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How to save apk files from Google play market?


Often users have a need not only to install the program on the device, but also to save it as an apk-file. The most convenient tools for this operation will be discussed below.

Raccoon APK Downloader

Raccoon APK Downloader

One of the popular applications of this type. Allows you to extract the installation file directly from the official store and save it to your PC. At the same time, the program does not even need to be installed on a PC - a portable version is available that fully works with external drives. When launching Raccoon for the first time, the user needs to enter their Google account credentials. The device ID is also requested, but this parameter can be ignored.

The application interface consists of two tabs: Download and Search. When searching, you can use the name, ID or link in the official directory. Having found the application, you can save it on your PC as a regular file, and then manually install it on another mobile device.



Popular alternative directory for Android, featuring products from various developers. The directory client is small so it can be used on slower devices. All programs are sorted into categories, there is a convenient search, and the applications themselves can be downloaded as files.

And then you can always use Clean master to quickly clean your phone from garbage. Do you know what it is? Read about the Clean Master app for your Android.

APK Downloader

Extension for Chrome and Firefox browsers. It also allows you to quickly download the selected utility as a separate file. After activating the plugin, just go to the page of the desired program in Google Play and use the F5 key. The page refreshes to display a download button for the corresponding object.

Other ways

There are also ways to download apk files without installing third-party software. For example, you can use the online service of the same name instead of the APK Downloader plugin. It is enough to open the resource, insert a link to the program into a special form and get a button, the activation of which initiates the download.

Another way: open the desired page on Google Play and manually change to in the address bar of the browser (the rest of the address must be left). After refreshing the page, the user is able to download the selected file.

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