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Experts have identified the best smartphones for selfies


Specialists of the reputable photobenchmark DxOMark have compiled a rating of the best smartphones based on the quality of their front cameras. Researchers evaluated the samples for many photo characteristics, including sharpness, exposure, naturalness, clarity of details, and others. As a result, the list was topped by models from Google and Korean Samsung.

Experts have conducted scientific research to determine the best smartphones for selfies. They did everything seriously: they created the same test conditions for all the samples, organized multiple tests using different-format additional devices and lighting fixtures. About 1,500 test photos were taken on each smartphone and a couple of hours of video were recorded. In addition to technical parameters, the assessment was also made according to subjective criteria, for example, the camera lost some of its rating points if the photos were too “combed”, with too blurry skin and other signs of excessive decoration.

Google's Pixel 3 and Samsung's Galaxy Note 9 came out on top with the same number of points. The front lenses of the two smartphones earned pride of place according to different criteria: the Google phone takes selfie portrait photos with the best detail and texture, but with a higher level noise compared to the other winner, the Note 9, whose photographs from the experts turned out with less noise and greater clarity.


The Mi Mix 3 (Xiaomi) closes the top three, earning its place for innovative selfie portraits. It is followed by the "apple" gadget iPhone XS Max. It is noteworthy that in the ranking, the Galaxy S9 + model was rated lower than the Note 9 smartphone, and both gadgets have identical equipment. The research may have been conducted before the S9 + received a software camera update.

Interestingly, Huawei's representatives - the Mate 20 Pro and P20 Pro smartphones, having previously topped the rating of the best smartphones in terms of the quality of the main lens, were far from the leading places in the "selfie list".


The Topic of Article: Experts have identified the best smartphones for selfies.
Author: Jake Pinkman