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Top 5 Movies Starring Kevin Spacey


In the aftermath of the 2017 sexual harassment scandal, Kevin Spacey has been treated differently. Screaming at all angles about hatred of the actor or, on the contrary, shielding his bright name and declaring that the whole scandal was artificially inflated by envious people. But we are still inclined to believe that it is worth separating a person's personality and his work. Against this background, the failure of the "Millionaires Club" and the general ignorance of Kevin Spacey in Hollywood are especially depressing, because he is still an amazing actor. These are the reasons that made us remember the 5 best films starring Kevin Spacey.

Suspects - 1995

Prior to Brian Singer's legendary detective thriller, Kevin Spacey was a "gray mouse" in Hollywood, receiving mostly unremarkable roles on the outskirts of the casting. Obviously, for the manifestation of his acting talents, Spacey needed a complex and ambiguous role of a cripple with the charismatic name Chatterbox. And here Kevin Spacey showed himself from the best side: lame and sloppy like a Hunchback from Notre Dame, Chatterbox evoked pity, but at the same time won over with his cunning and ingenuity. An example of a masterful transformation that is rightfully awarded the Oscar for Best Actor.

As for the film "Suspicious Persons" itself, here I want to do with a minimal amount of spoilers. The scenario is non-linear and develops in two different storylines: 1) scenes of the interrogation of the Chatterbox in the police station; 2) flashbacks demonstrating how he remained the only survivor on the ship, next to which 27 corpses were found.

"Suspicious Persons" is one of those films when you need to carefully monitor every frame, memorize the words and actions of the characters, otherwise there is a risk of confusion in the finale, write a devastating review and call the film "incomprehensible", as he did in his being influential critic Roger Ebert.

American Beauty 1999

The next notable film in the biography of Kevin Spacey was the psychological thriller "American Beauty". However, we were a little mistaken, calling just one of the best films of the 90s, which won 5 Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Actor for Kevin Spacey, simply "remarkable". In the film by Sam Mendis, the famous actor is portrayed as an average American suffering from a midlife crisis who has decided to give up routine existence in favor of a life of pleasure.

The film shows what secrets can be hidden behind the guise of ordinary people living a quiet life in a comfortable area. The types of characters are all as on the selection: from a war veteran trying to hide latent homosexuality behind homophobia, to a teenage sociopath who finds beauty in anything, right down to a rotting animal carcass.

It makes no sense to reveal the plot in more detail, because in essence "American Beauty" is, although smoothed for the mass audience, it is still an art house, the meaning of which is not fully understood even by the filmmakers, if you believe Sam Mendis.

Pay Another - Year 2000

Kevin Spacey's role in another psychological drama, Pay Another, can be called the most standard of our selection of the best films. This time, the eminent actor plays the indecisive, somewhat naive and kind school teacher Eugene Simonet, who believes in the good qualities of humanity and gives children the task of "changing the world for the better." Isn't it a fairy tale?

On the other hand, Kevin Spacey should be given credit - you really believe his character, and Eugene Simonet himself is not as simple as it seems at first glance.

The next important character in the film is Trevor McKinney, who, being charged with the humane idea of Eugene Simonet, decides to come up with his own way to make the world a bit better. The idea turned out to be both simple and ingenious: to do good to three people, who in turn will also transfer good, and thus good deeds should snowball across the planet. But real life will make its own adjustments to the naive venture of a teenager. In general, "Pay Another" is a canon example of a film that raises urgent moral issues and in the end causes the viewer to tear a tear.

Planet Ka-Pax - 2001

The most striking example of the versatility of Kevin Spacey's acting skills can be called the role of an alien from the drama "Planet Ka-Pax". The original "Capexian" Prot emerged from Kevin Spacey as a strange character who looks like a human, but at the same time behaves and even speaks like an alien creature. Unhurried speech, childish naive interest in the slightest trifles and amazing self-confidence - this is how the filmmakers imagine a representative of an alien civilization.

Or not, maybe Prot is just another "Napoleon" and a person with mental disabilities? This opinion is shared by almost all the "normal" characters in the film, who are trying to heal Prot's "illness" in a psychiatric hospital. The most important victory of the creators of the film "Planet Ka-Pax" is that the viewer will always be led by the nose and not reveal the real origin of Prot.

Separately, it should be said about the soundtrack in the style of New Age, which, together with the overall positive, inspiring atmosphere, leaves a unique aftertaste after the film.

The Life of David Gale - 2003

Another impressive film starring Kevin Spacey. The actor changes disguises like gloves and appears in the form of a melancholy professor who awaits the death penalty without the slightest fear. Yes, we have another psychological drama before us. As you can see, Kevin Spacey does not choose easy roles or films that are sure to hit the jackpot.

Also worth noting in the film is the role of Kate Winslet, who, for her participation in The Life of David Gale, was to receive an honorary Oscar for The Most Believable Cry in the Film Industry.

The plot of the film touches on one of the most painful for the American justice theme about the advisability of using the death penalty. It is not uncommon to send an innocent person to the chopping block, because the modern judicial apparatus is still imperfect and it is for this opinion that David Gale, doomed to death, is fighting. According to him, he is innocent, but because of what he gave up his ideals and humbly awaits death, why does not he protest, does not defend his rights? This question will have to deal with both the character of Kate Winslet and the viewer. As it should be in the genre: an unexpected ending and a giant piano in the bushes - available.

If you have already watched all the films featured in the top with Kevin Spacey in the title role, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the first part of a selection of the best films of the 21st century.

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Author: Jake Pinkman