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The rules for a good selfie or how to take a dream photo solo


Probably only the lazy owner of a smartphone or camera hasn't tried to take a good selfie. Many are already so accustomed to photographing themselves that they simply cannot imagine their day without a bright frame, and a page on the social network helps to share the photo taken with millions of people from all over the planet.

It is not known who first came up with the idea of photographing themselves on their own, but the first selfie surely appeared when the first cameras saw the light. With modern technology, taking at least a thousand selfies a day is not a problem, but most of us rarely manage to take a really worthwhile shot. So what are the secrets of a successful selfie and what you need to know to photograph yourself better than the rest?

Although we don't know who invented the selfie, we can definitely tell who invented the selfie pod. It was the Japanese company Minolta and the prototype of the monopod was implemented in their Minolta Disc-7 camera, which hit the shelves back in 1983

Select a camera

You can even take a selfie with an antique camera, but the quality of a photo taken with such a device, of course, will leave much to be desired. If you want your work to be bright and appealing not only to you, but also to other connoisseurs of the art of photography, you will need to get a good camera.


There is no need to explain why selfies are most convenient to take with a smartphone camera - only a Martian can doubt this. For such photography, new models of smartphones with high-quality front cameras and many functions are best suited to take excellent photos in almost any conditions. Owners of old phone models will have a hard time trying to take a cool selfie.

If you love and use apple technology, then Apple has made a very cool video about taking selfies.

Working with the latest smartphone cameras is very easy. Before taking a photo, you can set one of several provided modes (there are also special modes for selfies), and the camera will automatically adjust to the conditions in which you take a photo. So if you are a passionate selfie lover and can afford to buy any smartphone - do not save and buy any of the recently released models.

The importance of the original background

A well-chosen background for a selfie is just as important as the sincerity of your emotions captured on film. Therefore, in pursuit of a spectacular shot, do not be too lazy to visit those places, the images of which can delight the average person. You can be on a flowering meadow, near an interesting and unusual monument, near an old building or among a herd of horses grazing in a field - you have a huge choice of locations (unless you are a resident of Antarctica).


It's great if the face of some cute animal gets into the frame - such selfies will surely be appreciated by the fair sex. And remember that not only the background itself is important, but also its originality, as well as the unusual angle from which you will photograph yourself in the chosen environment.

Here are some tips for those who find it difficult to choose the right background for a selfie

  • If you live in an unremarkable town, grab your smartphone and drive to a nearby small village. In addition to picturesque landscapes, here you will surely find colorful dilapidated buildings that will serve as a great backdrop for you. And the photo in which you are surrounded by blooming cherries or apple trees dotted with golden fruits will surely please all your fellow townspeople;
  • In a large and densely populated city, whose sights have long been captured in photographs of thousands of people, it will be more difficult to find an original background. But nevertheless, do not hesitate to photograph yourself against the backdrop of famous buildings and beautiful monuments. Remember that it is much more important to convey your emotions than just taking a bland shot in front of the Colosseum;
  • Not only busy, but also deserted parts of the city can be interesting for the selfie-lover. Take a partner with you and go to the abandoned buildings of factories, factories or other similar objects, photos with which will radiate a special energy. Just remember to be safe and, if possible, visit such places only with friends.

Do not forget about what background can be extremely unsuitable for selfies. For example, almost every young person will find your photo funny, in which you are proudly sitting at a festive table against the background of a carpet, and a hefty-sized homemade cutlet is pinned onto your fork.

Therefore, if you want to take a selfie, take a good look at what is behind you. It is also not recommended to take pictures of yourself in a mirror, as your reflection in it with your phone in your hands in the photo may look just comical.

Genuine emotion is the key to any heart!

It is the sincerity of your emotions, conveyed in a selfie, that is able to hook those to whom you show such "live" photos. After all, it is always extremely boring to look at the expressionless face of a person who has captured himself in "no" mood, even if such a photograph was taken by the coolest ultra-modern camera. Have fun and fool around taking selfies, make funny faces and be always spontaneous - and you will see that such a photo posted on a page on a social network will appeal to many. Just never chase a lot of likes, but just publish those photos in which you are really you.


It is very important that each photo be evidence of some event in your life. Selfies should tell a story, with their help you can share your emotions and feelings with your friends. You enjoy spending time with your dog - take pictures of yourself in these moments, you are a fan of cycling - take photos on the go, riding in some wonderful place. It will be just pleasant for other people to look at such photos, and your sincerity and efforts will certainly be appreciated.

