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A robot teacher appeared in the American military college


An unusual experiment took place in one of the US educational institutions. A robot teacher appeared at the college on the basis of the Military Academy, who gave a lecture together with the current teacher. Interestingly, instead of the expected exact disciplines, for example, physics or mathematics, the android was entrusted to lead philosophy.

Prior to that, the machine itself passed and successfully completed college studies, gaining the status of not only the first robot teacher, but also the first robot student.

Teachers name is BINA48. This is far from a new model created by David Hanson of Terasem Movement. The programmed android robot is a copy of a real woman - Bina Aspen, who is the wife of the company's co-founder. Mechanical Bina is distinguished by a strong similarity to its prototype not only in appearance, but also in "behavior" - the android's memory reproduces the thoughts, emotions, feelings and even political views of the real Bina.

In an extraordinary philosophy lesson, the BINA48 robot teamed up with real-life philosophy teacher William Barry to deliver a lecture to 100 college students. The professor has been conducting scientific work using this machine for several years. With her help, Barry hopes to find out how well artificial intelligence can teach humanitarian subjects, while maintaining students' interest in their discipline.

Before the start of the experimental lesson, a large amount of information about philosophy, politics, and military affairs was uploaded to Bina's memory, along with a lesson plan developed by Professor Barry. At the same time, the android was not allowed to use the Internet, since the robot scientist can always turn to Wikipedia or other network resources. It was important for the researchers that the machine clearly followed the lesson plan and conducted discussions without involving external sources.

Two introductory seminars on ethical philosophy were held with the participation of Bina48, where students of the military college led discussions about the norms of ethics, the justice of war, etc. The researchers noted that they expected a little different from the lesson - according to their assumptions, the lesson was supposed to be entertaining, but everything went according to the standard scenario - the students took notes, and the robot teacher maintained dialogues and answered questions. Professor Barry, in turn, concluded that Bina48 is still a little slower for this audience, so he thought that such a teacher would be more suitable for less literate students.

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Author: Jake Pinkman