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What to buy for a child: a laptop or a desktop computer?

Access to the Internet and technology is not a privilege, but a need for modern people. A person's acquaintance with the IT world can take place at the age of 12 or at 5. The article will tell you what to look for when choosing a device suitable for a child.

Passionate gamers know PCs much better than power users. Processor performance, memory size, overclocking options, keyboard and mouse responsiveness - they'll take everything into account when buying a new device.

Why do kids want a computer

If your child insists on buying him a laptop or personal computer, he simply does not want to lag behind peers who already have these devices.

The desire to show off to friends - anything, even a new spinner - is an integral stage in the formation of a personality.

We will not delve into psychology, because we all understand perfectly well that technology and the Internet have long become an important part of our life, which means that we need to choose a car for a child that will be comfortable for him to study, have fun, and get to know the IT world .

What children usually buy

Usually the first big device of a child is the cheapest laptop, bought with the assumption that if suddenly your son or daughter breaks it, it will not be so sorry.

However, in addition to their low performance, cheap laptops can be hazardous to health due to frequent overheating and poor-quality display.

Full PC option

Instead of buying such a device, it is better to get a full-fledged PC. For a reasonable price, you get much better performance and better peripherals - monitor, keyboard, mouse. The PC can be used as a file storage, as an audio / video player and, of course, as a means of connecting to the Internet.

Instead of buying a ready-made device, you can involve your child in the selection of accessories for the car. You can explain to him what this or that component is responsible for, and together decide which type of activity at the computer will prevail.

If your child is interested in video games, you can pick up a powerful video card for him. On such a computer, there will be no problems with gameplay, and the purchase of a separate game console will completely disappear.

If the child is more interested in movies and music, he will need a large hard drive.

It will be easier for you to control what programs your child uses and what he does on the Internet. It's much better than letting him get away with his tablet or laptop.

Buying a laptop

It is worth considering buying a laptop if the limited space in the apartment does not allow you to install a desktop PC.

In choosing a laptop for a child, screen size and battery life will be decisive.

It is better to choose a device with a diagonal of 11 inches and a battery that will last at least three hours without recharging.

The laptop must have a sufficient amount of RAM - at least 4GB, only in this case it will be comfortable to work with it.

Laptop - transformer

In addition to all of the above, you can consider buying a transformer - a laptop with a removable keyboard that can function as a tablet.

The only drawback of this system is that the removable keyboard is usually very thin and fragile, and touch typing can take a long time. So this is not the best solution if you are purchasing a device for school work for your child.

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