Disadvantages of Anthem, the sale of ”Gambling” and the possible announcement of Vampire: The Masquerade - a digest of gaming news from Cadelta this week. Part one (Topic)

World Of Topics » Games » Disadvantages of Anthem, the sale of ”Gambling” and the possible announcement of Vampire: The Masquerade - a digest of gaming news from Cadelta this week. Part one

Disadvantages of Anthem, the sale of ”Gambling” and the possible announcement of Vampire: The Masquerade - a digest of gaming news from Cadelta this week. Part one


Disadvantages of Anthem, the sale of "Gambling" and the possible announcement of Vampire: The Masquerade - a digest of gaming news from WorldOfTopics this week. Part one

Diablo III Designer Disassembled Anthem Cons: Travis Day, one of the game designers of Diablo III and its expansion Reaper of Soul, could not pass by Anthem, and after several hours of playing, he analyzed all the game's drawbacks in his post on Reddit.


Whom, and we can definitely trust him:

  • Unhelpful Combinations - The first issue concerns buffs not working in Anthem. For example, a weapon that deals poison damage in the game can have a "boost" to cold damage. The game designer notes that bad combinations are intentionally created in loot games, but they should not be useless.
  • Poor balance between risk and reward - There are three strongholds in the game, which are classic dungeons in nature. They need to be assaulted over and over again in order to knock out good loot. However, BioWare hasn't worked out the balance of the fortresses. Each of them has its own complexity designed, but this does not affect the quality and coolness of the loot. So it turns out that a lot of effort was spent, but found some kind of rubbish. Players will just start walking in the simplest "dungeon", and soon they will get tired of it.
  • Unbalanced loot acquisition - although the game designer praises the control over randomness: skills of the highest level drop in fortresses, and modifications of the highest level in legendary contracts. But fortresses can be grinded as much as you want, and legendary contracts are given only in limited quantities once a day.
  • Severe Difficulty Difficulty - Day thinks the transition from Grandmaster I to Grandmaster II is too drastic. When the first level becomes too easy, when moving to the second, the player is faced with a very hostile environment for which he is not yet ready.

One of BioWare's development managers showed up on Dey's discussion, expressed a hundred thanks and said he passed on criticism to the development team. This is the power of social media.

"Gambling addiction" is sold to a new owner

At the end of last year, the hearts of loyal fans of the cult edition trembled when the last paper issue of the magazine came out. However, changes continue - "Igromania" and its platform are sold to a new owner.

This news was told by Evgeny Isupov - the head of the publishing house "Igromedia". According to him, he made this decision with his partner Alexander Parchuk and they sell everything that they “have grown, developed and nurtured for almost 22 years.”


The buyer has already been found, but his name has not been disclosed, despite the fact that the deal is almost over. According to the operating director of Igromania, Gadzhi Makhtiyev, the new owner “certainly associates good prospects with this brand.”

What can I say, the sunset of the legend ...

New Vampire: The Masquerade May Be Announced On March 21st

We recently wrote about the fake Tender dating app from Paradox Interactive, which now holds the rights to Vampire: The Masquerade. The great minds of the internet continued to explore the app and found even more hints.

So, allegedly, the correspondence of the Tender bosses was hacked, in which there were such terms from the game as thin, thrall and hunter.

One letter is about some testing in New York, which will last a week. And after, on March 21, a private party will take place in San Francisco, where 300 Tender users from all over the world will be invited. It will also host "the largest announcement in the history of Tender".


Now, let's also become great minds of the Internet and start comparing facts. So, on March 21, the GDC 2019 developer conference will take place in San Francisco, where companies often make game announcements. 300 users - most likely they can be journalists, bloggers and other developers. And in the end - "the largest announcement" may hint at a new game, which will clearly be larger than its predecessors. We look forward to March 21 and hope that this is still Vampire: The Masquerade, and not a stupid mobile grinder with donation aimed at the Chinese market ...

Half Life can now be played from the top

For the first Half Life, we released a modification that turned the game into a Top-Down shooter.

In addition to the fact that the author of the mod changed the position of the camera, he also made a more gentle auto-sight, since we cannot move the weapon vertically, and the interaction angles of objects are wider - it is not necessary to look directly at them.

The camera is not configurable, so it constantly cuts through the wall textures when you move into a new room. Also, the engine completely paints the empty space behind the walls with an unpleasant red color.

The author of the mod with the top camera himself did not pass the game, but says that he is ready to continue working on improvements. He had thoughts to do the same with the sequel, but he could not master the geometry of the engine of the second part. Anyway, here you can download the mod to complete half life with a top view.

Fortnite creators charged with dance theft again

Another "super-mega-scandal" associated with dancing has flared up around Fortnite. This time, the hysteria was launched by two basketball players, authors of the Running Man challenge. Athletes Jared Nickens and Jaylen Brentl have filed a lawsuit against the developers. According to them, they invented this dance while studying at the university. As the main reason for the lawsuit, it is stated that Epic Games unfairly benefits from the self-expression of basketball players by selling the Running Man animation.

Epic Games is accused of copyright infringement, publicity rights and unfair competition. According to basketball players, due to unfair appropriation, dancing is becoming associated with Fortnite, not its creators. What a nightmare!

And so, athletes are demanding from Epics 20 million compensation, and also that they stop selling this animation in their game.

But not everything is so simple, the claim can be challenged. In 2016, basketball players appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show alongside two New Jersey high school students Kevin Vincent and Jeremiah Hall, where they performed the dance four of them. Nyx told the host that he first saw him when Brentley showed him an Instagram video posted by the two boys. They did not remember this in the lawsuit.

This is the fourth time that the authors of the game have been accused of stealing a dance.

GOG is in financial trouble

Last week, CR Project red fired about a dozen people. As one of the laid-off employees told Kotaku, the reason is the financial difficulties of the service, caused by the fact that incomes do not keep pace with the growth of the site.

Also, some time ago the company had a risk of going into the red. To make matters worse, the market is moving towards lower commissions, like the Epic Games Store and Discord. At the same time, GOG, like Steam, still takes 30% of the commission.


In an official letter from GOG to Kotaku, it is said that the company is undergoing restructuring, which led to layoffs and in fact, it has already recruited twice as many new employees. Choose for yourself what to believe.

These were all the major news from the gaming industry at the beginning of the week. If you do not know about the loot boxes in Call of Duty Black Ops 4 and the new series based on the game from Ubisoft, we suggest you read the last digest.

The Topic of Article: Disadvantages of Anthem, the sale of ”Gambling” and the possible announcement of Vampire: The Masquerade - a digest of gaming news from Cadelta this week. Part one.
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