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40 of the best TV series from HBO. Part 2


Let's continue reviewing the best TV series from HBO, and today we have to find out which of the long-running projects of the channel entered the top ten leaders. We remind you that our top is compiled on the basis of how the series are located in the KinoPoisk rating, but this does not mean at all that projects from the second or third ten are much inferior to the previous ones. For many, on the contrary, for example, the same completed “Sex and the City” or still filming “Wild West World” from the second ten is much preferable to the heavy “Chernobyl” or the military “Brothers in Arms” from the first part.

But let's not get distracted and start with the next film, following the "Pacific Ocean", literally, head to head ...

11. Young Pope (2016 -...) 8.15

The famous American writer Robert Jordan (his kingdom is heavenly) has an excellent cycle of works in the style of fantasy called "The Wheel of Time". In that world, too, there is a kind of ruling confession, at the head of which, for forced reasons, the warring camps decided to put a puppet so that later it would be easy to manipulate it, doing whatever it pleases under a kind of "cover".

So, the chosen head of the confession - the Throne of Amerlin Egwene Al'Vir - suddenly turned out to be extremely quick, resourceful, domineering, fair, intelligent and persistent active person.

Everything is the same here. Only in this case, as a puppet, the cardinals chose a young, by "papal" standards, cardinal - Lenny Belardo, who until now held the post of Archbishop of New York.

But Lenny made it clear from the very first minutes that he would not tolerate anything from anyone. He successfully resists all intrigues and throughout the series does not stop looking for his parents - hippies, who left him in the care of clergymen as a child.

The series is very solid, interesting, but, unfortunately, unrealizable. The Vatican would never have chosen such a "Pope" like Jude Law.

12. Boardwalk Empire (2010-2014) 8.11

The story of one of the biggest businessmen and politicians of the Prohibition era, Enoch Lewis Johnson, through the eyes of HBO.

After a scrupulous study of this odious figure, the project management decided that the life of the real “Nucky” - Johnson was too bland and straightforward to shoot a series based on her. This is how his serial counterpart, "Nucky" Thompson, was born, whose life and adventures were much more exciting than the original.

In general, it was initially decided to release only a single season, but looking at the success of the series, the story of the protagonist began to grow even more individual and, sometimes, having nothing even approximately to do with reality, details and details, and turned into such a grotesque "fur coat ", That even the most unbiased and ignorant person in cinema became clear:" It's time to tie up! "

And on the fifth season, out of harm's way, the showrunners of the project "got stuck". And only thanks to this strong-willed decision, the series is still "in the subject." Otherwise, it is not clear what else the writers would have come up with. After all, as you know, only pay money to them. Such nonsense will fill up - mom do not cry. Seen after the end of Game of Thrones.

Steve Buscemi, one of the most gifted Hollywood talents (and now - God from the TV series "Miracle Workers"), starred in the film. With his participation, any tape turns into a masterpiece. So, look boldly, you won't go wrong.

13. Big Little Lies (2017 -...) 08.08

The studio cost a lot of money to collect such stars as Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, Laura Dern and Meryl Streep under the roof of one project.

The film tells the story of a series of events leading up to the murder that took place at a school charity ball and the series of consequences that this murder led to. The story revolves around five families, prosperous in appearance and rotten from the inside. Lies, omissions, falsity, intrigue, all this never led to anything good.

When one girl suddenly says that a boy is harassing and offending her at school (by the way, not at all the one she points to at the beginning), a terrible undercover scandal suddenly breaks out between the parents. Everyone is digging the ground in an attempt - some - to whitewash their child, others - to get punishment for the family of offenders. But the truth, to which they got to the bottom, will not be at all what they expected. And it is still unclear what it will backfire on them in the future.

The series is still running. The premiere of the 2nd season will take place on June 9, and as if the project, in the wake of unexpected success, will not last even for the third season. One way or another, everything will depend on the number of views of the first episodes.

14. Wild West World (2016 -...) 8.07

After the first two seasons, robots have finally escaped into the big world. In the third location and the situation will change dramatically. This is the reason for the delay in the next season.

Also, the series will be supplemented with new characters. And, to be more precise, all the faces, except for some key ones, in the continuation of the story will be completely new. In particular, one of the main roles, as can be seen from the trailer, was entrusted to Aaron Paul, who showed himself magnificently in the series "Breaking Bad". And the action itself awakens to develop in a high-tech world like the world from the feature film "I, Robot" (2004), where robotics is closely intertwined in people's lives.

Well, we are looking forward to what the escape of several cars from the zone of the Wild West Park will turn out to be for humanity.

15. Generation of assassins (mini-series) (2008) 8.05

In the series, without any retouching, it is shown how the American invasion of Iraq was carried out in 2003. And how it was accompanied.


But just like in the recent "Chernobyl", along with the truth about the war in this series, the world was shown another "truth", which remained, as it were, imperceptible, but at a subconscious level was absorbed into people's heads. And the truth is the following: “It costs us nothing to break into your house and put it in such order as we ourselves want. And nothing will happen to us for this! ”

Meanwhile, everyone who is interested in the chronicle of the events of those days, welcome to view. The film is well-made, like everything else HBO does. In the center of the plot is a journalist assigned to the 1st Marine Reconnaissance Battalion. At first, of course, he is a fool, a fool.

Although, as for us, he remained so until the very end of his two-month business trip, after which half of Iraq was left without stone unturned.

16. Sex and the City (1998-2004) 8.00

If you like films in which the main characters are trying to talk with viewers, then this series is for you. Here the main characters, or, to be more precise, the heroines, give the audience instructions, advice, share their experiences, experiences and other things, in general, on the one hand, they try to be kind of know-it-alls in everyday life and, in particular, in relationships, and on the other hand, they often look like complete amateurs and just annoy with their stupid actions on the screen.


