Hints at a new Half Life, a game collection of 20,000 discs, a beta test of the PC version of Halo - this week's game news digest from Cadelta. Part one (Topic)

World Of Topics » Games » Hints at a new Half Life, a game collection of 20,000 discs, a beta test of the PC version of Halo - this week's game news digest from Cadelta. Part one

Hints at a new Half Life, a game collection of 20,000 discs, a beta test of the PC version of Halo - this week's game news digest from Cadelta. Part one


Hints at the new Half Life, a game collection of 20,000 discs, a beta test of the PC version of Halo - this week's game news digest from WorldOfTopics. Part one

Don't die for the next five years while waiting for Half Life

How many theories have we seen about Half Life 3 in our lifetime. But as we all know, hope dies last, and the continuation of our favorite game can still light up us. And it was not some insider who hinted at this, but Gabe Newell himself, albeit in a very peculiar way.

Tyler McVicker spoke about this on the Valve News Network. In one of his columns, he collects numerous questions from fans and sends them by email to Gabe himself, he answers them, after which Tyler broadcasts his answers to the public. And recently one of the questions was: “Tell me, will I see the new Half Life before I die? I'm 32 now. " To which Mr. Newell replied with the phrase: “Don't die for the next five years or so.”


Unfortunately, it's difficult to rejoice, because the question and answer are dated last year, and even if this is true, it is not a fact that we will have a numbered continuation of the game. But if it turns out that this is some kind of mobile grinder in the Half Life universe - most likely, many fans will not survive until its release, because they will die from such news.

20 thousand games - Texas has the largest collection of video games in the world

Texas resident Antonio RomeroMonteiro entered the Guinness Book of Records, collecting a total of 20,193 games. According to him, the collection consists of American, foreign [including those released only in Japan], old games and collectible editions. So one collectible cost him $ 700.

Naturally, most of the games were purchased only for the collection, and have not yet been unpacked. For try to complete 20K games - your head will explode. At the same time, Antonio himself does not sacrifice his personal life, as is often the case with such collectors, and is married. His gaming assets were counted by two employees of the Book of Records for a week.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection will have a beta test. You can sign up for it now

The collection of games about the Master Chief will be released on PC, and not even on the Epic Games Store, but on Steam. At the Southby South west festival, the developer announced the news of a beta test, in which anyone can participate.

To do this, you need to become part of the Halo: Insider program by filling out the appropriate form. Insiders will not be taken for each stage of the test, but scattered over different stages depending on the data obtained from the questionnaires.

According to the developers, the test version of The Master Chief Collection is technically ready and its launch will take place "much earlier than everyone thinks." Gamers will be presented with content from Halo: Reach - this part of the collection will be released on PC first.


343 Industries also said that The Master Chief Collection will not be part of Play Anywhere, meaning that Xone owners will not receive a free copy of the game on Windows 10. There will be no cross-platform multiplayer either.

Apex Legends Kicks Off Season 1 with a New Character

A month and a half after its release, the first season will appear in the game under the name "Indomitable Frontier".

Within its framework, it will be possible to buy a Battle Pass for 950 Arech coins, and for 2,800 coins you can immediately upgrade it to level 25. The level itself grows as you participate in matches, the higher it is, the more rewards you will receive: weapon skins, banner frames, bonus to experience, and more. You can buy the Battle Pass in Apex Legends itself under the Battle Pass section.

Everyone who takes part in this season will receive an Indomitable Frontier skin, five loot boxes and 18 tools for tracking statistics of the season. You don't have to buy a pass for these nice little things.


The new hero Octavio Silva, or Octane for short, has also reached us. His ability "adrenaline junkie" allows him to increase his speed at the expense of health. But Octane can restore it. When the hero "ultimate", he creates a platform that lifts enemies into the air. The season has already started.

Bethesda is preparing a press conference at E3

Many developers are now in vogue to skip this event. The gazebo proudly announced that it would attend the gaming exhibition and conference. It will start on June 10 at 3:30 Moscow time and will be broadcasted on the studio's official channels on YouTube, Twitch, Mixer and Facebook Live.


They will tell us about the long-awaited Doom Eternal. The show's motto is "We are together." Well, we will not expect something great from a company that has been so fey for the last six months and we will be skeptical about the event.

Breaking the Fourth Wall and Inner Voice - Narrative in Control

In her interviews with Game Informer, Remedy Entertainment smoothly transitioned from gameplay to storyline. In the last post, we were told about the storytelling in the game.

The developer classifies the art style of the action as the New Weird genre. This strange name in every sense implies a new take on science fiction and fantasy, deviating from the canons and emphasizing the quirkiness of what is happening. You could see something similar in the movie "Inception".

As a way of narrating, we will hear the voice of the main character, Jessie Fayden, voicing her thoughts. According to developers, this will help show the GG's isolation. However, her comments on small details should not be expected.


During the dialogues, it should give the impression that three people are speaking. Jesse, her interlocutor and the inner voice of the girl, which reflects her real emotions. We were also hinted that the voice will destroy the fourth wall.

The game will also have enough lore: documents, audio recordings, messages, etc. However, they will not go overboard with them, as the previous game of the studio Quantum Break suffered from this.

Given the past experience of Quantum Break, the studio has also decided to abandon cinematic live-action cutscenes in the main plot. However, we will still see this in some posts.

Gwent: The Crimson Curse - CDPR First DLC Trailer

For games, the first DLC about vampires is launched with a set of pre-order bonuses: 40 barrels of "Crimson Curse" with a 20% saving, as well as two exclusive bonuses - an animated card back and the "Blood Armor" skin for the Hidden one. More similar shirt is in the game will not be and you can get it only with pre-order - the developer warns [god, sounds like a threat]. The expansion will be out on March 28, but in the meantime, check out the new trailer. That was all the important game news from the beginning and mid-week.

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