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Yes, it just happened: Games that appeared by accident


Do you know a situation when suddenly something takes and happens by itself? I am sure that yes. In game development, it happens that some projects are just taken and appear out of the blue. Of course, this is not how it happens. Many games change so radically during development that they end up with a completely different game. There are also more exotic cases when this comes as a surprise to the developers themselves and initially such games should not have existed. What exactly? This is exactly what we'll talk about in our list of games that turned out by accident.

Resident Evil 3

After the worldwide success of Resident Evil 2, Capcom decided to cement it and entrusted the production of Resident Evil 3 to Hideki Kamiya, who planned to launch the game on the PlayStation 2 [the console was going to be released in 1999]. In addition, the studio was preparing the ubiquitous ports of the first and second part for the consoles of that time, as well as two exclusives - Resident Evil: Code Veronica specifically for the Sega Dreamcast, as well as Resident Evil 0 on Nintendo 64.


However, at the time these games were created, the PlayStation 2 and Dreamcast were next-gen consoles and were not due out soon. Also due to the fact that the Nintendo 64 cartridges limited the creators in volume - they also needed a lot of development time. The release of new games was distant, and in order to support the brand before the release of a competitor in the person of Silent Hill from Konami and remind that RE is the king of horror, it was decided to create a spin-off for the PlayStation - Resident Evil 1.9. The least resources were allocated for it and a young development team was formed. The action took place almost at the same time as the second part. And we had to play as mercenaries of Umbrella.

However, as the project was formed within a limited framework and found successful ways out of them in order to become a worthy game in the series, the leadership gradually gave the team more and more opportunities and characters, until at one point the project became the next numbered part, changing strange numbering from 1.9 to a full three. Read the full story behind RE3 separately.

Assassin's Creed

Initially, Ubisoft had no plans to create a game about assassins and they considered Prince of Persia as their main franchise. After the end of the Sands of Time trilogy, they needed some variety, and they came up with a game about the prince's bodyguard and his adventures long before the prince grew up.


As a result, the project was overgrown with mechanics, until it became clear that this could result in a separate game. Taking on board all the new ideas, they turned the spin-off Prince of Persia into Assassin's Creed.

The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask

After the release of Ocarina of Time, Shigeru Miyamoto planned to introduce Second Quest into it - an additional company to complete the game, which was something like a new game + with mirrored locations, redone dungeons and stronger enemies. He dropped this task to the chief designer of the Ocarina of Time dungeons, Eiji Aonumu, who was, to put it mildly, not happy with the task. In two of his interviews, he contradicts himself. At first, he said that Miyamoto replied that he was not going to do something like that and would rather make new dungeons for another game, to which he replied that he would make a new game and Aonuma accepted the challenge.


In another interview, Aonuma said that he did not really understand the task and only after that Miyamoto suggested that he take up the next Zelda as an alternative. The bottom line remains the same - Aoyama decided that it would be easier for him to make new dungeons for the new Zelda, and Miyamoto gave the go-ahead and made him the main development. This is how The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask appeared.

The game itself was inspired by the German action movie Run, Lola Run, where a girl, stuck in a time loop, tries to rescue her boyfriend in 20 minutes, constantly starting over if she fails.


When id Software started creating the new Doom, they planned, for some reason, to continue the not-so-successful Doom 3 with a focus on suspense and realistic shooting. The story took place on Earth after the demonic invasion, and we helped the local resistance. The gameplay was not made quick in the spirit of its predecessor, only in a more elaborate form.


However, soon the developers realized that they were going in the wrong direction. In retrospect, they redesigned the project into a meat shooter akin to the very first Doom. This is how Doom 2016 turned out.

Devil May Cry

After they decided to turn Resident Evil 1.9 into a numbered third part, everything that Hideki Kamiya did while developing the initial version of RE3 was decided to be remade into Resident Evil 4. As planned, the new main character was a certain Tony - the son of one of the founders of Umbrella ... He performed a series of genetic experiments on himself and became super strong and fast. The game was supposed to take place in some kind of gothic city, in which many evil creatures lived. The concept turned out to be cool, but there were no ideas how to connect all this with the RE lore.


RE4 soon began to walk from hand to hand until she returned to Shinji Mikami, who created the very fourth cut that we know today. And what about Kamiya with his Tony? The project split off and became independent, and Tony turned into Dante - a demon hunter and owner of the Devil May Cry company.

Red Dead Revolver

Around the same time, one of Capcom's divisions was working on creating its own cowboy western. According to the initial idea, it had a lot of things that you usually don't find in westerns - flying opponents, exaggerated characters, as if accidentally jumping into the light from DMC and tentacles [well, the last is not true]. Something went wrong, and the publisher turned over all the work to the American branch of Angel Studios, and she got everything back on a realistic track.


Their task was to create a shooting gallery in the wild west setting, but by 2003 the project did not look promising, and it was canceled. In December of that year, Rockstar bought the rights to the game from Capcom and turned it into what we know today as Red Dead Revolver.


Borderlands' signature comic style was not original. But at the time, it was one of the most radical changes in art direction and tone adjustment made to stand out from other shooters of the time, namely Fallout 3 and Rage. Many don't remember, but at the time of its announcement, Borderlands was positioned as a serious co-op game in a post-apocalyptic world.


Obviously the changes have worked and it's hard to imagine Borderlands as anything other than the colorful and insane shooter it has become. The sad side of this story is that Gearbox's original art director quit his job after all his efforts were kicked out and replaced.


It is very ironic that the GTA series of crime stories was originally dedicated to the servants of the law. Before becoming a GTA, the game was called Race 'n' Chase and was dedicated to cops chasing criminals.


The management did not particularly like her and often spoke of her as a boring and unplayable project. The developers themselves realized that the main problem in the servants of the law, for which it is not so interesting to play, since this limited the player's action. So they switched to criminals, and the first opportunity they introduced was to crush people with a car. The moment when the leadership saw a crushed bloody corpse in the place of a pedestrian - determined the future of GTA.


Quake was originally a tribute to the developers' love for D & D. It was a game with the main character similar to Thor with a hammer in his hands, crushing monsters in the dungeons. The team had thoughts about such a game for a long time, but only with the advent of real 3D did the team begin to realize their potential.


Gradually more complex, RPG-like elements have been removed from the game as its lingering development base and opinions on creative direction began to diverge. According to David Kushner's book Masters Of Doom, game designer John Romero said, “Okay. I will redesign the whole Doom weapon game. " And so Quake came out.

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