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Films and TV series from March 28 to April 3


The beginning of April will be no more fruitful by full meters than the last week of March. Here again - one superblockbuster and a bunch of second- and third-rate films that are not afraid of competition, among which, meanwhile, you can also choose what to watch. After all, not everyone will like the movie rehash of the cartoon from 1941, which tells about an unusual baby elephant flying on the ears.

Movie Premieres

This time the fresh list of films consists of 9 tapes, of which 4 are Hollywood production, 3 European and a couple of domestic ones. Do not look for new cartoons this week, which you can take very young children to the movies. There will be no such. This time, the providers decided that no cartoon could compete with the lop-eared cinematic elephant.

And therefore, all lovers of animation, as well as other admirers of cinema, have a direct road to a feature film ...

Dumbo (USA ) IMDb 8.8

Film Companies Walt Disney Pictures, Infinite Detective and Tim Burton Productions.

Genres: Fantasy, Family, Adventure.

Director: Tim Burton.

In chap. Starring: Eva Green, Colin Farrell, Michael Keaton, Alan Arkin, Lucy DeVito, Danny DeVito and others.

Perhaps this is the only story of its kind, where some enterprising businessmen want to cash in not on elephant tusks, but on elephant tusks - you will laugh - ears!

Yes, yes, exactly the ears! But first things first. In the circus of Mark Medici (Danny DeVito), a baby elephant with huge ears is born. At first, Medici wants to get rid of these non-standard “ears” and puts the problem on the shoulders of Holt Farrier (Colin Farrel) and his family.

But then a very interesting thing becomes clear. The baby elephant, it turns out, is not easy. Not only does his "cuckoo cook" almost humanly, he also knows how to fly. Yes, precisely with the help of their huge ears. It waves and flutters like a giant fat butterfly.

The owner of the "Fairy Land" show VA Vandever (Tim Burton) finds out about this and wants to build his future program around the number with a flying elephant, designed to enrich and make it rich.

But the catch is this. If you don't want the bird to fly away from you, keep it on a short leash. And if, as at the moment, the bird is a rather cunning elephant, then ... In short, we are watching a movie!

Beach Bum (USA, England) IMDb 6.6

Film companies: Iconoclast, Anonymous Content and Grisbi Productions.

Genre: Comedy.

Director: Harmony Korin.

In chap. starring Matthew McConaughey, Snoop Dogg, Stephanie Owen, Isla Fisher and others.

This time, Iterstellar crew member Matthew McConaughey is transformed into a lecherous half-bum named Moon Dog, who wastes his life by drinking alcohol and other fun.

He was once a good poet. But later he was overwhelmed by a wave of relaxation, and he decided that life should be lived so that before death he would not have to regret for the years spent aimlessly. And, in his opinion, "years spent aimlessly" are years spent in a routine without parties and booze.

The most interesting thing is that this type once also had a wife. And my wife had a lot of money. And so, overnight, his little wife gathered up, leaving him fabulous wealth. Only in the will it is said in plain text that he will receive them only on one condition. He must finally write a poem of all times and peoples. Such that the whole world recognizes his talent.

Now the drunkard and the libertine is faced with a dilemma: he needs money for further full-scale burning of his life, or else it will do. And something tells us that he is likely to lean towards the first option.

Cursed House (USA) IMDb 5.8, KP 5.4

Production Company : One Bad House Films.

Genres: Drama, Horror, Mystic.

Director: Andy Mitton.

In chap. starring: Alex Draper, Charles Everett Tucker, Greg Nafton, Carol Stanzione and others


The film was released on big screens in the West in July last year. Therefore, one should not be surprised that he has already managed to acquire a rating not only on IMDb, but also on KinoPoisk. And this rating, frankly speaking, is not so hot for a horror movie.

You shouldn't look for some kind of peculiar storyline in this horror movie. Everything here is trite and hackneyed and very much resembles another rehash ofKing's "Shining".Again an abandoned house. There is a family again (here - a father with a son), which decides to restore it and moves into it.

And then it begins. The ghost that has moved into the house grows stronger with each new hammered nail. Here, as in the same King's "Christina" - the further the repair proceeds, the more the evil forces that have taken over the car (in this case, the house) grow stronger.

In general, not everyone will obviously survive until the end of the restoration work ...

We (USA) IMDb 7.0

Production company: Monkeypaw Productions.

Genres: horror, thriller.

Director: Jordan Peele.

In chap. Starring: Lupita Nyong'o, Elisabeth Moss, Kara Hayward, Anna Diop, Winston Duke and others


The last American movie this week is horror again. But this time the plot is more extravagant and more interesting.