The series covers the lives of four girlfriends who, by and large, do not differ from the general population of New York. They are not any millionaires, not cool actresses, etc. Just women over 30 who, in life and relationships, sometimes, are as unlucky as the rest.

A series about life without embellishment, but with great actors and actresses, from whom wonderful stars later grew. The project lasted for 6 seasons, won a bunch of prestigious awards and awards, and was continued in the form of two feature films "Sex and the City: Film" (2008) and "Sex and the City 2" (2010).

In August 2019, a prequel series called "The Carrie Diaries" is being prepared for release, in which Anna Sophia Robb will play the still young Carrie. But specialists from another channel are already working on it - “TheCW.

17. News Service (2012-2014) 7.94

The management of the TV channel thought, thought ... And decided to shoot a television series about the management of the TV channel. Sorry for the pun, but it is.


The three-season series is about the fictional cable TV company ACN (Atlantis Cable News), or rather, the news service of this TV channel, which until recently was wholly behind the scenes run by Will McAvoy.

But after he unflatteringly spoke about the representatives of the ruling parties in the United States in one of the press conferences, his boss Charlie Skinner decided to radically reconsider his "supremacy" in the news service and radically joke around in his staff, he moved everyone to others positions, putting in their places new faces with whom McAvoy was very unhappy. At least in the beginning.

In particular, his former Mackenzie McHale, with whom he did not contact for a long time, was appointed to the post of chief producer. How will cooperation with her affect the future of the channel? An interesting question.

You need to watch - definitely. Made with skill and taste. And the news that was reflected by the service in the series was at one time one of the best. It will be interesting to follow their coverage, and the events of those days in general, in more detail.

And, yes. As it turned out, Jeff Daniels, who plays the main role of Will McAvoy in the series, can be shot not only in the role of an idiot in the well-known feature film about two idiot idiots "Dumb and Dumber".

18. Prison "OZ" (1997-2003) 7.94

This project became the first in a series of famous HBO television series, which in the future were destined to conquer the minds and hearts of people. Such masterpieces as "Rome" and "Game of Thrones" are undoubtedly considered the crown of the channel's creation. But it all began with a story about the life and serving time of the prisoners of the experimental block of one of the penitentiary institutions of the United States.


This is the name of the prison due to the fact that the street on which it is located is called "Ozwald". Hence the reduction. But the prisoners prefer to interpret the name based on the famous fairy tale about the wizard of the Emerald City (in the original source - the wizard of Oz). Be that as it may, the prisoners do not get better from this. As well as the work of the guards here does not seem easier from this interpretation.

The plot revolves around several main characters, both prisoners and guards. And the block became experimental because of a new approach to the maintenance of those serving sentences. The cells here are located in a kind of circle, and not like in ordinary prisons - along one of the aisles. This makes it possible to see the cell of any prisoner and what is happening in it from one point. And due to the fact that instead of gratings, special extra strong glass is used here, the insides of the cameras are 100% visible.

But, as in any other prison, the prisoners here quickly divided each other into groups. Blacks have their own "get-together" here, "Aryans" have their own, Latinos, Christians, Muslims and others have theirs. And as long as there is division into groups in prisons, there will always be enmity between them. As well as its own underground life and trade in drugs and other rubbish. Keeping track of the serving of some prisoners' sentences is as interesting as keeping track of the management and security of this whole "case."

And, yes, the fire captain from Chicago on Fire (or Chicago Firefighters) was indeed the imam of the Muslim community from OZ Prison. Likewise, the chief of the fire brigade Jesse Spencer came to the Firefighters from Dr. House. As it turned out, from religion to worldly problems - one step! From surgery to firefighting, apparently, too.

19. One night (mini-series) (2016) 7.89

The main character of this detective series, it seemed, did everything to ensure that he was accused of murdering a girl he did not kill.


What did he do? Drove her to the house in a taxi stolen from Bati, lit up with the murdered at her house. He caught the eye of one of the local thugs, who later became one of the key witnesses to his prosecution. He left his prints everywhere in the hut. He also left his sperm in the girl herself. Then, waking up at the table in the kitchen and finding the corpse of a friend stabbed with a knife, he dumped without calling the police, but was forced to return because he forgot the car keys in the house.

But the lock behind him, when he was running away, clicked, and he was forced to break the glass of the front door, which was seen by the tenant from the house opposite, who also became a good witness for the prosecution. To top it off, he was born with a Muslim appearance, which in itself already arouses suspicion and rejection among people, no matter how talkers from the TV would deny this fact.

In general, the prosecution only lacks photos or videos of the very moment of the murder. And so - everything is there. And this "simple" case is forced to conduct a free lawyer John Stone (the hero of John Torturro). I wonder how he will get the guy off?

20. Kill Boredom (Deadly Bored) (2009-2011) 7.88

Anyone would get bored if a girl suddenly left him. And what to do when your life has cracked so much that the emptiness left in it after the departure of your beloved is ready to swallow you alive?


Right! Advertise on the Internet that you are a private detective. And, as usual, take orders in order to fulfill them afterwards. But what would you do if you didn’t have a couple of great friends-helpers at your fingertips - an eternally whining comic book artist and publisher of a local magazine, very fond of getting divorced, smoking marijuana and sniffing coke?

Probably, boredom would have eaten you all the same. But, alas, not in this case.


This is where we're done again. We think that listed in the second part of our top best HBO series, you will have at least ten days to watch. OurSubmarinesare back next week, after which we will return to the completed and still ongoing HBO projects.

In the meantime, we say goodbye to you. We sincerely wish you a happy time and, as always, more cool movies and TV shows!

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