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Lexus of the future, self-driving shuttle and more technology from Jaguar Land Rover


There is a strong focus on innovation among automakers and vehicle component suppliers. This is not surprising, because most cars of our time are machines stuffed with products of modern technology. At the same time, many of the largest developers have divisions whose activities are aimed at creating something new and unusual. In this review, we will tell you about the design solutions of Lexus specialists who designed the prototypes of the auto of the future. We will also discuss the possibilities of the route taxi company Cruise and the technology from Jaguar Land Rover, which allows you to avoid physical inactivity on long trips while driving.

Vehicles to travel on the Moon in the future

The design specialists at Lexus decided to dream a little. They were puzzled by the creation of a design of machines, which in the future will be useful to the researchers of the moon. The results of the engineers' work were published in the pages of the Document Journal.

The engineers have a line of seven vehicles. The first device, Lexus Cosmo, has an all-glass body. This makes it possible to use it for a detailed examination of the surface of an Earth satellite during its flyby.

Another car - Bouncing Moon Roller, somewhat similar to a gyroscope.


There is also a Lexus Lunar Cruiser. It is a multifunctional vehicle capable of transporting a group of researchers smoothly and without haste to the desired location. However, no obstacles will stop him.

There are more powerful vehicles - Lexus Lunar and Lexus Lunar Mission. The first is an all-terrain vehicle with three bridges and six wheels, the second is a manned vehicle for delivering settlers to the moon.

The imagination of the designers played out even before the creation of the Moon Racer, equipped with adaptive tires.

Considering these vehicles, it is not difficult to understand the power of thinking of specialists and their talent. At the same time, one should not wait for the embodiment of these drawings in prototypes and even more so in production models. At least in the near future.

Cruise showed a minibus without steering wheel and pedals

Unlike the above models, the next project is more realistic. The Cruise Origin electric car was developed with the help of specialists from General Motors and Honda.


It is fully automated. It is controlled by an advanced autopilot. Therefore, in the interior of the car, you cannot find the usual controls: pedals and steering wheel.

The minibus is positioned as a means of delivering passengers from one city to another via highways. It is equipped with advanced passenger seats with integrated USB ports. An information display is installed in the cabin. This allows passengers to get complete information about the route.

The electric car is also interesting in the presence of doors of an original design: they do not open, but slide like curtains.

The most surprising thing about the model is that in the process of driving it there is no provision for the presence of a driver or a person in general. Automation does everything. A modern on-board computer is responsible for this.


The CEO of the developer company, during a conversation with journalists, pointed out this feature of the car, as well as the fact that the presented model is not a concept. It is a vehicle that is completely ready for serial production.

Unfortunately, this process cannot be started at this time, as Origin does not comply with the US Federal FMVSS standards for vehicle design and performance.

The Cruise said that Origin is capable of driving at least 1.6 million kilometers without major repairs. It is not yet known when it will be sold. The manufacturer is in the process of certification and obtaining permission to operate the machine. They are ready for this, assuring that the future belongs to minibuses of this type.

Now the owners of Jaguar Land Rover cars are not threatened with physical inactivity

Prolonged sitting behind the wheel of a car without moving, during long trips, affects the health of the driver.

Jaguar Land Rover engineers were puzzled by this problem and created a convertible chair to solve it. It has unique equipment.


Special mechanisms are built into the cushion of this seat. During their activation, multidirectional micro oscillations are created. The developers claim that they affect the human brain in a certain way. The result is the feeling that the driver is not sitting, but walking.

This allows you to significantly reduce all the negative consequences that are possible with physical inactivity. The creators of the seat also claim that it has a healing effect for spinal pain and back problems.

For advertising purposes of their product, the developers have recorded a video clip, which tells about the chair, its capabilities and customization rules.

Jaguar Land Rover has announced that some of its soon-to-be-launched models will feature innovative seats.

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