Obsidian is working on two more projects, and impressions of the Yakuza spin-off are this week's gaming news digest from Cadelta. Part two (Topic)

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Obsidian is working on two more projects, and impressions of the Yakuza spin-off are this week's gaming news digest from Cadelta. Part two


Also read our in-game digest for the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy release date, a major DLC for Kingdom Hearts III, and how Anthem will get rid of unnecessary loot.

Phoenix Wright Trilogy: Ace Attorney Coming To Modern Platforms On April 9

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is a remake of the classic game that was based on the series for older Nintendo consoles. This spring, modern gamers can get acquainted with it.

Pre-order is already available for all platforms. The price is as follows:

  • 1 999 rubles on Steam
  • 1 899 rubles for Nintendo Switch
  • 1 899 rubles for Xbox One
  • $ 29.99 on PlayStation 4 [for USA audiences, alas, order not yet available]

The game will consist of three parts and will tell us about the everyday life of the lawyer Phoenix Wright, who loves to shout “OBJECTION!”, which translates as “protest”.


The gameplay of the game is similar to a visual novel. We will have to search for evidence, defend the defendants and interrogate witnesses. In the remake, the graphics were corrected, as well as added new settings and features.

Major DLC Coming For Kingdom Hearts III

At the end of this year, the developers promise us a major paid add-on for the game, which will expand it and introduce several new features.

Tetsuya Nomura, the director of Kingdom Hearts III, spoke about this in an interview for Dengeki Online. According to him, in addition to the add-on, the game will soon reach the hardest difficulty level of the Critical Mod. He will not artificially increase it, simply by raising enemies' health and damage, but will radically change the gameplay and approach to it. The development team needs more time to work it out. It is not yet known if it will be free.


Unlike previous titles, Kingdom Hearts 3 will not receive a Final Mix version. Instead, additional goodies will be given to gamers through content in paid and free DLCs. The free one will appear in small quantities throughout the year, and the paid one will be released in one large bundle.

The creators of The Outer Worlds are developing two more projects in parallel

The storming of Obsidian Entertainment's studio with Game Informer in order to obtain exclusive materials is over, and at the end of it, the articles tell only about the details of the development. In a recent interview, the head of the studio Fergus Urquhart told reporters about the relationship with Microsoft and new projects.

As Microsoft promised, after buying the studio, they are not putting any pressure on the Obsidians. On the contrary, the developers got more opportunities to make cool RPGs.


Fergus admitted that money did not play a major role in the sale. Obsidian has long been independent, but it was increasingly difficult for them to stay afloat to create large projects, so a deal with Mircosoft was really needed. But at the same time, money is not the last place, since now the state has about 170 people, and their current main project needs millions.

As you may have noticed, this behavior is rather unusual for a publisher. Urquhart is confident that Microsoft saw how the studio was confidently staying afloat for 15 years, being independent, experiencing ups and downs, so they are perceived as powerful business partners. Microsoft also loves the studio's stability in producing usable RPGs, so the company doesn't act as an overseer. According to Urquhart, the publisher is interested in good games.

Now the studio is divided into 4 departments. The first, the biggest, is preparing The Outer Words, the second is completing Pillars Of Eternity and two more are engaged in two new projects.

Anthem will get rid of unnecessary loot

"Hah, from everything or what?" People who played Anthem will ask, but not really. The loot, on which the whole game is based, was not worked out. Some things are attributed to properties that they do not possess. This is exactly what they are going to fix in the next patch.

BioWare Lead Producer Ben Irving posted a description of the update on Reddit. He also admitted that at the launch of the project, loot really turned out to be useless: in order to get legendary items, you need to kill a lot of time for the game, but no one guarantees that their properties will be as stated in the description. Yes, the thing can be disassembled into components for future crafting, but this was not the main goal and somehow it comes out offensively.


The new patch will also change the properties of things. So, it is superimposed on a specific thing, and will definitely work where it is installed. Otherwise, the mod will be applied to the player's jewel.

The new rules will only work for untouched loot. Those items that the player has already taken to his storage will remain as they are. Crafting will become easier after the update. Now, to create the rarest loot, players use the resource "coal". To create a top item, 25 coals are tedious, and after the update - only 15. In general, the studio has increased the quality and quantity of loot. It is commendable. The patch will be released today.

Western press shares their impressions of Yakuza spin-off - Judgment

As it usually happens - the game was released on the territory of Japan long ago, but it will reach the rest of the world only this summer. Western journalists have already tried it.

The action takes place in the Kamurocho area, already familiar to fans from past games. GameSpot notes that although the veterans of the series will find it easy to navigate, they will have to get used to a new hero - former lawyer Takayuki Yagami, who is now a detective.

Due to the profession of our protagonist, the gameplay was diluted with detective elements, including the collection of evidence, interrogation of witnesses, and the pursuit of suspects. We also improved the dialogue system, which helps to better get used to the role of a detective, and set up relationships with characters. But journalists still point out that they are still far from the RPG level.


According to Polygon, it's easy to get lost in the main storyline in the game, as there are a lot of different activities in Judgment: you can make friends, eavesdrop on conversations, stick in a local likeness of twitter, etc.

The new hero is more agile than Kiryu [protagonist of the previous parts] and can, for example, push off the walls to deliver crushing blows. He also owns two fighting styles: "crane" and "tiger". The first one is suitable for battles with several opponents, and the second one is for one-on-one combat. It will also be the second game in the series to receive English voice acting.

This was all the game news of the end of the week, read our last digest, analytics about the fate of Fallout 76 and watch a new video from Alice, where she continues to analyze the topic of trolling in games.

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