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TOP 10 bloody games that can be played without killing


Violence and cruelty is one of the most common elements of modern mass culture, which does not raise questions even in games for young children. The main thing is to refrain from showing a drop of blood at the severed limbs, and then the censorship will easily skip many scenes with violence. Today, cruelty no longer surprises anyone, and therefore I would like to note the top 10 games where developers do not try to drive gamers into strict gameplay frameworks and allow you to complete the game completely without killing.

10. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

Games of game designer Hideo Kojima, with an abundance of naturalistic scenes of violence, often carry a pacifist message, which is expressed both in the plot details and in the gameplay. To prove these words, it is not even necessary to refer to the game Death Stranding imbued with humanitarian motives, you can go even further and recall the Metal Gear Solid series. Starting from the first part, the gameplay of tactical stealth action offered ways of non-lethal elimination of opponents, but one problem always remained - bosses, most of whom were sentenced by the plot to a brutal death at the hands of Snake.

TOP 10 bloody games that can be played without killing

The complete opposite of this approach is Metal Gear Solid 4, which offers gamers an excellent, sometimes even masochistic, opportunity to complete the game without killing. In most cases, it is enough just to keep out of sight of enemies, or to use hand-to-hand combat along with sleep darts. But in other cases, most often in sections with an overabundance of enemies per square meter, they are forced to really dodge and use an unusual arsenal to pass through, including the Solar Gun that shoots with sunlight and the specialized V-Ring shotgun.

9. Ultima VI

The Ultima series has always been one of the pioneers among computer RPGs and with the release of each new game, it has pushed the boundaries of possibilities in the genre more and more. For inspiration, series founder Richard Garriott looked back at tabletop RPGs that rewarded gamer savvy and allowed them to play while avoiding most battles. As a result, by the time Ultima VI was released, the series had finally evolved to the point where it allowed the game to be played completely without killing, which even today, 30 years later, is considered aerobatics and an unofficial measure of the quality of role-playing.

TOP 10 bloody games that can be played without killing

The fantasy world called Britannia in Ultima VI was full of dangers, but offered several ways to emerge victorious from combat without using violence. For example, you can always run away, which is also not a bad way out. But, as we know, the best way to win a fight is not to engage in it at all, which will help invisibility potions. You can also upgrade the skills of a pickpocket to steal an important item, or completely disarm the enemy by taking the sword from its scabbard.

8. Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2, due to its setting about modern geeks and hipsters, does not have the most enviable reputation in the gaming community, which is a bit disappointing given the gameplay, which turned out to be one of the most interesting among open world projects. The main advantage of Watch Dogs 2 is the flexibility for the ways to complete almost every mission in the game. Of course, no one bothers to hang around with firearms and arrange the genocide of computer dummies in virtual San Francisco, but there are more interesting ways of passing.

TOP 10 bloody games that can be played without killing

By choosing exclusively hacker devices as a weapon, the player can hack opponents' smartphones, control cameras and otherwise interact with the environment. Add to that the various drones and stealth-prone levels, and you have another game that can be completely played without killing.

7. SWAT 4

Among all kinds of simulators, a special place in our heart is occupied by the simulator of the game for the US special forces - SWAT 4, developed under the leadership of the legendary Ken Levin. Despite the fact that the opponents are criminals, terrorists and other scum of society, and members of the SWAT squad are allowed to shoot to kill, it is recommended to perform operations with a minimum number of victims for the most optimal passage. Ideally, to avoid deaths altogether, to detain criminals and send them to the dock.

TOP 10 bloody games that can be played without killing

Taking a pack of repeat offenders hiding in the building alive, and even hiding behind innocent hostages, is not an easy task, requiring an exceptional tactical approach. Study the layout of the building, pick up equipment, choose a point for the assault and only then, using a taser, pepper spray, flash grenades and well-aimed shots on the arms and legs from traumatic weapons, to neutralize the criminal cell.

6 Silent Hill: Downpour

Each installment of the Silent Hill series offered players a series of endings that required a series of challenging challenges to complete. The developers of Silent Hill: Downpour did not depart from the glorious traditions, where, in order to get the best ending, you almost had to put a halo on your head and play the game in a pacifist mode. And this is not only about the mandatory condition to preserve the fate of the characters in important plot points, for a better ending even the disfigured monsters inhabiting Silent Hill should not suffer.

TOP 10 bloody games that can be played without killing

Of course, going through Silent Hill without killing will not be an easy task. Given the aggressive nature of the behavior of most inhabitants of the foggy town, choosing the path of a pacifist, the player can lose the last remnants of nerve cells. But for another ending and the longed-for "No Kill" achievement, why not give it a try?

