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5 great and not so great Dragon Ball games


The first game in the Dragon Ball series was released in 1986, and then its gameplay was limited only to riding on the cloud and overcoming obstacles. In the future, games based on this anime became fighting games in which the developers tried to implement new ideas. It didn't always work out well and we know both good Dragon Ball games and bad ones. They were the ones discussed at The Gamer. We decided to talk about 5 good and 5 bad Dragon Ball games

Dragon Ball FighterZ (great)

The game has clearly been a success, with 3.5 million copies sold since its release in January 2018 to the present day. Thanks to the competent combination of 2D locations and 3D characters, it has become a recognized 2.5D.

The battles in this game were one pleasure, as they allowed you to play for familiar characters and use a variety of non-furious combinations. When there are three players on each side, the matches are longer, but not burdensome.


Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy Of Goku (Not So Much)

This is an RPG game developed by Webfoot Technologies as an exclusive to the Game Boy Advance. It feels unfinished in everything: in terms of the plot, game mechanics, but the main problem of Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy Of Goku is the boring level design.

They are all very monotonous and feel like backtracking. Fortunately, with the second part, everything was different and it became a good sequel, which started the series in the right direction.


Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 (great)

This game came out after several failed Dragon Ball projects in a row were released, so against the background of everything else, this game looked just great. First of all, people liked it for the dynamic battles, as they should be in this game. Of course, she also had disadvantages. For example, there was a lack of mechanics in it, which made all the fights boring over time, since you constantly applied the same techniques, and as if you were not moving anywhere. But again, the game came out great.


Dragon Ball Xenoverse (not really)

Dragon Ball Xenoverse had a very unsuccessful launch as the main bet in the game was done online. However, for the first two weeks, enough players could not appear in it to arrange fights.

The storyline company did not bring interest to the players, since it did not represent anything grandiose - only battles in the wrapper of a famous franchise. The developers made the biggest bet on the online cooperative, only it did not work correctly, so the game, although it was ambitious, could not function.


Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 (great)

But the second part of Dragon Ball Xenoverse is just the opposite. Huge hubs appeared in it, where players could meet other gamers online, complete quests, and also buy equipment. In general, the scale of the game was several times larger than its predecessor. Better yet, new mechanics, improved graphics, and an interesting story have been added to the game.


We can say that we finally got the game that it should have been before.

Dragon Ball Raging Blast (not really)

Dragon Ball Raging Blast is a rotten PS3 and Xbox 360 exclusive that should be avoided. Yes, the game had its advantages, such as non-linear storytelling and the ability to make choices that affect the ending. However, what does it matter when the story itself is very crooked, and in terms of gameplay the game is inferior in almost all of its predecessors, such as Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit and Dragon Ball Z: Attack of Saiyans. It is because of the success of these two projects that this game looks like a garbage bag against their background.


Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 (great)

This game is just a great fighting game that gets more interesting after you play longer and longer. Largely due to the unique set of movements for each character, which you can switch to right during the battle. Moreover, this did not in any way affect the integrity of the story, which was very pleasing and did not let you get bored.


Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2 (Not So Much)

The game is replete with such problems as: a bad, uninteresting and stupid plot, as well as boring gameplay. Yes, true fans of the series enjoyed some cool inserts during the game, but if you look at it as a whole, the game was a dummy without any idea. The lack of depth couldn't even cover a decent cast of characters.


Dragon Ball Z: Attack Of The Saiyans (great)

One of the few games on handheld consoles, which was shot and remembered by the players. The game had great sales, an interesting and dynamic combat system, and the plot was intriguing. All this made this Dargon Ball game almost the most beloved in the entire franchise.


Super Dragon Ball Z (not really)

And closes our list of good and bad Dragon Ball games - Super Dragon Ball Z. This game was bad on all fronts. But she was probably killed by fierce competition with games like Tekken 5, Soulcalibur III, Dead or Alive 4, and Fight Night Round 2, released in the same year.

It is equally important that many characters have disappeared from the game, for example, Broly and Yamcha. In addition, it has such a crooked and unattractive visual performance that I don't even want to pay attention to other disadvantages - just this is enough.


Let's hope Dragon Ball Z Kakarot will be one of those games that we will remember as the best.

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Author: Jake Pinkman