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Tim Burton to direct the feature movie Dumbo


Tim Burton will continue his successful partnership with Walt Disney Studios. As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, the creator of "Alice in Wonderland" will shoot a full-length feature movie "Dumbo", based on the famous cartoon, which was dedicated to a flying elephant with big ears.

The project, which will be a combination of CGI and live action movieing, will be based on a script by Ehren Kruger, who has three recent Transformers movies. The shooting and rental schedules of the new version of "Dumbo" are not specified.

Recall that the original cartoon was released in 1941. It was the fourth and one of the shortest animated feature movies by Walt Disney Studios, and was only 64 minutes long. In the center of the plot is the circus elephant Dumbo, who, because of his huge ears, becomes an outcast among his relatives. One day, having drunk champagne by mistake, he wakes up in a tree and is surprised to find that he can fly.

Several directors Ben Sharpsteen, Norman Ferguson, Samuel Armstrong, Wilfred Jackson, Bill Roberts and Jack Kinney worked on the cartoon. Together they managed to create one of the acclaimed masterpieces of animation. The cartoon has received numerous prestigious professional awards, including Academy Award nominations.

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