As for the subject for selfies, here you can use one of the ideas that will allow you to get great photos

  • By taking selfies while traveling, you can tell others in detail about your trip and capture your emotions as you visit different places. Such a story "in pictures" will not only be a great post for a page on a social network, but also decorate your family album;
  • Pets are often featured in popular photos on the web. If you also have a pet, arrange a photo shoot with it. The topic for such a session can be a walk, a casual game, your pet's funny habits. It doesn't matter if you are the owner of a huge shepherd dog or a tiny hamster - the story in pictures about your pet is sure to please everyone;
  • Meetings with extraordinary people can be a great subject for stunning selfies. There are probably a lot of them even in the smallest town, because each person is interesting in his own way. Therefore, communicate, expand your circle of acquaintances, make new friends and do not forget to photograph the unforgettable moments of such meetings.

Always remember that you don't always have to look perfect in a great selfie. It is the naturalness of photography that is important. For example, let's say you wanted to take a photo of yourself while having your morning breakfast. It is not necessary to prepare for a photo in such conditions for a long time, you will only need to look in the mirror once to see if a feather from a pillow is stuck to your cheek (although it will be very useful in a morning photo).

Girls don't need to dye their eyebrows or wear their favorite blouse - don't hesitate and take pictures of yourself as you really are. If necessary, you can always slightly adjust the taken photo at your discretion.

What you need to know about lighting


Without suitable lighting, in principle, you cannot take not only a selfie, but also any other high-quality photograph. Poor lighting is often the cause of spoiled shots, so never start photographing without understanding the light. There are also some tips on this:

  • Do not take pictures if a beam of light from any source will hit your camera lens directly. Most likely, such a photo will be useless, although sometimes there are exceptions. With a certain amount of imagination, you can profitably beat all the whims of the world and use them to your advantage;
  • If you are taking a selfie at home, go to the window and find an angle where your face is well lit. It is best to choose a dedicated mode on your camera, which gives you high quality shots indoors and under artificial lighting;
  • When photographing in complete darkness, you can use almost any lighting device to highlight your face, even the screen of another phone. Do not be lazy to experiment, because sometimes even backlighting with an ordinary Chinese flashlight will allow you to get wonderful selfies.

Everyone knows the peculiarities of their appearance, so try to catch such an angle when taking a selfie, in which your face will look the most attractive. It is not necessary to do this in every situation, but lovers of photography who are very worried about their appearance should definitely take note of this advice.

The cool situation

Of great interest are those selfies taken under very unusual circumstances. The world famous selfie of an astronaut taken in outer space will surely go down in history as one of the most famous photographs. Therefore, if your life is full of interesting events or incidents, take out your smartphone and start taking pictures. Who knows - maybe millions of people will admire your selfie.


There are professions whose representatives, by the nature of their service, find themselves in situations that are perfect for selfies almost every day. These are pilots, astronauts, sailors, journalists, scientists who often go on expeditions to the most remote corners of the planet. But even if you are just a simple student, you can find or think of a lot of interesting situations in order to take a photo of yourself. For example, you can always jump with a parachute, ride a horse at the racetrack, or at least attend a performance by an elderly star of the 50s - what you have done will be remembered for everyone to whom you show it.

But nevertheless, always remember about etiquette and decency. It would be quite inappropriate to take a selfie during some sad events - for example, during a funeral. Having posted such a photo on a social network, you will surely stumble upon a wave of accusations and censure, which will be completely fair.

If you often take selfies and show them to other people, make sure that your facial expressions are as diverse as possible. Don't post a lot of photos, each of which has the same expression on your face. Always be alive and natural, smile more and grimace, you may even shout - your emotions reflected in great selfies will definitely not be ignored.

Editing options

To decorate your selfie brightly, you can use one of the simple editors, if available on your smartphone. If necessary, you can always download any editor on the Internet. Using such editors can improve even the most hopeless, at first glance, photo.


But do not overdo it with such editing and always remember to keep the photo natural. It will be painful to look at too much "pumped up" photo, but often it is inept editing that spoils initially good shots.

Purely technical question

In addition to a good camera, in order to create high-quality selfies, you should also acquire additional equipment. To get started, buy yourself an easy-to-use and sturdy selfie stick that will greatly expand your shooting options. Don't skimp on the purchase of this accessory, because a cheap stick made by someone unknown can let you down at the most crucial moment and may even cause your smartphone to be lost or damaged.


A dedicated backlight plate can be purchased to make shooting at night easier. It is very easy to use and won't take up much space in your backpack. This device gives an even soft light, and with its help you can turn night photography into a real work of art. It will generally be great if you find a colored plate or other similar device that would give multi-colored light. Imagine how special a photo of your face, softly illuminated by a colored beam, surrounded by the velvet darkness of the night, or against the backdrop of a full moon can be!

You can also purchase a special LED ring that fits over the top of your smartphone and provides soft illumination of the face at the time of the photo. There is no shortage of such rings in online stores today, and you can always find the most suitable model for you.

Do not be lazy to regularly wipe your camera lens and always carry a special tissue with you for this. Never rub the camera with your finger or the sleeve of your shirt, as this will eventually cause tiny scratches on it that will hopelessly ruin any photo. Then the lover of taking selfies and rubbing the camera lens mercilessly will need to buy a new smartphone.

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