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Kevin Spacey's End of Career - Box Office


Kevin Spacey is without a doubt one of the most talented actors in modern Hollywood. But even 2 Oscars and an impeccable reputation in the film industry could not save the great actor from the problems that fell on his shoulders after the violent sexual harassment scandal in 2017. An obvious end to Kevin Spacey's filmography is the catastrophic failure of The Billionaires Club, which grossed a ludicrous $ 126 on its first day in North America.

The latest film with Kevin Spacey was released in only ten cinemas in the United States. Using the simplest mathematics, taking into account the ticket price of $ 9.27, we can summarize that on average only one and a half viewers came to the movie theater. Such results look especially depressing against the background of participation in the "Billionaires Club" of such actors as Taron Edgerton, Ansel Angort and Emma Roberts, not counting Spacey himself.

For the film's director James Cox, leaving Spacey in one of the main roles was a fatal decision. He could have acted like the creators of House of Cards or Ridley Scott in All the Money in the World, which cut out all the scenes with the controversial actor from the film. However, it is hardly worth blaming Kevin Spacey alone for the paltry box office receipts of the Billionaires Club.

Judging by the reviews of critics on the Western site Rotten Tomatoes, the quality of the film deserves that same 126 US dollars. Judging by Kinopoisk, USA viewers met the film a little better, but still the ratings remain at an average level, and the inimitable acting performance of Kevin Spacey is mentioned among the only white spot of the Billionaires Club.

Look at, most likely, the last major film with the participation of Kevin Spacey and support the eminent actor, you can go to the movies at the "Billionaires Club". They do not plan to shoot the film from the USA box office yet, since the fees have already amounted to about $ 1 million. But if you like better quality new films, we recommend that you pay attention to the selection of the main films of August 2018.

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Author: Jake Pinkman