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CADELTA game world news digest for the last week of September


Telltale Games closure, microtransactions in DMC 5, RDR 2 and PC - these and other news from the gaming industry can be found in our digest.

In the previous digest we talked about the new Lara Croft, a game from Elijah Wood and something about Gwent. Now the genius himself has pleased us with the new Death Stranding trailer and the release of RDR 2 is very close, so it will be interesting.

New Death Stranding Trailer

Let's start with the pleasant. Again Tokio Games Show and again a new trailer, but this time Death Stranding. In a one-minute trailer, we were shown Troy Baker, who will voice what appears to be the main antagonist of the game.

The trailer did not provide any further clarification of the plot, but only made the fans wonder even more who the man in the golden mask is, who can summon a beast-like creature from the dark substance.

Telltale Games studio closes and fires employees en masse

The reason, as it turns out, is the financial failure of all large studio projects. According to the developer himself, only Minecraft: Story Mode and 7 Day to Die, where the company acted only as a publisher, brought profit to the studio. Of the other major franchises, only the first season of The Walking Dead was able to fully recoup and make a profit.

The final episodes of The Walking Dead: Final Season, ending Clementine's story, are in doubt as they are not over yet. However, studio representatives recently tweeted that they have several partners interested in ending the franchise. There are no details on this yet, how and in what form the game will be finished.

Overall, the situation at the studio is sad. On September 21, the Directors informed 225 employees (90% of the entire studio) that they were laid off and that they had 30 minutes to leave the building. As a result, former employee Verne Robert sued the leadership, claiming that the company was required by the labor code to notify employees of termination 60 calendar days before closing. In the lawsuit, he demanded that the company pay all the dismissed monetary compensation, which they could have earned in 60 days.

At the moment, the company has 25 people left working on Minecraft: Story Mode for Netflix and agreements with partners for the Walkers episodes.

For more details on the story of the rise and fall of Telltale Games , we told in a separate article

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy Announcement

Capcom announced that they are going to release a remaster of the series of visual novels about the lawyer Phoenix Wright on Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. The remaster contains a total of 14 episodes from the three original Phoenix Wright installments: Ace Attorney, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice For All and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations.

As a reminder, this is a series of games released for Gameboy Advance, where we take on the role of a lawyer who needs to acquit his clients by investigating a crime and defending them in court.

Among the improvements, the game will contain advanced settings, a redesigned interface, scrolling text and a new picture. Release date in Japan - March 30, 2019, worldwide - early 2019.

Pathfinder Kingmaker is released

The domestic answer Pillars of eternity has already been released, and you can find it on, Steam and This is a classic party RPG created by Owlcat Games with the support of Chris Avellone. You can find out what it is right now.

DMC 5 will have microtransactions

At the already mentioned Tokio Games Show, the journalists who tested DMC 5 noticed in it the opportunity to shop for red orbs. In the original, they can be obtained in battles and used for resurrection or pumping. As the journalists noted, at one level an experienced player can get about 60 thousand orbs, while skills can be bought for 8-30 thousand orbs, they also mention special artifacts, the cost of which reaches several million orbs.

The Director of DMC 5 says that they are needed so that busy users can complete the game faster, for those who want to grind everything themselves - this will not interfere. However, we have heard this more than once, but we cannot yet judge how much donation will affect the gameplay.

A section about the flora of the game was created for RDR 2 fans, and the developers were offered to release the game on PC

Two news at once. First. On the game's website, the developer has created a whole section dedicated to the animal world. In it you can find about 200 species of animals, including birds and fish, which will behave accordingly: opossums pretend to be dead, scavengers are looking for corpses, wolves attack in a flock, etc. The hunting itself, the process of skinning and selling the game have been recreated as much as possible. Also in the game there will be 19 horses of fifty suits, plus costumization with saddles, spurs and other things. You can find more description here.

Second. Devolver Digital recently tweeted Rockstar to release RDR 2 on PC in-house. Arguing that they themselves are from Texas and are cowboy-savvy, and also know a few of the experts at TakeTwo who can help provide developer tools for PCs. Rockstar seems to have chosen to ignore the offer.

If is the first time you hear about RDR 2 , then we talked about it in detail earlier.

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