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Sony bosses will delight Metal Gear fans

Image The dinosaurs from the new "Jurassic" run on the screens of cinemas only in 2018, and screenwriter Derek Connolly has already thought about future projects. After the success of the first part, the Sony bosses decided to involve him in the adaptation of the popular game Metal Gear Solid, which will be filmed by his co-star in the movie Kong: Skull Island, Jordan Vot-Roberts. Avi Arad took over the financial reins.

Metal Gear is a series of stealth action computer games created by Konami under the strict guidance of game designer Hideo Kojima. The protagonist Solid Snake wages his own war: he penetrates behind enemy lines, rescues hostages, destroys the plans of terrorists. For the first time to evaluate the creation of the company, gamers were lucky in the late 90s, and over the years Metal Gear has replenished the piggy bank of its creators for a tidy sum.


Today, Connolly is in great demand: there are many successful projects on his list, among which you can even find a script for the ninth part of Star Wars.

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Author: Jake Pinkman