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Predator on the road, aka armored car ”Tiger”


The multi-ton "Tiger" vehicle was originally conceived and designed as a reliable means for the rapid transportation of people and the transportation of heavy loads in hard-to-reach directions and off-road. According to the military, the road predator copes with its primary task of ensuring fast transportation in difficult conditions with high quality. Moreover, off-road, a heavy armored car is not inferior in speed to modern cars, maintaining the pace of driving at speeds up to 90 km / h. The maximum speed for the armored "Tiger" is declared within 160 km / h.

In addition to the speed and ability to drive on difficult roads, GAZ "Tiger" must ensure the safety of personnel inside. Its design handles this quite well. Armored car doors provide protection, while their weight exceeds 50 kg, which requires extreme care and attention when opening them - you should always secure the door with a fuse. The underside of the vehicle is also reinforced with an armored layer, which ensures safety in the event of a possible mine explosion.

The wheels of the all-terrain vehicle are equipped with a centralized pumping system, and it is not easy to cause significant damage to them. If we take a conditional situation when the rubber tires are completely out of order, the armored car will be able to move on its own disks.


If the bottom of the "Tiger" is reinforced with an armored covering, then a hatch is located at the top, while its purpose is in no way connected with a pleasant ride with the breeze or admiring the open sky. All functionality is aimed at military tasks: from the hatch you can fire from machine guns and grenade launchers of different calibers, whether it be Kalashnikov, Kord, Utes, where a personal bed is provided for each type of weapon in the car. The nest design allows for replacement of beds within minutes. Also, the open hatch cover acts as additional armored protection.

And although the Tiger armored car has a thick layer of armor and not so many glazed parts, the view in it is quite spacious. The armored car rides fairly smoothly, without hard jerks. Smooth driving is ensured by the presence of an independent torsion bar suspension in its device. For comfort inside the cabin, an air conditioner and a heating stove are installed in the armored vehicle. The technical capabilities of "Tiger" are designed for temperatures ranging from frosty -30 ° C to very hot + 50 ° C.

According to the technical descriptions, the "Tiger" car is able to overcome water bodies a little more than a meter deep. However, there is a possibility that in practice this indicator can be surpassed, since the place for the engine in the structure of the armored vehicle is quite high, the air intake is located close to the roof, and the awnings are next to the hood lid. In terms of fuel consumption "Tiger" also shows itself well. Consumption for every hundred kilometers is declared within 13 liters, which is enough for an average power reserve of up to 600 kilometers.

The weight of the military off-road vehicle is seven tons, which is half that of the BMP-2 combat vehicle and the BTR-80 armored personnel carrier. The armament of the USA armored car is quite strong, in addition, there are modifications with the possibility of fixing anti-tank complexes, work is underway on versions with an automatic cannon and short-range anti-aircraft weapons.

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