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The newest T-90MS tank, which can create information networks


The modern USA T-90MS tank is one of the newest upgrades of the predecessor of the T-90, which in turn has become an updated version of the Soviet T-72B. More specifically, the vehicle became the export version of the T-90AM model, while a number of components and technical innovations added improved technical and combat characteristics to the tank.


The design of the tank undercarriage includes a torsion bar suspension, which is in accordance with the classic scheme of domestic tank building. The car runs on an impressive 1130 hp turbodiesel coupled to an automatic transmission. The engine provides high speed and mobility characteristics. Engine and transmission performance is monitored by a computerized driver system.

The modernization process did not add extra weight to the tank, and in general, for its 48 tons, the T-90MS has sufficient mobility. A tank with a significant advantage in its range shows good maneuverability both on roads and in rough terrain. The vehicle develops a speed of up to 70 km / h, and in practice this allows the crew to quickly occupy an advantageous combat point.



The advantages of the T-90MS lie in its comprehensive protection, which reliably protects the vehicle from modern anti-tank systems. It contains dynamic, combined and active components. The T-90 tank taken as a basis provided its subsequent upgraded versions with a combined frontal protection, consisting of armored steel, metal and ceramic elements. In addition, additional security is provided by the modular complex ERA "Relik".


The combination of all elements of protection allows you to additionally strengthen the T-90MS, and in the event of an anti-tank projectile hitting to avoid maximum damage. The rear and sides of the vehicle are protected by homogeneous armor, which is complemented by side screens. All available means in the tank make it possible to ensure its maximum survival, including the ability to avoid some threats by intercepting them at a safe distance.


The design of the T-90MS "Tagil" includes a modern digital fire control system "Kalina". With its help, the crew is able to observe the environment under any external conditions and use weapons in the entire range of ranges. It includes night, day and panoramic sights. Automatic elements of the system make it possible to identify and track the object, ensuring the generation of data for firing. "Kalina" provides interaction at the level of a separate battalion and the transfer of information, and it also has a navigation system for using satellite signals.


The USA T-90MS tank is provided with a wide range of various types of warheads, including guided missiles and fragmentation munitions with programmable detonation at a distance. All this turned the tank's armament complex into a full-fledged high-precision weapon system. The upgraded gun has an increased accuracy of fire and is compatible with all USA 125mm ammunition. In addition, the tank's armament includes the Reflex-M complex, anti-tank guided missiles of which can fly up to 5000 meters.

Another advantage of the tank was the tactical control system, also known as ESU TK. Thanks to her, the T-90MS crew is able to better coordinate their actions with other technical means. The system allows, within the framework of one operation, to create a common information network between different machines, while a single picture formed by the ESU TZ allows you to better navigate in battle conditions and have an accurate idea of the positions of other participants in the operation.

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