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Anime guide of new products this summer. TOP 5 Japanese TV Shows to Watch in 2018


Selecting the best anime in a particular genre is not an easy task, because there are so many of them. But we have prepared for you a selection of those series that are definitely worthy of attention, so that you do not miss anything important from sight this summer.

Let's play (Asobi Asobase)

This series opens the list of anime guides as one of the most laid-back. If you like a little ridiculous jokes and friendly jokes, then Asobi Asobase will make you laugh up to colic from the situations that the heroines find themselves in, from their cute drawn faces and constant jokes.

The central characters of the series are three cute schoolgirls, one of whom is a collection of Japanese stereotypes about foreign girls. An American woman with clear blue eyes and long blond hair became the heroine of Asobi Asobase. In addition to the fact that she is a favorite image that was entrenched in the minds of Japanese residents more than a century ago and is actively ridiculed in games and works of a variety of genres, this schoolgirl is nothing special.

All three girls are engaged in playing all day long and starting ridiculous arguments, which causes funny situations. Everything becomes entertainment for schoolgirls: from playing "rock, paper, scissors" to quite large-scale boards. Only now the loser has a hard time. You can expect anything from your girlfriends: a hefty slap, a finger in the nose, or very offensive teasing.

Fans of a little strange Japanese shows and those entertainments where the losers are bullied will appreciate this series.

The series is set to air on July 8, 2018 .

Grand Blue

This series can also be classified as a comedy, but it is distinguished by a very specific humor that made the manga of the same name a bestseller. Grand Blue is definitely worth the attention of those anime lovers who are eager to escape from the gray everyday life, plunge into a beach holiday and a riot of summer colors.

The plot of this series is not too twisted, even somewhat simpler. But everything pays for the sea, gatherings by the fire, girls in swimsuits and a mixture of youth comedy with so-called black humor.

The main character is a young man named Iori Kitahara. He has lived all his life in a metropolis, but now he is forced to live with his uncle in a coastal town, where only the lazy does not dive. As luck would have it, Iori is not very fond of water, but he has to put up with this circumstance, since in his new college the boy was practically dragged into a diving club. So now, regardless of his attitude to water, Iori is forced to increasingly leave his shelter, uncle's store, and swim.

At the same time, all the acting characters from series to series are frankly playing the fool, although they are trying to seriously engage in diving, they drink with or without it. If it was possible to draw an analogy with the works of USA cinema, then Grand Blue is the Japanese "Peculiarities of National Fishing", unfolding on the ocean shore, only remade in a youthful way.

The anime series Grand Blue has every chance of becoming this summer's hottest premiere. It is based on the most popular comic strip from Shinji Takamatsu and Kenji Inoue. The manga of these authors is recognized as one of the best works of this genre of all time according to the MyAnimeList web service. For four years now, the comic has been a hit in Japan and has now reached Western lovers of sparkling and slightly specific humor.

The Grand Blue release date is set to Friday July 13, 2018 .

High Score Girl

This is a great series that all retro gamers will appreciate. It is worthy of attention for the reason that anime dedicated to old video games and consoles is almost never seen. This is something out of the realm of fantasy.

The plot of High Score Girl is set in the nineties, taking the viewer into this golden age for the development of consoles and video games. Immediately reminiscent of the exciting and epic battles of Final Fight or Splatterhouse. Like the characters in these toys, back then in the nineties a battle was fought between Nintendo and Sega, arcade machines were at the height of their fame.

Here comes Haruto Yaguchi, the main character of High Score Girl, immersed in video games. He does not get out of the gaming halls for days on end, and at home he continues to hone his gaming skills on video consoles. Haruto himself is a middle school student. He is an ordinary guy, a bright representative of the gaming youth of those times. Haruto has nothing to boast about: his grades are mediocre, his appearance is ordinary, unremarkable, there are no friends as such.

Everything changes dramatically with the appearance in the life of a schoolboy Akira Ono. This is a classmate with whom he accidentally strikes up friendships. To Haruto's surprise, the girl is good at fighting games. She plays the main character in StreetFighter II with ease and ease. From now on, Haruto has a new and interesting goal - to unravel the secret of Akira's skill and defeat her.

For those who don't really miss the era of arcade machines and consoles, the anime series High ScoreGirl is unlikely to seem interesting. It is replete with computer animation and dialogue about video games and consoles.

This rare series is scheduled for release on July 13, 2018 .

Angolmois: Chronicle of the Mongol Invasion (Angolmois: Genkou Kassenki)

This series is amazing in that it covers the events taking place in the formative years of samurai in the Land of the Rising Sun. Angolmois: Genkou Kassenki will certainly be appreciated by those who are keenly interested in the medieval history of Japan, appreciate the drama of the plot and epic, spectacular battles of selfless heroes with bright characters.

This is exactly how, fearless and noble, the main character of Angolmois appears before the viewer: Genkou Kassenki. He is one of the prisoners who was taken into custody and sent to the Tsushima archipelago for hard exile and hard labor for the good of the state.

