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What Happened to Half-Life 3 and Left 4 Dead 3 - Former Valve Employee Responsible


Ask any gamer if they know who Valve is, and the answer will be yes: "Yes, of course, these are the creators of Steam!" Oh, yes, if anyone has forgotten, then Valve also develops games, or developed. In fact, Gabe Newell's company has been actively creating the much-anticipated Half-Life 3 for several years, and there was also a fully playable version of Left 4 Dead 3. So where are Valve games? Former Valve employee Aiden Crowe will answer this question. Let's not expect good news right away.

Youtube user VNN decided to interview Aiden, who was on the Steam support team, but is also very knowledgeable about what the other nearly 300 Valve employees have been doing.

According to him, 80 percent of all employees at the company do really work on video games, which fits well with the latest statement from Valve, where they said that they are still engaged in game development. Okay, so why can't we see these games?

The main problem is in the special organization of Valve, where each employee is given a large degree of freedom. And, as you know, if there is no intelligent leader, then games of the scale of Half-Life 3 cannot be created, because everyone will start pulling the blanket over himself and it will be difficult to come to a common decision. This is exactly what happened at Valve, which affected the development of Half-Life 3.

Gabe Nevell. Valve

According to Aiden Crowe, the studio was indeed developing a sequel to the legendary shooter, which began immediately after the release of Portal 2 in 2011. However, after numerous layoffs that followed in 2013, the game's development stalled. And again the same story: with renewed vigor, Valve began to create Half-Life 3, but due to numerous disagreements in 2015, they finally froze the game.

Half-life 3 is not limited to one. Aiden Crowe also talked about another Valve game, Left 4 Dead 3, here's a surprise. According to him, several levels were already ready, the shooter could be fully played, but Valve could not solve the fateful question: one part of the team wanted to use the latest version of the Source engine, and the other part, oddly enough, wanted to use Unreal Engine.

That's all, perhaps. Valve has become an excellent example of the fact that a liberal work organization policy, where every employee is left to his own devices, does not lead to anything good. Surely Gabe Newell himself understands this very well, so we hope that no matter what, the legendary company will still delight us with large-scale games with the number "3" in the name.

Until that happens, we recommend looking at the work of talented fans of the Half-life series: unofficial Half-Life 3 and a remake of Half-Life 2 on the engine of the first part.

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