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10 Enraged Enemies in Games


Today we're going to talk about things that piss us off: hitting a corner with our little finger, spilled tea on the floor, weekly cleaning and, of course, enraging enemies in games. Okay, let's just talk about the latter. Throughout the history of games, there were opponents who pissed us off as much as possible and did not allow us to enjoy the gameplay at times. We'll talk about them today in our small top of enraging enemies from games.

Creepers - Minecraft

One of the reasons why this or that enemy becomes enraged is that he is too immobile. What's worse: to die from such an enemy with a few hits or one-shot - decide for yourself, but as for me, both options are terrible. And one of the creatures that guarantees you certain death from one-shot is Creeper. How we hate them.


These fallopian and disgusting kamikaze tend to approach you and explode. Moreover, you can avoid this fate if you are careful, but this creature destroys everything in its path, including your buildings, by an explosion.

Black Headcarb - Half-Life 2

Unlike a regular headcrab, which could only scare you, a black headcrab can make you get pissed off. He is much more dangerous and smarter than a regular headcrab, so it is more difficult to kill him. But his main trump card is that he is poisonous and if he bites, your health will automatically drop to 1 health point, making it easy prey even for the weakest enemy in the game.


Rock Rider - The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

How many nerves they have ruffled all those who like to walk around Morrowind. These birdlike lizards tend to spawn out of nowhere in large numbers, surrounding and attacking the player beyond the reach of their attacks. You should have good ranged weapons to keep them from being annoying, but my preferred way to put them in place is to install a mod that reduces their spawn rate to a reasonable level.


Skulls - Metal Gear Solid V

Players new to Metal Gear Solid V can spend a lot of nerves when confronting the Skulls, a group of four vile super soldiers that you will encounter in Mission 6. The next time you meet, the game presents you with a difficult choice to use or not effective weapon against them. And using it is contrary to the very purpose of your mission. They are difficult to kill, injure, and also deceive. As long as you deal with one of them, chances are good that you will be killed by other skulls.


The Kasadors - Fallout: New Vegas

The most disgusting thing in the Mojave Wasteland is the Casadores. They attack in flocks and sting, causing great damage. In addition, the Casadors have time to let in poison to you, which reduces your health for some time. Even if you defeated them, you will die of poison if you do not introduce an antidote or use each new stimulant until the effect of the poison wears off. Plus add the fact that they are difficult to kill due to the fact that they fly.


Murlocs - World of Warcraft

These little fish are another enemy that fights in packs and automatically increases their self-loathing. Every time you are in the swamps or coastlines in World of Warcraft, these guys are likely to be in front of you. While they don't look very scary, they are fast and can easily kill inexperienced players. They will even throw nets at you so you don't run away. And they're not limited to just one game, anyone who has played against their deck in Hearthstone knows how annoying they are in this game too.


Skeleton Wheel - Dark Souls

These guys not only enrage, but also kill one or two. Their quick movements and the fact that they drastically reduce your stamina makes you nervous, even if you're wearing gear that can prevent this from happening.


Without these skeletons, the Catacombs are an easy path, and if you kill the Necromancer, you'll make your way easier.

With all that said, I don't think they were a bad design decision. Skeletons are annoying, of course, but they also teach you about timing and the importance of defeating enemies in time before they stun you, but perhaps FromSoftware could make them less pissed off.

Regenerator - Resident Evil 4

The name of this creature alone makes you realize that "fun" awaits you. They regenerate whatever you shoot them, and even without limbs, regenerators can jump on you and start biting.


These critters are very difficult to kill. And at first, when it seems that they are at least slow, it turns out that the regenerators are capable of lengthening their limbs and, in principle, altering the body to kill you. Don't be fooled by their speed, they are still ugly.

Eagles - Far Cry 4

When it seems like killing animals in games is more difficult than people, such thoughts quickly recede when you are attacked by animals from Far Cry. But the eagles stand out the most.


They appear unexpectedly, attack from the sky and fly away again, and according to the classics, it is difficult to kill a flying enemy, and the eagles can certainly beat you.

Clickers –The Last of Us

Being in the late stages of Cordyceps infestation, "clickers" get their nickname from the eerie clicking sound they use to echolocate. They look terrible: the fungus has completely blown their heads off, and, being completely blind, they use sound to navigate. This means that you have to crawl slowly and quietly when they first appear in the location and we all hate when in games we are forced to walk on tiptoe. But if they see you it will be hard for you.


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Author: Jake Pinkman