The whole action takes place in the mid-1270s. ad. At this time, the Mongols invaded the Land of the Rising Sun for the first time. The garrison on the Tsushima archipelago was defeated by the enemy, the glorious soldiers died a heroic death. Then the defense of the island falls on the shoulders of the exiles. Here fierce battles begin, a lot of blood is shed, epic battles take place one after another, the series is replete with deep scenes that make you feel your heart and soul for the main character, who initially seemed to be a negative character.

The theme of the nobility of the socially low estates, the dedication of the "little man" is one of the favorites in the cultures of various countries. And the anime series Angolmois: Genkou Kassenki is not remarkable for that. It is worthy of attention because it illuminates a unique historical period. Of course, the authors are not talking about the reliability of the plot. Here, a lot of real events have been supplemented and turned upside down in a new reading. There is enough space for a flight of fantasy in this story: the first invasion of the Mongols lasted very little time, no more than two months, and no one meticulously documented it, only key events were covered. In reality, the defense of the archipelago was really defeated by the local garrison, but there were no exiles on it.

This epic and deep series was released on July 11, 2018 .

Fury-Kuri 2 (FLCL Progressive)

This series takes its rightful place in our anime guide due to the originality and special history of the first part. The original series FLCL Progressive was released almost 20 years ago. And now, after so much time, they decided to recreate this anime again, but with some great professionalism.

The original FLCL Progressive is notable for the fact that it became an experimental platform for young professionals of the Gainax studio. The directors and screenwriters did not limit their flight of imagination, they tried new approaches to dubbing and plotting. And it was very simple and widespread at that time. The protagonist of FLCL Progressive is the boy Naoto. His life was measured, no different from the one that the overwhelming majority of his peers lead. But everything changed when an eccentric girl named Haruka invaded the usual way. With her, adventures rained down on Naoto's head: either aliens would crawl out of a friend, then they become objects of surveillance by secret agents, then he would just fly a guitar in the jaw.

The young writers and directors of Gainax were recruited through this series of experience and did not disdain black humor. Although it is worth giving credit: for the most part, viewers had a lot of fun watching this anime.

The second part of FLCL Progressive has already been released. Since June 2, 4 episodes have been released. They still feature aliens, Haruka, Naoto. Sparkling humor, notes of surrealism and absurdity, a smack of madness in the plot also remained in place. However, experimentation has disappeared. Those who are familiar with the original FLCL Progressive never tire of arguing about whether this is so good.

The new part is designed by the creators both for the former fans of this anime and for new viewers. However, given that the released second part contains a lot of references to the events of the original, in order to understand all the jokes of the heroes, it is worth reviewing the FLCL Progressive twenty years ago.

What other animes to watch this summer

For those who love stories on the edge, telling about the gray everyday life of street gangsters, big money and excitement, talented Japanese directors have prepared two stories:

  • Middle Manager (Chuukan Kanriroku Tonegawa);
  • Yakuza to Idol (Back Street Girls: Gokudolls).

The first is based on the famous Kaiji comic. It is saturated with despair and hopelessness. The main character finds himself in great difficulties due to his addiction to gambling and easy income. He has huge debts. There is only one way out - participation in the deadly games of one of the Japanese corporations. The new Chuukan Kanriroku Tonegawa series tells about the other side - the creators of this entertainment. Here's how the organizers came up with the idea for death tournaments and how they implemented them.

The second story introduces the audience to the yakuza-losers. They are outright rogues who thwarted the deal and lost money. Their big boss does not want to forgive such an omission and offers two ways out of the situation: either the sale of organs after the suicide of each of the trinity, or a change of sex and specialty. Trying to escape from problems, the heroes escape to Thailand, where they change their appearance to a girlish one and become local superstars. Having met their producer, they recognize him as their former boss and are now trying not to go crazy in this madness.

Those viewers who love stories about esoteric, supernatural and otherworldly, should check out the series Evil Spirit Dropkick (Jashin-chan Dropkick). The most powerful Black magician, summoning the devil himself, is an ordinary girl who practices magic rituals and loves to embellish her merits. But one day she inadvertently summons a demon: half girl, half cobra. The heroine tries to drive her new neighbor back to the other world, but she does not succeed very well. The demoness set herself a goal - to kill the summoner in order to freely settle in the world of the living.

Another anime series for horror fans, but this time about a psychopath and a girl who lost her parents - Angel of Bloodshed (Satsuriku no Tenshi). Thirteen-year-old Rachel wakes up in an abandoned building that is unfamiliar to her. She does not remember what happened and does not understand what is happening. In search of answers to these questions, he tries to hide in parallel from the local psycho with a scythe, who decided to kill her. As the plot progresses, Rachel learns that her parents are no longer alive and asks her new acquaintance to kill her. But the psychopath named Zach no longer cares about Rachel, he wants to get out of this building. Then the heroes make a promise to each other: the girl helps to escape in exchange for her own murder.

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