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Colin Farrell was recruited to play Dumbo


Colin Farrell has received an offer to play one of the key roles in Tim Burton's Dumbo, which will be based on a Disney animated classic. This is reported by the publication Deadline.

In the event that the actor signs the contract offered to him, he will play a character named Holt, a widower from Kentucky who takes care of his two children. Note that Farrell already has experience in projects at Walt Disney Pictures: he starred in the movie "Saving Mr. Banks", in which he played the father of the writer Pamela Travers. Earlier it became known that Eva Green and Denny DeVito agreed to play in the movie "Dumbo".

Recall that the picture will be based on a full-length animated movie that was released in 1941. In the center of his plot is the circus elephant Dumbo, whose distinctive feature was huge ears. Once, having accidentally drunk champagne, the baby elephant finds himself in a tree and realizes that he is very different from his relatives not only in his ears, but also in his ability to fly.

Walt Disney Studios have successfully created feature movies based on their cartoons. In March 2017, the fairy tale "Beauty and the Beast" was released, which set a whole series of records at home theaters.

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Author: Jake Pinkman