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4 reasons to buy a candy bar


The all-in-one computer is an infrequent item in hardware stores. And, I must say, not cheap at all. But maybe he's really worth it? The article will tell you about its main advantages over desktop computers.

In the last century, computers were bulky machines that took up an entire room.

They were controlled using punched cards, and all they could do was perform simple math problems. Almost every home now has a computer, and the device is faster, more powerful and sleeker than its predecessor. One of the types of personal computer is a candy bar.

A monoblock is a system where all internal components are located inside one case. The design became popular thanks to Apple, and today many well-known manufacturers (Asus, HP, Acer) offer their own line of monoblocks.

And why is the candy bar a good buy

01. You don't need to buy a monitor for it

The candy bar already includes everything you need to work. This means that you can simply bring it home from the store, plug it into an outlet and start using it. With a touchscreen, you don't even need a keyboard and mouse.

02. It saves space

An ordinary desktop PC takes up a lot of space: this is a system unit under the table, a monitor with a keyboard on the table, and speakers somewhere on the shelf. The candy bar is much more compact. With a special mount, it can even be installed on a wall, like a TV.

03. The all-in-one consumes little power

All-in-ones use the same components as tablets. They are powerful, economical in terms of electricity, generate very little heat and are practically silent.

04. It can do what a desktop computer cannot

Manufacturers quickly realized that all-in-one computers could be made more functional than desktops. One of the distinctive features of the candy bar is the touch screen. It can be operated with your fingers just like a regular tablet. Some models support multi-touch.

After buying an all-in-one computer, you can forever forget about the wires getting tangled under the table. You no longer have to carefully move the vacuum cleaner in fear of accidentally hitting any important cable.

It is quite natural that for their hard-earned money, people want to purchase not only a powerful, but also a beautiful device. And the all-in-one is a stylish, futuristic computer that fits into any environment.

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Author: Jake Pinkman