5 Thief: Deadly Shadows

The Thief series, created by the fathers of the immersive sim genre from Looking Glass Studios, has earned a cult status due to the ability to act out as invisible as a shadow of the thief, before whom the developers never set necessarily violent ways to achieve the goal. Even more, unlike many games in the top, Thief directly condemned the desire to cut its way through the myriad of corpses of game characters, which most often resulted in a lower reward for completing the mission.

TOP 10 bloody games that can be played without killing

Particularly different in this regard were the first part of the Thief: The Dark Project series, where at a high level of difficulty the task is considered to be failed when killing anyone, even an armed character. Released in Thief: Deadly Shadows, it turned out to be a little more tolerant of violence and offered more variability for the game. But the precepts of the first part were not shamed and the game could be completely finished without ruining a soul.

4. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

The games in the Deus Ex series have almost always tried to adhere to the postulate of maximum freedom, without limiting the players in how to achieve the goal. Adhering to the commandment Thou shalt not kill and trying to move mainly in roundabout ways or to arrange a mass genocide, bathing in blood - the game accepts any scenario. However, unfortunately, the restart in the face of Deus Ex: Human Revolution did not quite cope with the task of providing maximum freedom and when meeting with bosses left no choice, forcing to kill oncoming bosses.

TOP 10 bloody games that can be played without killing

The mistakes of its predecessor were successfully avoided by the continuation in the face of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, where even the final boss could be easily rendered harmless without having to get his hands dirty with blood. The latest release of Deus Ex teaches in every detail that eloquence and interaction with the environment using gadgets and technological augmentations can be achieved much more than just exploring levels with a shotgun to the advantage and leaving mountains of corpses behind.

3. Fallout: New Vegas

Like Deus Ex, the Fallout series since the end of the last millennium has established itself as an example of a game that focuses on the variability of approaches to solving problems proposed to gamers. The path of a killer is almost never forbidden and in other cases even encouraged, given the brutal post-apocalyptic universe of Fallout. But thanks to the flexible SPECIAL character customization system and dozens of various, sometimes even absurd perks, the option to go through Fallout without killing turned into a strange, difficult, but entertaining journey.

TOP 10 bloody games that can be played without killing

In reality, every major installment in the series, including even the often criticized Fallout 3 and Fallout 4 for their low variability, can be completed with little or no killing. In the case of the third part, you will have to stain your hands only once, by killing the Radtarkan. But if you decide to play a pacifist from the beginning to the victorious finale, then we propose to opt for Fallout New Vegas, where there are practically no unsolvable tasks for opponents of violence, who can run fast, speak their teeth and have multidisciplinary knowledge in case of meeting each of the outlandish freaks radioactive wasteland.

2. Dishonored 2

Among our dozens of bloody games that can be played without killing, Dishonored 2 occupies a special place. In the creation of the developers from Arkane Studious, the freedom to choose between pacifist passage and genocide of all living things is the basis of the concept of the entire game, on which the gameplay and plot are built. Each new murder in the world of Dishonored brings not only a dark denouement closer to the story, but also directly affects the world around it, forcing it to bog down in hordes of zombies, aggressive packs of rats and hives with killer wasps. It is unlikely that any other game will be able to show how devastating consequences are the rejection of the commandment "Thou shalt not kill".

TOP 10 bloody games that can be played without killing

The gameplay of Dishonored 2 during bloodless passage, as befits in the immersive sim genre, also changes significantly, pushing instead of aggressive tactics to stick to most of the stealth and rely on sudden stun attacks. A separate song is an attempt to eliminate plot goals without killing, because of which standard killer tasks turn into puzzles with far from trivial solutions.

1. Postal 2

Ironically, but one of the most brutal games in history, where you can plant a cat on the barrel of an automatic rifle and use it as a silencer, is also a real ode to pacifism. Absolutely the entire game can be played without killing, and none of the tasks that are set before the main character of the game Dude requires not the slightest use of violence from him. Every day in Dude's life is another routine where you have to go to the polls and stand in line to vote, go to the store on behalf of your wife, or ask people on the street to sign a petition.

TOP 10 bloody games that can be played without killing

The only problem is that the inhabitants of the virtual town of Paradise are hardly more adequate than the Chuvak himself and at every opportunity they are ready to be rude to him or to attack with weapons, proving their innocence. As a consequence, it comes to the point that even without the participation of the protagonist, the streets of the city begin to resemble a battlefield, trying to hack down the player's pacifist impulses. But if your will is strong enough, and faith in humanity is not so easy to break, then you have every chance to go through the most cruel game in history without killing.

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