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This article will show you how to configure plugins for Firefox.

Plugins (modules) are special components required for the correct display of web pages. Don't be confused with Firefox plugins and add-ons. A plugin like Shockwave Flash is required to view videos. And add-ons, for example, Video DownloadHelper, allows you to download these very videos. Of course, in order for the Internet to be comfortable, plugins need to be updated periodically. In this article, we'll show you how to find out what plugins you have installed and how you can update them.

First, you need to check what Firefox plugins you have installed.

To do this, open the Firefox panel and select Add-ons (Fig. 1).

 Firefox panel
Photo Fig.1 Firefox Panel

Click on the Add-ons button (fig. 2).

 2 List of installed plugins
Photo Fig.2 List of installed plugins

Here you can see what plugins you have installed. This page also provides information on add-ons and extensions for Firefox.

Now let's check if the installed plugins are up to date.

To do this, click on the button Check the current versions of installed plugins .

The next page will open (Figure 3).

 .3 Information about plugins' relevance
Photo Fig. 3 Plugin Relevance Information

Now it becomes immediately clear which plugins are relevant and which need to be updated.

Click on the Update button and you will be taken to the plugin's official page. All that remains is to download and install the update.

Keep your Firefox plugins up to date, because the safety and comfort of your web surfing depends on it.

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Author: Jake Pinkman