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What to see from the films: ”My Creator” (2020)


Unfortunately, today there are not so many science fiction films released, after watching which one would not have to regret wasted time. Considering the fact that this genre is universal and sci-fi films are perfect for both fans of melodramas and fans of action-packed films, as soon as “My Creator” (2020) appeared on the horizon, we immediately looked at it, appreciated it and decided to offer it to our readers.

Description of the movie "My Creator" (2020)

If the movie had come out a little earlier, it would certainly have made it into ourTop 30 Best Robot Movies.But it is never too late to catch up and review an interesting new hit separately, which is what we will now do. Let's check out the trailer first.

Despite the fact that the trailer came out quite informative, and even dubbed with the filing of Capella Film distributor, in general the plot remained unclear. But we will now fill in the missing gaps by charting the general direction of the concept from the film's writer and director Gavin Rothery.

By the way, the film "My Creator" (2020) is his first full-length work, and immediately 6.3 onIMDB. Not bad.

Capella Film was going to broadcast Rothery's debut work in cinemas of our country from August 13, but the picture is already available on any torrent trackers and online viewing sites in dub, so everyone can check it out.


The plot of the movie "My Creator" (2020) revolves around a scientist named George, who somewhere in the wilds of the forests of Japan is developing an advanced robot, endowed with advanced artificial intelligence, into which he wants to load the memory of his deceased wife. The specific location is silent, but apparently, it is either somewhere high in the mountains, which is partially confirmed by the views of the general plan of his "factory over the abyss", or in 2048, in which events are developing, a persistent cold snap set in on the Earth.

He has already "produced" two robots with accelerated self-developing artificial intelligence, the base "operating system" of which also became the data of the "archive" of memories and the personal print of his wife, who died in a car accident.


By the middle of this century, people have found a way to copy the personality and memory of the deceased, preserving it for a fairly long time, something within 3 years. During this time, relatives and acquaintances of the deceased can communicate with the mind of the deceased, as with an ordinary person. It is quite convenient, but, apparently, only for "relatives and friends." At least during her lifetime, George's wife forbade him to "put it in a box." In this he, of course, disobeyed her.

The first robot came out massive and, unfortunately, not very smart. His "accelerated self-development" stopped somewhere at the age of five, which made him a passive silent man, who only walks and squeezes out some electronic sounds that George can decode.

The second sample came out much better. He was able to develop up to the age of 15, which could not but rejoice and give reason to hope that the next option will already be a completely full-fledged person.

While he is working on No. 3, which will be like an ordinary person in everything, here - like his wife, with all her feelings, characteristics and appearance, together with him in his "production laboratory" are the first two versions, which constantly create problems for him.


The first issue is always dull like a little child and climbs under the rain and sleet, which can damage it, the second begins to be noticeably jealous of the third he creates, but the scientist, for some reason, does not seem to notice this. At least at first.

It's clear that all this will soon turn into big problems and troubles. And, of course, it starts pouring into them.

Moreover, not pour out, but erupt.

The work on No. 3 is also complicated by the fact that the authorities obsessively climb up to him with questions and checks, suspecting that he is developing something there that only vaguely resembles the funds for which he was allocated. On the other hand, the company that owns the rights to "archive" the personality (mind and memory) of his wife is trying to press him. By all the rules, it should not intrude on the integrity of the data, trying to download something from the general "array" or change something in it.

The ending of My Maker will be even more unexpected than anyone would imagine.

Pros and cons of painting

We were constantly visited by deja vu while watching. Let's not say a cross between which pictures we were reminded of by the concept from Gavin Rothery - the film "My Creator" (2020), otherwise its superficial description will turn into such a huge spoiler. But in general, he did it quite well. Although in the end I just want to remember the heroine Nicole Kidman in one of the projects that are asking for parallels.

Very strange robots with large bodies also got a little hot. If in the future servo mechanics and so on have advanced so far (as can be assumed from the development of model # 3), why create such “squares”? And what do they have inside? Li-ion batteries with 200,000 Ah? Brains take up space with a handball ball. The servos are also quite small. The main frame, and that's it. Why are these "boxes"? To highlight the flaws of previous versions? But everything is tied to the intellectual component. What does the appearance have to do with it?

Amused the moment of assembling the third issue. In it, the director was specifically inspired by the intro to the TV series "Darkness" or kaleidoscopes from childhood and, to a greater extent, by the clip of the famous singer from Iceland Bjork - "All is full of love". If you don't believe, here's this clip for comparison.

Well, the Netflix series "Darkness" aboutgot muddied over timeand so everyone watched.


Everyone who is interested in our today's proposal can follow the link below for a complete acquaintance with the picture.

Watch the movie "My Creator" (2020) online

We are saying goodbye to you until next weekend, on which we will try at least once to hit the past and choose something worthwhile from the well-forgotten blockbusters of the past years. Behave yourself, do not get sick and open theaters as quickly as possible!

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