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Best 60s Anime [Old School Anime]


Starting a series of materials about the best old anime, I deliberately skipped 60s anime, since it was precisely from the 70s that anime developed as a mass phenomenon, and before that it was a kind of exotic, and there were titles few, plus some old titles are pretty hard to watch today. However, it is still wrong to skip a whole decade and not do justice to history. Here are our top 60s best anime.

Astro Boy

We go with the trump cards. Astoboy can be called a great anime that embodies the 60s and anime as such. Based on the manga by Osamu Tezuki, it was the godfather of Japanese animation, showing a new level of quality, and Japan itself as the country of the future, which in the end it became. A generation has watched Astro Boy.


The anime begins with a little boy dying during an accident, and his father, a scientist named Tenma, creates a robot [an exact copy of his son] to ease his pain and calls him Atom. However, he understands that Atom is just a robot, and even more so he will not age. This makes him even more depressed. Tenma sells Atom to the circus, but there he is found by Dr. Ochanomizu, who takes him to himself and discovers great power in him. Ochanomizu instructs the Atom to use force to protect people.

Kimba the White Lion

Kimba the White Lion hmmm sounds familiar, don't you think?

Another work by Osamu Tezuki, based on his manga "Emperor of the Jungle". She talks about the white lion cub Kimba, who, due to the death of his father, is forced to become the king of beasts. Together with his friends, he must mature and take the kingdom away from the evil lion with a scar on his face ... Really familiar, isn't it?


And the thing is that Disney is accused of plagiarizing Tezuka's work, on the basis of which Simba was created. You can find entire cuts on YouTube comparing moments from anime and cartoon that were used frame by frame by the Americans in Simba. It was even screwed up at the time in The Simpsons.

Returning to the plot, Kimba's story is not only about how he wants to reclaim the throne. She also focuses on the consequences, because in restoring rule, he wants to create a new paradise where everyone has rights, and to prove that even animals can overcome the laws of nature.

Cyborg 009 (1969)

Originally a manga by Shotaro Ishinomori, Cyborg 009 was adapted in several films, as well as three anime series in 1968, 1979 and 2001. However, the 60s version of anime is considered the best.


The Black Ghost Organization kidnapped nine ordinary people and experimented with them, turning them into super-powerful cyborgs. After they fled, they were given the codenames [001-009], and now, with the help of Dr. Isaac Gilmore, they fight the Black Ghost organization and stop their diabolical plot to prevent the next world war.

009 is the leader of the team, his real name is Joe Shimamura. He is the hero of the team, very sensitive and compassionate, with a strong sense of justice.

Humanoid Monster Bem This classic 60s anime follows the three youkai, Bam, Bela, and Belo, who wish to become human. They protect humans from other youkai in the hope that they will receive humanity for this. As the plot progresses, they become more and more human, despite the fact that other youkai only taunt them. But the more human is born in them, the less power they have, as it disappears.

Tiger Mask

Tiger Mask is a Japanese manga series written by Ikki Kaziwara and illustrated by Naoki Tsuji. She was later adapted into an anime series by Toei Animation.


Tiger Mask was an American wrestler known for his aggressive behavior in the ring. Back in Japan, Tiger Mask joined the Japanese Wrestling League led by Big Baba and Antonio Inoki, who were on the verge of exile for using dirty tricks. Tiger Mask [his real name is Naoto Date] was raised in an orphanage and then joined Tiger Cave [a crime cartel whose main activity was training teenagers to become fighters] to be "Strong as a Tiger."

In order to save the orphanage where he was born and raised, he decided to go against the basic rule of the Tiger Cave [all fighters must give the organization 50% of their income]. They considered him a traitor and tried to kill him in the ring more than once, while hired killers did it outside of him.

Shounen Ninja Kaze no Fujimaru

Toei Animation has been around for quite some time [sixty years to be exact]. One of their classic 1960s anime films is Samurai Boy. This is a story about a boy named Fujimaru. As a child, when his mother put him in a basket, an eagle carried her away, but he was saved by the samurai Sasuke, who later decides to make a war out of him. As he grows up, he becomes a skilled samurai who knows how to control the wind with ninjutsu.


He uses skills such as wind blast or illusion creation against Japusai, who is looking for a book known as the Book of Ryuen. This scripture contains some of the most powerful ninjutsu techniques ever created.

The hero has two goals: to find his missing mother and the Book of Ryuen. And do it before Japusai. This classic story is one of many Toei Animation has created in its sixty-year history, but if you want to know what the shounen was like when it was born, then this is one of the sixties anime you must watch.

Marine Boy


One of the first anime shown in color. The story tells about a boy who, due to a series of technical transformations, became part of a police patrol, which was created to protect the seas and oceans. He has super powers, and also knows how to fight. In the protection of aquatic colonies, he is helped by marine animals. Roughly speaking, yes, this is Japanese Aquaman. If you are looking for a title that relates to the sea and sci-fi, then perhaps Marine Boy is the one for you.

Kamui the Ninja


Kamui is a ninja from Edo period Japan who decided to leave his clan. Now his former clan members want him dead because of the choices he made. He is paranoid about the persecution and believes that everyone wants to kill him. This made the people who get close to him feel uncomfortable. If you're looking for a good story about paranoia during one of the most popular periods in Japanese history, this title is for you.

Speed Racer

This classic anime from the late 60s is celebrated as one of the first racing titles in anime history. Generations of fans hummed his oppenig.

This is the story of a young 18-year-old boy named Go Mifune who becomes a racer and has a loving and supportive family [in that century]. Although he faces many adversities from opponents, he always remains the best on the track. Plus his brother supports him during the races.


Another great story from Osamu Tezuki, which was rebooted last year, tells of a wandering demon hunter who was born without most of his body parts. His father made a deal with 12 demons before he was born in order to gain power, and in return they took from his still-born son for body parts.


After the boy was born, he was disposed of and thrown away. However, he was found by a master of creating prostheses, raised as his own son and created artificial limbs for him. Hyakkimaru eventually grew up as a ronin, and was able to see the world with his 6th sense. He travels across the country to kill 12 demons, as well as take revenge on his father. On his way, he meets a little thief, Dororo, who goes with him.

If you're too lazy to wait for the second season of 2019 anime, you can check out this timeless 60s anime classic.

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