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Armored car ”Wolf” - a universal automated platform


The all-wheel drive armored car "Wolf", or more officially the VPK-3927, was planned from the very beginning as a universal army platform. For this, a modular structure was invented for him, the basis of which is supported by a powerful frame. This design provided the expected versatility and a single standard for the entire wolf family. Thanks to unification, the platform can be equipped with all target modules, depending on what task needs to be performed.

Design Features

An unusual engineering solution is implemented in the design of the VPK-3927 - an adjustable and fully independent suspension, which provides a change in ground clearance within 25-55 centimeters. The suspension with the changed stiffness gave the armored "Wolf" a speed of 50-55 km / h on rough terrain and good cross-country ability where there is no road even in the project.

The most modern component of the "Wolf" is the onboard information and control complex. The range of its tasks includes maximum automation and control of armored vehicle units, whether it be monitoring tire pressure, coolant and oil, road clearance, etc.


The YaMZ-5347-20 diesel engine provides a heavy-weight car with the ability to accelerate to 120 km / h. "Wolves" are able to cope with ground obstacles up to 0.5 meters in height and width, walk on water at a depth of up to one and a half meters without installing additional equipment. The power reserve of a fully fueled armored car reaches an average of 1000 kilometers.

Initially, within the framework of the VPK-3927 project, three types of car were planned: an armored model, a civilian "Wolf" and unarmored platforms, but later only units with armor protection were chosen for testing. The modular device has become one of the tactical advantages of the "Wolf", allowing even in the field to fix the desired module (including engineering, cargo, rear, communications, combat), depending on the goal and thereby change the purpose of the entire platform. Exclusively for army units and security forces, it was envisaged to install a combat module with a complex of light or heavy weapons: anti-tank systems, air defense systems, mortar systems, fire support equipment.

"Wolf" and "Tiger" are different animals

The main difference between the two "predators" is the universal character of the "Wolf", the design of which provides for the replacement or installation of the necessary module for a specific purpose. The "Tiger", since it received an all-welded structure, cannot boast of transformation capabilities without a thorough restructuring of the original structure.


Also, one of the differences between the two classes of military vehicles is armor. It is believed that the armored car "Wolf" is equipped with higher class armor with anti-ballistic and mine action support. Such protection is provided by means of modular armored plates, and the design of the VPK-3927 provides for their replacement without the use of special tools in the field.


The armored vehicle VPK-3927 from the very beginning carries the burden of "great hopes", since it was created as a unified power platform for multidisciplinary use for maximum standardization with all modifications of the family and, in the future, is oriented towards serial production. The platform turned out to be a kind of experimental platform for technologies that had not previously been implemented in USA military models. Thus, the "Wolf" made a significant contribution to the scientific development and improvement of military technologies used in the creation of USA military equipment.

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