Jaguar Sports Car, Porsche Drivetrain for Better Handling, Lilium Jet Flying Taxi: Transport Technology for the New Year (Topic)

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Jaguar Sports Car, Porsche Drivetrain for Better Handling, Lilium Jet Flying Taxi: Transport Technology for the New Year


It's New Year's Eve. Many people have a rest at this time, but not specialists from transport companies specializing in the creation and implementation of new technologies. They continue to develop and research, optimize all related processes. In this review, we'll tell you about the tests of a sports car made by Jaguar. We will also discuss a new development from Porsche, which allows an electric car to achieve better stability on winter roads. At the end there will be information about air taxi, created by German developers.

F-Type sports car testing took place

The Jaguar F-Type sports car was recently announced with more powerful hardware. To demonstrate its capabilities, a special track was created. For this, the experience of the Hot Wheels company was used. A model, created at a scale of 1:64 to the original, passed through it.

On this track of toy sizes (its length is 232 meters), a small car rushed at a speed of 482 km / h, which became a record. This is interesting, especially when you consider that the Jaguar F-Type is capable of accelerating to 300 km / h. The whole event was designed to attract the attention of potential buyers through this kind of advertising.

A video was edited based on this event. It tells about all stages of the design and development of a racing car. First, the creators of the video demonstrate a vehicle model, tell in detail about all the nuances of model design. Attention is paid even to tires that are installed on the axle of the novelty.

The developers have revealed some technical data for the F-Type. It is equipped with a five-liter V8 engine. Its power is 450 hp, and the torque is 580 Nm. There is an even more powerful version with a power plant of 575 horsepower and 700 Nm of torque.

The transmission of the car is equipped with an eight-speed “automatic” Quick Shift, which has received new settings here. It also has ceramic brakes, adaptive dampers and updated suspension springs.

Car modifications were equipped with the Quiet Start system, which allows starting the engine without unnecessary noise.

A fully electronic dashboard appeared in the vehicle interior, a display of 12.3-inch dimensions. It supports Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and even Baidu CarLife with wireless updates.

Porsche has created a new transmission for electric cars

Winter is not the best time of the year for car owners. She creates a lot of problems for them. Not all models, for example, are able to overcome a sharp turn without problems, especially if the maneuver is made on a snowy track.

Porsche decided to create a powertrain system to help the driver cope with an electric vehicle in difficult situations by adjusting the speed of each wheel.

During the experiment, a model with four electric motors was used, and not with two as in the Porsche Taycan Turbo S.


During the tests, the car, equipped with new technology, took turns at a speed of 80 km / h. The trajectory of its movement at the same time changed smoothly, as while moving on rails. The company's specialists explained this fact by the possibility of the new system to independently control the coefficient of adhesion to the road. It discreetly alters the torque of each wheel.

In order to constantly receive data on the current speed, angle of rotation of the wheels and the inclination of the vehicle, sensors specially developed for this are used. They react to ongoing changes within a short period of time - almost instantly. This eliminates the need for cameras or lidars.

Experts believe that the new transmission system will soon find application in one of the following Porsche developments. This is the Macan model, which will be released in 2021 with an all-electric power plant.

The developers have announced the timing of the possible launch of the air taxi service

In the fall of last year, a flying taxi Lilium Jet, created by the efforts of a German startup, was tested. After that, the new vehicle was remembered during the Slush technology conference in Helsinki.


The commercial director of the developer spoke about the timing of the start of air taxi operation and its advantages.

Remo Gerber said that his company is currently conducting activities aimed at certification of new technology in Europe and the United States. Based on preliminary calculations, there are options for creating at least one hundred landing sites in 16 largest cities.

The main advantage of an air taxi is its mobility and flexibility in work. If the need arises, any route can be changed, as well as the location of the sites. It is also worth noting the low cost of creating infrastructure for such transportation. This does not require large investments. Lilium representatives also recalled the high environmental friendliness of the project, the absence of noise from the operation of electric motors.

Lilium Jet air taxi can accelerate to 300 km / h, while carrying up to four passengers. The creators of this method of transporting people believe that their devices will be in demand by those who live far enough from the cities in which they are employed.

The cost of transportation has not yet been announced, but it is not expected to be high.

The creators of the new mode of transportation announced that the first commercial air taxi will take off in 2025.

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