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Kevin Spacey admitted to being homosexual


The famous Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey made a statement in which he admitted his non-traditional sexual orientation. The corresponding comment was posted on the actor's official page on the social network Twitter.

"I know that there are all sorts of rumors about my personal life, many of them are caused by the fact that I myself have carefully guarded its privacy for many years. But , as people close to me know, in my life I had relationships with both women and men. I had romantic relationships with men throughout my life, and then I realized that I’m still gay. Now I want to declare it honestly and openly, "- wrote Spacey.

It is noteworthy that the reason for such a confession was the accusation brought against Spacey by the star of the series" Star Trek: Discovery "Anthony Rapp. According to the latter, Spacey "tried to seduce him" when they played together in a Broadway play 30 years ago. Then Rapp was only 15 years old.

In response, Kevin Spacey admitted that he was "shocked" by such details of his biography, but "did not remember this incident at all, because he was drunk then." However, he offered his colleague "the most sincere apologies".

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Author: Jake Pinkman