Here is a house again, and again a young family moves into it. Only this beach house, and the family is going to live in it only for the duration of their vacation. Only they are unlikely to have a rest, as we already guessed, will succeed.

Their dwelling is suddenly attacked by a four of mystical phantoms in their own guise, which desperately wants to cut and abuse all family members with huge sewing scissors.

Who they are and what they need from a young family - we will find out only by watching the film itself. We hope it will be exciting, as in the trailer provided for our trial, which can be easily viewed by clicking on the title of the film.

Amusement Park (Sweden) IMDb 6.4

Production company: Atmo Production.

Genre: melodrama.

Directed by Mons Morlind & Bjorn Stein.

In chap. Starring: Helena Af Sandeberg, Pernilla August, Jacob Eriksson, Edwin Endre and others


Provider Capella Film decided that only good adult melodrama could compete with Dumbo this week. After all, not every adult will go to a movie in which an elephant flies on its own ears. This is insanity! And not everyone will go to a horror movie in which everyone is cut and killed. After all, not everyone has iron nerves. So a Swedish-made melodrama appeared on the list of films this week, designed to suit its target audience in everything.

Although, here everything is not quite all quiet and smooth. This filmmaker is akin to Romeo and Juliet. Only here not mafia clans are at war, but amusement parks. And they are at enmity in the truest sense of the word. They will stop at nothing so as not to create competition for each other, up to the most vile magic-spy things.

And the girl from one "amusement park" managed to fall head over heels in love with a young man from another "amusement park". What now awaits them themselves and their kindled love? Will both of them have to give up their lives, like Shakespeare?

We don't think so. The description for the film says that it is a melodrama. But that this is a drama, not a word. So there is hope for a happy outcome, and what a hope!

100 things and nothing more (Germany) IMDb 6.5

Film companies : Warner Bros, Erfttal Film and Pantaleon Films.

Genre: Comedy.

Director: Florian David Fitz.

In chap. Starring: Florian David Fitz, Matthias Schweighofer, Hannelore Elsner, Miriam Stein and others


This masterpiece of German cinema will be almost three months old at the end of March. But, despite this situation, the film has not yet leaked to our pirate film market. Maybe pirates have fewer translators from German than English ones, or maybe something else, but the movie came to the box office in our country and did not get a rating on KinoPoisk. And every dark horse always has the right to be successful.

Judging by the IMDb rating, the comedy came out quite worthy, since 6.5 points for a comedy tape is quite a good result. And the plot is peculiar, albeit, of course, stupid.

Two millionaires decide to argue to prove to each other that things have no weight in life for them. That they are ready to live without them. So, supposedly, even better. Only will their argument and their inflated principles withstand when the girl of their dreams suddenly appears on the horizon?

We doubt very much. But it will be very interesting and entertaining to observe how they both will resist to prove the opposite. And hopefully funny.

Michelangelo. Infinity (Italy, Vatican) IMDb 8.2

Film companies: Magnitudo, Sky Italia and Vatican Museums < em>and Galleries.

Genres: Drama, Biography.

Director: Emanuele Imbucci.

In chap. starring: Enrico Lo Verso, Ivano Marescotti and others


This biographical drama will be interesting to those who want to join the artistic magic of the creator of such masterpieces as "Pieta", "Moses", "David", etc. - Michelangelo Buonarotti.

The film is heavy, but it will be very interesting for its audience. After all, the details of how the Sistine Chapel and the Basilica of St. Peter in the Vatican were created will be interesting not only for admirers of the great master's brush.

And to find out against the background of what events and personal troubles of the artist all this happened is even more interesting.

Ambivalence (USA) IMDb 6.8

Film companies: Pro: Vzglyad, AsOl.

Genres: Drama, Thriller.

Director: Anton Bilzho.

In chap. Cast: Danil Steklov, Egor Morozov, Valentina Kuvaeva, Olga Tsirsen and others.


We also got to domestic films. There will be two of them, as we have already said, this week. And if you take into account that the second is a kind of collection of short films, then it is completely one. The premiere of "Ambivalence" in the West took place last year. It sometimes happens that a domestic film is released in USA much later than abroad.

But, as they say, there would be something to suffer. After all, it is clear that a blockbuster, for which a huge amount of money was spent, no one would keep in storage. But cheap drama ... Why not? Especially when it comes to not-so-healthy things.

The film will be interesting to everyone who has long suspected that only mentally unhealthy people go to psychiatry. Thus, they are just trying to prove to everyone, and to themselves - including that they are quite sane.

