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The radiation level of the iPhone 11 Pro was twice the norm


Experts from an independent California laboratory tested the Apple smartphone to find out if its radioactive radiation (SAR) meets the established standards. One of the models of the 2019 line, the iPhone 11 Pro, was purchased specifically for the experiment in the retail network. The test was ordered by Penumbra Brands, a company specializing in the production of accessories for mobile phones. As it turned out, the iPhone exceeded the maximum permissible radiation rate by half.

Result of an independent experiment

Penumbra Brands has published all the details of the study in its press release. The customer of testing emphasizes that the emissivity of the iPhone 11 Pro purchased at retail is significantly different from the pre-sale sample of the gadget, which is provided to the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) service for verification before the official start of retail sales.

Before the appearance of a mobile phone on the shelves, the manufacturer submits a control sample for independent research. If successful, the FCC approves the gadget. Penumbra Brands argues that the potential radiation harm of a store-bought iPhone 11 Pro does not meet the radiation exposure limit and could exceed the safety standards set by the regulatory agency.


Independent testing has been conducted in full compliance with FCC guidelines. An iPhone 11 Pro was placed next to the dummy - a simulator of human biological tissues at a distance of 0.5 cm. If the absorption coefficient of electromagnetic energy (SAR) can have a maximum allowable value of 1.6 W / kg, then the smartphone under study showed a level of 3.8 W / kg.

Last year's story with iPhone 7

This is not the first time that an Apple smartphone has been in the spotlight after radiation tests. A similar situation already happened last year. The study was again initiated by Penumbra Brands in cooperation with the Chicago Tribune, and the iPhone 7 purchased in the retail network was selected as an experimental sample. In testing, the seventh iPhone exceeded the SAR level by 50% when it was at a distance of 0.2 cm, and doubled - at a distance of 0.5 cm. The study was carried out by the RF Exposure Lab, which has a special accreditation for assessing radio frequency radiation of wireless gadgets. Manufacturers of electronic devices present samples of new technology to laboratories to receive government confirmation of their safety.


As a result, the close press attention to the iPhone 7 forced the FCC to initiate retesting of the iPhone and other gadgets. This time, the results of the study were within the normal range, to which Penumbra Brands and the Chicago Tribune noted that both checks have only one difference: in the first case, the smartphone was purchased in a store, and the manufacturer provided a sample for the repeated experiment.

How to protect yourself from radiation

The level of radiation emitted by the Apple 11 Pro smartphone or any other smartphone depends on many factors. First of all, this is the initial radiation power of a wireless gadget, its size and shape. Also important is how close the user is used to holding the phone.


It will not be possible to completely get rid of harmful radiation, but experts do not advise to panic and urgently buy a foil hat. You can reduce the impact of the gadget on the body in the following ways. Firstly, experts recommend keeping your smartphone not too close to you, for example, in your pocket or on a pillow while sleeping, and using a headset or speakerphone during calls. If possible, it is better to limit the time of using the gadget during the day and switch it to airplane mode more often.

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