people. They lead a kind of "patronage" over children with autism and other mental disabilities, trying to help them assimilate with the surrounding modern world.

And they are helped by children whom they "recruited" from the local dysfunctional families. Difficult adolescents, at first, with a creak go to this kind of "volunteering", but the further, the more they start to like their new "hobby". After all, it not only allows them to feel needed, but also makes it possible to feel like a "Human" with a capital letter.

The film was shot in the spirit of "1 + 1", and, moreover, by the same director's duet - Olivier Nakash and Eric Toledano. So it will be interesting. Those who have not gone to see a movie in theaters may not be upset. The digital release onDVD, as in the case of the forthcoming picture of our best dramas of 2019, is expected in March 2020.

10. Get Knives (USA) 7.82

A very high quality detective story with a touch of irony and a touch of drama. The case when Captain America Chris Evans appears on the screen without a shield and does not quite play the role that was expected of him. Although, Jace Bond Daniel Craig is not quite in his role here. But, be that as it may, everyone played great. The film was nominated for an Oscar for Best Screenplay and nearly won three Golden Globes for Best Picture and Best Actor and Actor. And despite the fact that no awards were given to him, the tape did not get any worse from this.

The plot of another best drama of 2019 is not new. There is a large family gathered to celebrate the birthday of the head of this very family, and there is the murder of the head of this very family, which happened after the celebration of this very birthday.

Each of the relatives has reasons to suspect and blame each of the other members of the family for the murder, because all of them, in one way or another, either got sick of, or annoyed, or disappointed the head of this very family, for which he deprived everyone of his inheritance, some dismissed from posts, and some just frankly sent to all four directions ..

But the entry into force of all financial and personnel changes was expected only the next day, on which a meeting with lawyers was scheduled. And how convenient it was that the old fart stabbed himself right there at night, without waiting for tomorrow's day, which means that he never gave a single order.

In our opinion, stupid-idiotic Korean "Parasites", as well as a freshly creative look at the old problem - "Jojo Rabbit" are far from Ryan Johnson's creation. But where can we compete with American Film Academics, right?

Especially when you consider that they include the most stuffed mugs and idiots, which can be verified from the following, not very fresh, but still topical material.


This is the end of the first part of the top 30 best dramas of 2019. We promise that in the next part there will be no less interesting and burning-emotional. So, let's wait until next week. In the meantime, as usual, all the best to you and more worthwhile films and TV series.

And early spring, of course!

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