The film tells the story of two friends, absolutely different from each other in their perception of life, but equally in love with the same girl. I wonder what they will go to in order to achieve her love?

We suspect that the competition will be very, very tough!

Happiness is ... Part 2 (USA)

Production company: Disney (USA).

Genres: family, drama, melodrama.

Director: Artyom Prokhorov, Anna Yanovskaya, Leonid Zalessky, etc.

In chap. Cast: Stanislav Duzhnikov, Boris Shcherbakov, Valery Garkalin, Egor Beroev, Andrey Merzlikin and others.


Compilation of short films from USA young filmmakers, in which, meanwhile, very famous personalities starred.

All films are light and well perceived. Only a notorious figure in the cinema arts, an interested person, or simply the one who filmed this whole thing, or participated in the selection competition, will only go to the cinema.

Something like that.

TV series premieres

This week is a breakthrough in the film industry. A couple of new films will be released on the screens, as well as 7 old ones will find their continuation. And among them standing - consider that all! But, we will be consistent and will cover all the premieres in accordance with the schedule of their release on TV screens.

And the first, oddly enough, just two premieres.

Tacoma (USA) Firefighters

The series premieres Thursday, March 28

TV Channel: Lifetime (truTV).

Genre: Comedy.

In chap. Starring: Eugene Cordero, Marcus Henderson, Kevin Heffernan, Gabriel Hogan and others


This masterpiece, most likely, will be designed to become a parody of such well-known and revered franchises as "Chicago on Fire / Chicago Firefighters", "Fire Department 19", "911 Rescue Service", etc. Here people are rescued , dogs, cats and other living creatures will be produced with special cynicism, stupidity and unprofessionalism.

Judging by the trailer, the pilot will definitely need to be overlooked. Hilarious moments are definitely present.

At Abby (USA)

The series premieres Thursday, March 28

TV Channel: NBC.

Genre: Comedy.

In chap. starring Natalie Morales, Neil Flynn, Jessica Chaffin, Nelson Franklin and others


In this series, the comedy action will unfold around the regulars of the bar "Abby's", which, most likely, will be called "Abby's". People there are having fun, drinking, gossiping and dulling for their pleasure.

Until, overnight, it turns out that Abby's business is not entirely legal, and the bar does not try to close. Will a horde of local drunks, extravagant personalities and other bar visitors be able to defend the owner's right to their business activities?

Wrapped up idiotically. But, what a series, such a synopsis!

Gomorrah (Germany) IMDb 8.7, KP 7.9

Season 4 Premiere Friday March 29th

TV Channel: Sky Atlantic.

Genres: Drama, Crime.

In chap. starring: Marco D'Amor, Salvatore Esposito, Cristina Donadio, Fortunato Serlino, etc.

Oddly enough, Naples is famous not only for its history and tourist attractions. Tourists who come to this city hardly suspect that mafia groups flourish in this cultural and historical center of Italy, distinguished by their cruelty and uncompromising even from Sicilian ones.

The tale here is just about such criminal mafia groups, which for many decades have not been able to divide spheres of influence in the outskirts of Naples, hidden from the eyes of tourists by the gloss of the central streets.

The people already did not expect to see the sequel, since the last episode of the 3rd season was released in December 2017. And now, after almost a year and a half, it happened! Welcome to Season 4, it's gonna be oh so hot!

Santa Clarita Diet (USA) IMDb 7.8, KP 7.0

Season 4 Premiere Friday March 29th

TV Channel: Netflix.

Genres: Horror, Comedy.

In chap. starring: Drew Barrymore, Timothy Olyphant, Skyler Gizondo, Liv Hewson and others

This is where Drew Barrymore's famous "Eye-catching" and the best on-screen "Hitman" Timothy Olyphant have gone. Until recently, they (or rather, the married couple that the two play) vegetated in Sant Clarita. Led, so to speak, the routine and formulaic life of real estate agents.

But everything changes overnight when the heroine Drew - Sheila suddenly died quickly, profusely vomiting in front of the next mansion, which they so successfully tried to sell to buyers dumbfounded by such abundant and disgusting vomit.

But, having died, in some incomprehensible way Sheila continues to live, and, moreover, as if nothing had happened. She is still the same Sheila, only her heart is not beating and she constantly desperately wants to chew fresh meat and wash it down with fresh blood. And this is what brings such a riot of color and adventure to the life of an ordinary Santa Clarita family.

Now her husband Joel, as well as their teenage daughter, is not up to a boring routine. Moreover, the further, the steeper the trick is written by their untied half-dead-half-dead wife and mother! And more and more difficult it is possible to rip off this "family defect" of their neighbors and other outsiders and, sometimes, very intrusive personalities!

