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Enemies and characters we are sorry to kill


Video games allow us to kill anything and everything from demons in Doom to rank-and-file Nazis in Wolfenstein. Although killing anyone who stands in your way is not a very civilized way of solving problems in modern society, the developers are guided by the philosophy of "just don't think about it - they are all bad." In the end, there are times when, despite the fact that we have an enemy in front of us, a conscience awakens in us and we simply cannot forgive ourselves for killing. It's such a shame to kill these enemies. Today, we also let our conscience take over and remember a few of the enemies from the games that we are sorry to kill. This article contains spoilers.

Zombies / Half-life episode

When I first played Half-Life, I didn't really understand who the zombies were. For me, they represented the usual cannon fodder, which was given to me at the beginning of the game in order to learn how to play. Yes, they stood out in design, but I didn't think about the very essence. The realization of how terrible the fate of zombies was, I realized only in the second part of Half-Life, when I began to listen attentively to their creepy cries. And I was even more convinced of this when I read one thematic text on the game.


The sounds made by zombies, if you listen to not just squeals, but screams: "Please help me!", "God, why?", "Get it away from me!" The people we thought were the walking dead are still alive ... of course - until we pull the trigger.

The head crab takes full control of its master's movements, ordering him to mercilessly attack anyone in the way, but obviously does not turn off the victim's consciousness at all. People who have turned into zombies have no control over what they do, but they can feel what is happening to them.

Big Daddies / Bioshock

Big Daddies are the hallmark of the first BioShock: massive monsters in heavy deep-sea suits with a drill instead of one arm and giant oxygen tanks strapped to their back.

First impressions are often wrong, like this one. Daddies are extremely difficult enemies, and fighting them presents the most exciting moments in all of BioShock.

However, it quickly becomes clear that these monsters are in no hurry to fight us. They usually completely ignore the player's presence, focusing on their only task: to protect the little sisters. The problem is that these are enslaved men who have been genetically forced to protect these girls, with whom they create the most popular commodity in Rapture - ADAM. The sisters themselves are in the same position and are forced to love them.

Great Wolf Sif / Dark Souls

While fighting Seth the Great Wolf is difficult, it doesn't bring you the sweet taste of victory. This boss has a particularly heartbreaking history. Seth was a faithful companion of the once righteous knight Artorias and hunted dark ghouls with him. In the end, however, the warrior was consumed by the abyss, and his last heroic gesture was to save his four-legged companion from the same fate with the help of the Cleansing Great Shield. Since then, the Wolf has guarded Artorias' Tomb, protecting it from desecration.


But even if you run through Dark Souls without paying attention to the plot, fighting Sif is not very pleasant, there is too much grandeur and grace in this wolf, fighting for the one he loved and respected.

Shadow of The Colossus

On the one hand, the Colossi are our opponents and we must kill all 16 giants in order to resurrect our beloved. However, the developers did everything to make us feel comfortable.


After an impressive crash of the enemy, to the accompaniment of warring music, the soundtrack suddenly takes on almost mournful tones, a powerful creature slowly falls to the ground and roars in pain, the main character is permeated with rays of dark energy. The plot of the game, and even more so the killing of ancient giants, is a much deeper thing, so it's hard not to empathize with your enemies. In fact, we are not a hero at all, but the one who brings this world closer to its end.

Lucy / Assassin's Creed 3

Lucy was a sweet side character in the early parts of Assassin's Creed, and helped Desmond Miles get out of Abstergo. She was our faithful companion and friend. It even seemed like there was chemistry between her and Desmond. This makes it even worse that we have to kill her in the third game. Desmond became a weapon in the hands of Isa, and against his will, which is subject to the apple of Eden, he slowly, although resisting, kills her.


Despite the fact that both we and the hero do not want to do this, each of our keystrokes of the movement brings Desmond closer to killing Lucy. Who would have thought that she would be the enemy.

People with augmentation / Deus ex Human Revolution

Hugh Darrow, one of the Illuminati members, activates a special biochip secretly installed in the augmentations, which puts people with them into a state of murderous rage. Jensen, as the only technically advanced person still sane, is left to go to the facility in the Arctic Ocean, from where the signal is broadcast.


The problem is that almost all of the station staff are people with augmentation. Assuming you haven't made Jensen an absolute master of stealth, with improvements to go unnoticed, a confrontation will inevitably happen sooner or later. And you have to kill people with cyberpsychosis. One of the saddest things is to kill those who become your enemy against their will.

Vortigaunts / Half-Life

A similar situation with Vortigaunts in the first Half-Life. When they appeared in Black Mesa, they were rather unpleasant enemies, which you do not mind at all. But when Gordon hits Xen, things are not as easy as it seemed at first glance. Vortigaunts are an enslaved race of slaves whose minds are taken under control and forced to fight.


I remember an unpleasant episode when they let Gordon take refuge in their slums, and at this time their minds are taken under control and forced to attack you. Fortunately, if you kill the creature that controls the minds of Vortigaunts, they will become the same, but in any case, Gordon killed too many representatives of this race before.

Robots / NieR Automata

In NieR, we see a confrontation between robots and human-made androids. The first ones have already managed to throw the remains of our species away from the Earth and the player must correct the situation. This means that over the course of the game, players will destroy a whole bunch of robots that look cute rather than menacing, but can pose a serious threat to the main characters.


As we move from one car massacre to another, we start to encounter scenes that show that our opponents are not just technologically advanced assassins. Like previous inhabitants of the Earth, they start caring for their "children", create art, have sex and show genuine empathy or pacifist views. They also commit violent acts, eat their relatives or join cults - in short, they become as human as the people themselves.

A similar conflict was in the original book "I Am Legend", where the main character realized that he was not a liberator, but the legacy of the old world, which is a threat to the new species. This is how robots become enemies from the games, which are gray to kill.

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Author: Jake Pinkman