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Fixing SSL connection errors on Android phones


Working on the Internet, you can face a lot of problems: fake news, viruses and a constant stream of spam. However, it happens that the desired site, which only yesterday was perfectly viewed from your browser, today refuses to open, citing a problem with the SSL certificate.

Neither restarting the Internet nor restarting the browser helps to get rid of the error. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to fix the problem connecting to the desired page.

Debug internet connection

First of all, you should use an alternative access point: connect to Wi-Fi if you have a mobile Internet, or vice versa - disconnect from a fixed access point and use a cellular operator.

Try loading a different website. Perhaps the problem is not with your connection, but with a problem on the side of the provider or the site itself. If so, the problem is most likely already being solved, since connection errors in this case will not be with you alone.

Sometimes, after the next update, the application may crash. In this case, try resetting your network settings completely.

  • Go to smartphone settings.
  • Find the " reset and restore " menu (in different smartphones it can be located either at the very bottom of the list of settings, or in one of the sub-items).
  • From the Reset & Restore menu, select Reset Network Settings .

Date and time as the culprit of all problems

In modern gadgets, many applications (especially network programs) are synchronized with the clock. Any manipulation of the current date leads to application errors. The gadget itself can report an erroneous date: it will ask you to adjust the clock to the current time.

In order not to manually set the time on the phone every time, put a tick in the settings " date and time " opposite the item " network date and time " or "synchronize time over the network »

Always update legacy applications

An SSL connection error can occur even after a long absence of updates. This is due to the expired certificate of the current program, since the validity of the certificates is limited for security purposes.

To update the current software on your smartphone, you need:

  • go to the Play Market menu;
  • select the item " my applications and games ";
  • click the " update all " button.

If you do not want to update some applications, you can always carry out the process manually. For convenience, it is recommended to go directly to the application settings and tick the box "automatic update".

Clean your browser cache regularly

When updating the software, cached data often remains, which prevents the correct processing of the current pages of the site, which causes errors with the certificate.

To clear the cache, you can use the internal settings of the browser itself or the universal utility for cleaning the Android system.

To clear the cache you need:

  • go to phone settings;
  • select the menu " applications ";
  • find a web browser and tap on it.

Depending on the operating system, you may need to go to the item " memory " here. In general, find the button " clear cache " and feel free to click on it.

Anti-virus interferes with correct network operation

Although the antivirus is designed to search for vulnerabilities in the system and prevent unauthorized access to the system, it can also block the current connection to the network, issuing an SSL error. There is a chance that at this very moment it repels an attack, so the error should be given special attention and disconnected from the current network, especially if you are using a public access point.

Full device restore from backup

Be aware that sometimes restoring a smartphone to its original state is much easier than looking for the culprit. If all else fails and you decide on drastic measures, you must:

  • go to smartphone settings;
  • find the item " reset and restore ";
  • in the sub-item select " full reset to factory settings ".

It's not hard to guess that all your personal data will be lost forever. Therefore, it is recommended to use a backup of your contacts and notes data. If during the first setup you agreed to back up your data to the Google cloud, then after a factory reset, use your account to restore data.

However, this does not apply to photos, videos and music files, so copy the media from the device memory to your computer before formatting.

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