By the way, the captain of the ship "Firefly" Nathan Fillion will also light up there. It will be interesting!

Barry (USA) IMDb 8.1, CP 7.3

Season 2 premiere Saturday 30 March

TV Channel: HBO.

Genres: Drama, Comedy, Crime.

In chap. starring Bill Hader, Stephen Ruth, Glenn Fleschler, Sarah Goldberg and others.


The annoying and gray life of a simple hired killer named Barry changes overnight when he, having received another task and tracking his victim, accidentally wanders into acting classes.

And here the former veteran of the war in Iraq understands - this is his true calling! Then he tries to get away from dark affairs and join the world of cinema.

But, firstly, our naive former killer knows too much, secondly, the syndicate does not want to lose such a laconic and highly professional specialist, and, thirdly, he is accused of murdering Chechen mafiosi who traded in Los Angeles, although, as usual, he did not want to kill them at all. Killed, of course, but forcedly.

In general, in order to understand the muddiness that we have done here, you should watch the entire series from the first season. It will be very funny and interesting. Especially in the translation of Cubes!

Vice President (USA) IMDb 8.2, KP 7.4

Season 7 premiere on Saturday 30 March

TV Channel: HBO.

Genre: Comedy.

In chap. starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Anna Chlumsky, Timothy S. Simons, Tony Hale, Reid Scott and others

And Celina Meyer managed to become first a senator, and then also a vice president. Moreover, the position of vice president turned out to be by no means as simple as the position of a senator. If she could afford to live there for her own pleasure, then she was in for a complete disappointment. But, where to go, you have to disentangle what has been done.

And this is going on for the 7th season. Because, in the series, there really is something to frighten. For those who haven't watched, let's say with full responsibility: “You've lost a lot!”

On duty (England) IMDb 8.6, KP 7.6

Season 5 Premiere Monday April 1

TV Channel: BBC.

Genres: thriller, drama, detective, crime.

In chap. starring Martin Compston, Vicky McClure, Craig Parkinson, Adrian Dunbar and others


Another long-running and very interesting and serious project created by the English BBC TV channel.

Steve Arnott was very unhappy when he was turned from the special department to the anti-corruption department. But, as it turned out later, everything here was even more dangerous and neglected than anywhere else. And he has been poking around in corruption cases for the fifth year already.

And all the white light is not visible.

The series was filmed very soundly, at the highest level. And the cast is just great. Both the acting and the stories deserve the highest praise. For those who haven't watched, we strongly recommend!

The last real gangster (USA) IMDb 6.9, CP 5.7

Season 2 Premiere Monday April 1

TV channel: TBS.

Genre: Comedy.

In chap. starring: Allen Maldonado, Tiffany Haddish, Ryan Gol, Taylor Moseby, Tracy Morgan and others.


A comedy series about a gangster who spent 15 years in a jail, and, upon leaving, found that everything in his neighborhood, and in life in general, had changed so much that even back to prison.

And now our convict released from prison, simultaneously trying to assimilate, begins to impose on the current generation of gangsters (and not only) his concept of the world view. He teaches everyone how to behave, how to do things, how to deal with things, and so on. Only he does not succeed, because the prison world has gone too far away from him.

But will it get to this point?

Brockmire (USA) IMDb 8.1, KP 6.2

Season 3 Premiere Wednesday April 3

TV channel: IFC.

Genres: Drama, Comedy, Sports.

In ch. starring: Hank Azaria, Tyrell Jackson Williams, Paul Ray, Amanda Peet, Hemkey Madera, etc.


A sports commentator who disgraced himself all over the world 15 years ago while commenting on a baseball game by throwing out the fact that he found his wife having fun with six men, and did not suspect that all this time he was a real YouTube hero.

In general, it is difficult to know about this when you are not friends with either the Internet or computers. But now Jim Brockmire - that is the name of our commentator hero - is trying to climb the tower of success again. It is only unclear whether his YouTube fame will help him, or if he will stick in the wheels even more.

At the end of the second season, things started to take shape in Brockmire's favor. I stopped drinking. I decided to join the high. But no matter how everything goes head over heels again in the new season.

And so, apparently, it will be. Otherwise, the season will just suck.


Next week there will be a list of premieres, in which the main heavyweights will undoubtedly be King's new and improved Pet Sematary, and Sandberg's comedy parody of superhero films Shazam. But we'll talk about them later, but for now, don't get bored! All the best to you, happy trips to the cinema and, as always, more good films and TV shows on the internet!

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