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RPG elements in Far Cry: New Dawn, Resident Evil 2 ratings and Mortal Kombat multiplayer - this week's digest of game news from Cadelta. Part one


Also today from our digest you will learn about the turn-based mode in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire, about why the publisher Metro: Exodus is not afraid of competition, and for the first time in a long time - good news about Fallout 76.

Far Cry: New Dawn will feature many small RPG elements

Who Forgot, Far Cry: New Dawn is an independent addition to the previous game, which continues the story of the fifth part in the same Hope County, Montana, but only in a post-apocalyptic setting.

The creative director of the project, Jean-Sebastian Dean, spoke about the differences between the add-on and the original game. According to him, the changes affected each level, but the main difference is the presence of a large number of small RPG elements.


For example, by capturing an outpost, you can take valuable resources from it, and if you later throw it, stronger enemies will come there and bring more resources with them. All weapons in the game have ranks, the higher the level of the enemy, the more powerful the gun will be needed to shoot him. On the player's base, it will be possible to get improvements if you invest resources. Allies will also come to it.

First evaluations of Resident Evil 2 - seriously, could it be different?

The ban on the publication of reviews of the remake of the legendary horror was recently lifted. It was already immediately clear that it would be a masterpiece, as the original was at one time, and at the moment about 50 game publications have already given the game 90+ ratings. Metacritic scores 90.

Journalists note that Capcome has made an excellent zombie action game with the perfect balance of ammunition and enemies. There is always enough ammunition for exactly the exact number of zombies. Also celebrate the Raccoon City Police Station. It is extremely interesting to explore it, and over time, the player will feel more confident in it.

The game encourages thoughtful gameplay, for example, if you barricade the windows from which zombies climb - it will be easier to fight, but even when the player feels safe, the tyrant Mr. X will always unexpectedly appear and chase the main characters.

The cons are insignificant. For example, some journalists did not like the small inventory, others note that there is still a shortage of ammo in the game, and some minus only the repeating phrases of heroes that they shout out during the battle.

IGN also added fifteen minutes of 60 fps gameplay to its review.

Mortal Kombat 11 Multiplayer

The developer of the game told us that the next part of the death duel will be cross-platform multiplayer. They will launch it explicitly after the release after a while. Underpinning our confidence is that Epic Games will be giving away Fortnite multiplayer technology to developers for free this year.


Violations of the balance in the game are hardly to be expected, since MK is a fighting game, not a shooter. However, this problem can befall the Nintendo Switch, because the hardware of the console is much weaker, and for normal cross-platform play, the performance should be stable.

The producer of the project reassured us, assuring us that the fighting game works well on the switch due to certain design concessions, and we have nothing to worry about.

Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire Gets Turn Based

Previously, all battles in the game took place in real time with the ability to pause. According to game designer Josh Sawyer, the decision to create a turn-based mode was made to maintain interest in the game, since it should receive not only story DLCs, but also new mechanics in additions.

A lot of work has gone into this mechanic. The entire interface of the game had to be almost completely redone, rebuilt the balance of equipment, and also create a new way to display the order of moves.

The mode, alas, starts in beta version, so bugs are possible. You cannot switch between real time and turn-based combat. Also, to select a new mode, you will have to start the game over.

Publisher Metro: Exodus is not afraid to compete with Ubisoft, Bioware and others

Recall that the game will be released on February 15th. Far Cry: New Dawn, CrackDawn 3 and Jump Force will be released on the same day, followed by Anthem in a few days. Why the publisher is not afraid of competition, spoke to Have Beynon, head of global brand management at Deep Silver.

The publisher considers the game to be a rich story-driven adventure, which is inherently similar to Horizon Zero Dawn or The Witcher, that is, is an adult single player game with a deep story.


The only competitor to the game could be considered Far Cry: New Dawn, since both here and there post-apocalypse. Beynon is confident that their game has a deeper atmosphere, as well as a realistic world. Other games that will come out at the same time have a network focus, so the publisher does not worry any more.

However, he said that after all, the project was postponed once due to the release of RDR2, since the game from 4A Games would not have been able to compete with the Rockstar brainchild.

Fallout 76 will not be Free to Play

Recently there was a rumor that Fallout 76 could turn into a shareware game. The rumor was made by "YouTuber" TheQuartering, citing the fact that the Australian game distribution organization EB Games began to remove physical copies of the game from the shelves. According to him, soon they will no longer be sold on Amazon, and all this is happening at the request of Besezda.


She, in turn, denied this rumor and said that the company has no such plans. Congratulations, you've read the first good news about Fallout 76 in a long time.

Remake of the first Yakuza Kiwami to visit PC

Back in 2017, the remake was released on PS4, now is the time to rejoice for PC users, because the game will visit it on February 19. This date is now on the game's incentive page, and even more - it can already be pre-ordered for a price of 1080 rubles.


This was all the gaming news for now. Read our last digest for top facts about MK11 and the failure of Artifact.

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