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Methods of downloading music from the Odnoklassniki site


Regular users of the Odnoklassniki network know that the service does not provide its own tools for downloading the network from the internal directory.

However, you can use third-party tools such as browser programs or plugins, and you can get the download link from the page code. These methods will be discussed below. Service

Is one of the most popular tools for downloading various content from Internet pages. You can work with the service in two modes - through a special browser plug-in (convenient if you need to download files often) or through the official website. In the latter case, it is enough to insert the link to the page in a special field on the site and wait for the corresponding button to appear. When using the plugin, the download button for the music track will be displayed directly on the site, opposite the composition.

Video Download Helper

Another popular extension is Video Download Helper, similar to the previous plugin, but available only for Firefox and Chrome. It also allows you to download audio and video from popular resources, including YouTube and VKontakte. You can install the extension using the official website or through the browser functionality. In the latter case, open the " Add-ons " panel in the browser, enter the name of the program in the search window, find the plug-in you need in the list and use the " Install " button.

After restarting the program, the new plugin icon will be displayed in the plugins line. Clicking on this icon will open a panel that will display all the media files available for download on this page.

By the way, and in contact you have to pay for listening to music. But there are a couple of ways not to pay for listening to Vkontakte music.


If a user downloads content only from the Odnoklassniki website, he will only need the OkTools extension, which he will create to work only with this resource. It should be borne in mind that the utility is available only for Opera, Chrome and Mozilla. Installation and operation scheme is similar to the previous solutions. Among the distinctive features can be noted the ability to download several tracks at the same time.

Loading music without plugins

More advanced users can use some of the features of the browser itself. This method is much more complicated, but it can be useful if, for example, the ability to install third-party plugins is blocked. You need to open the page with the compositions, right-click on an empty space on the page, and in the menu that opens, select the link “ Element source code ” (in other browsers there may be options “Check code”, “ Explore element ", etc.).

A new panel will open, in which you need to activate the " Network " tab and start playing the desired melody. A list of active elements will be formed (in the form of a table), you need to view the column " Type " and select the lines with the value " media " (or mpeg / audio). If you right-click on such a line and select the command to open in a new tab from the menu, the corresponding element will automatically load. After downloading, you need to change the extension to .mp3, otherwise some players will not be able to play the file.

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