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War is like war. Trailer for the drama ”1917”

Image Two James Bond films, "Skyfall" and "SPECTRUM", so exhausted the director Sam Mendes that he took a sabbatical and for several years moved away from the world of cinema. Now Mendes is preparing for a high-profile comeback with the military drama "1917", which brought the filmmaker back to the battlefield for the first time since the "Marines".

The name of the tape speaks for itself - its events unfold in 1917, during the First World War. Two young soldiers are assigned an important mission - to get to the enemy side and deliver a message to the allies that will save the lives of hundreds of other soldiers.

At first glance it seems that "1917" has a certain similarity to "Dunkirk", but the action of Christopher Nolan's film took place during the Second World War, and Sam Mendes's directorial style is strikingly different from what viewers are used to seeing in Nolan. However, like his fellow in the shop, Mendes took on the leading roles of young and talented actors, George McKay ("Captain Fantastic") and Dean-Charles Chapman ("Game of Thrones"), and surrounded them with stars - in "1917" will appear Colin Firth , Benedict Cumberbatch, Mark Strong, Richard Madden and Andrew Scott. Oscar winner Roger Deakins was responsible for the camera work, and is it possible that just one two-minute trailer immerses the viewer in the atmosphere of war, allowing them to be with the soldiers in the trenches, to feel the fear that overwhelms them.

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USA moviegoers will enter the fields of the First World War on March 5, 2020.

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