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Carmageddon New Life and Epic Games Store - This week's gaming news digest from CADELTA. Part one


Also read our in-game news about how Steam will fight greed, Bethesda's ill-fated canvas totes, and more.

Valve will lower its developer and publisher rates

Today, many publishers have started ditching the Steam platform and selling their games on their own. Valv decided to rectify this situation by making concessions for the major publishers. The standard share of sales that Uncle Gabin's company takes is 30%. Now, if the project turns out to be financially successful, the share can drop to 20%. How does it work?


If the game earns more than $ 10 million through the platform, the share drops to 25%. And if she earns 50 million, get the cherished 20%. Let's see how this will help expand the range. It's a pity, but for the "turkey" everything will remain the same.

Epic Games Opens Its Own Online Store

"Hah! Another "steam killer", surprised. Tell me there are bugs in Fallout 76! " - you will think. But in fact, there is something to surprise. A 20% discount for publishers from Valve is certainly cool, but the Epic Games store is going to take only 12% of the profit from the sale of games in general. The publisher doesn't need to make the 50 million profit as Valv suggests to get the discount. It looks like Mr. Newell's company will still have to tighten their belt, as the Epic Games store offers publishers a very competitive rate.


Bethesda will give gamers normal bags

As we recently wrote, the company had another failure when the collector's edition had nylon bags instead of high-quality canvas bags. Statement - there was no other material, excuse me. But according to insiders on the West Virginia press tour, Bethesda gave them those high quality canvas bags. So, the material was there and they lied to us. Popular anger arose. Now the studio has promised that it will give out normal bags to everyone who bought the collectible, if they contact those to support the game. Justice has triumphed!

bethesda bags

THQ Nordic acquired rights to Carmageddon

However, they do not share their plans for the development of brutal racing. We can only assume one thing - it won't get any worse. However, the first games came out a long time ago. And the remake was released back in 2000 and drowned in a sea of negative and controversial reviews.


Blizzard's Plans for 2019

Through the mouth of their representative, they promised that next year we will have several announcements about the Diablo universe. Allegedly, the company wants not just to tell, but to show what they have. There are no specifics at the moment, as well as the cherished number four. Although, it's no secret that Diablo 4 is in development.


Final Fantasy XV Chief Game Designer Retired

And he opened his own studio. Hajime Tabata has long planned to leave Square Enix to pursue solo work. His studio JP Games will begin work in January next year, but it’s still a long time before its first release, as you might guess.

Final Fantasy 15 creator

Beholder 2 released

The game Beholder tells us about the harsh everyday life of an official in a totalitarian state. The second part of the game was transformed from 2D to 3D and took only the general concept from the first part.

We are a young bureaucrat in the ministry who must issue statements, acts, get angry at everyone, and send people to different corners of the institution for seals and documents - in general, everything is as we "love". The rest of the time, we unravel the dirty business inside our structure and make important decisions: go over the heads for a promotion, drain the data to the bosses, or remain an honest official and get rid of it. For those who purchased the first part of the incentive, there is a discount for the second.

Halo Nightfall Lost Director

The series based on the Halo universe, the first season of which is due out in 2020, has lost its director. The creator of Planet of the Apes, who sat in this chair, left the project due to a change in schedule, since the filming of the series did not fit into it. The company is now looking for a new director and continues to search for actors.

This was all the gaming news of the first half of the week, read our last digest in order not to miss the facts from the world of games.

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