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A picky review of the Microsoft Surface Laptop 2


The Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 has just been on sale. It is a high-tech product with good quality. Experts note that there are not so many devices with similar functionality, external data and Windows 10. Rare specimens, at the same time, do an excellent job with all tasks.

Appearance, screen and sound parameters

The outer part of the device is made in a minimalist style. Opening the Surface Laptop 2 reveals an Alcantara surface that covers the entire area around the keyboard and touchpad.

How practical this material is in this case is not yet known exactly, but much depends on how it will be looked after. The user with such a gadget will be pleased in any case. After all, he is one of the few who, while working, will constantly feel on a cold metal-plastic surface, and the velvety of an unusual material.


The laptop weighs 1.3 kg, is 14.4 mm thick, and its case is made of aluminum. Therefore, he has good indicators of strength and rigidity of the entire structure. It is worth noting the ease of operation of the lid opening mechanism. This can be done with one finger. This is only found in Apple, before Microsoft paid little attention to such nuances.

The touch screen of the laptop has a 13.5-inch dimension, a resolution of 2256 ? 1504 and an aspect ratio of 3: 2.


Its parameters are delightful, despite a lower resolution than, for example, Surface Pro 6 or Surface Book 2. The product is equipped with a full-fledged color palette, the saturation and colors of which surpass most analogues.

The manufacturer used an interesting solution when placing the speakers under the keyboard. Sound is generated using the entire surface of the laptop, resulting in deep, loud and clear sound.

Work area

Everyone who tested the device noted its good ergonomic performance. There are two positive features here: a 3: 2 screen that accommodates most of the content vertically and a keyboard. It can be safely called a technical masterpiece. She has a perfect move, good balance and a good response.


The trackpad supports Windows Precision gestures. It's good and works great.

Performance, system and autonomy

Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 has several types of equipment. If we take the average indicators, then here everything will be led by the 8th generation Intel Core i5 chipset on 4 cores. He is entitled to 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of ROM. With this configuration, the device can easily handle most working volumes.

It should be said that editing video in 4K or playing demanding strategies with high graphic settings will be difficult. However, the configuration can handle any office suite. Will help you edit a Full HD image and do much more.

It is also permissible to play games with an average level of requirements, there are no brakes, "glitches" are also not expected. It should be noted that the apparatus has an excellent working culture. Its fan is not audible, and the case is almost not heated.

During one of the tests, the Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 ran for over a week without interruption. During this time, he never gave information about the error. There were no problems with drivers or system updates either.


The laptop can be equipped with two versions of the operating system - Windows 10 Home or Pro. It is worth saying a few flattering words about the work of the gadget's camera, combined with Windows Hello.

With daily use of the laptop in an average mode, you can count on its autonomy corresponding to 8 hours of operation without recharging. The charging process itself is carried out through a magnetic connector.

Possible disadvantages

This review would be incomplete if it only pointed out the pros of the Microsoft Surface Laptop 2. There are things I don't like.

First of all, it's the price. It can cost from 85,000 to 200,000 rubles, depending on the configuration. In addition, the product was equipped with only one USB-A port, mini-jack and miniDP connector. There is no USB-C, which is very strange for a device of this price and this level.

You can also find fault with the lack of a GPU and low battery life. Need more powerful battery.


However, overall, the Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 is a decent and balanced device of good quality. The user who owns it will be pleased. Only a few average citizens of our country will be able to afford to buy this product, especially in the maximum configuration.

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Author: Jake Pinkman