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October 2018 ICANN changes encryption keys for the first time


For the first time in history, a cryptographic key change is coming. This was reported by one of the services of the International Corporation for the Management of Domain Names and IP Addresses (ICANN).

This procedure is planned to be carried out on October 11 this year. Although the exact date has not yet been approved by the board of the dominant structure, problems with the Internet are already promising.


ICANN specialists confirm that, when you go to certain sites, there may be interruptions in the work of the World Wide Web. However, most users won't notice.

This process involves changing the root zone cryptographic KSKs that protect the domain name system. Registrars who do not renew the certificate will not be able to verify (verify and validate) domain names.

This will have little impact on end users. This is the opinion of ICANN specialists. They expect that no more than 2-3% of Internet consumers will notice something by connecting to certain resources.

Only 2-3% of users worldwide may have problems

One of the sources for the International Corporation for the Management of Domain Names and IP Addresses stated that a number of resolvers are misconfigured - this could affect their users in the long term. Resolver is a system that queries the domain name system DNS for information about matching an address to a name and vice versa.

If a new key is not specified in the resolver configuration settings, then, no later than two days after the update, its users will be denied access to some information. In response to their requests, the system will start giving errors. To ensure that the updates go smoothly, ICANN has posted a guide online to help prepare for this action.


This does not threaten users.

Dmitry Peskov expressed his thoughts on the upcoming change of cryptographic keys. He is the special representative of the President of USA for digital and technological development.

According to the official, this process is natural. At the same time, in his opinion, the complete absence of failures in the operation of the global network cannot be completely avoided. But here, as usual, the factor of discipline and conscientiousness in the approach of providers to their duties is important. If they update the software on time, the risks will be minimized. As for ordinary users, they were asked about the need to use a backup channel for connecting to the Internet at the time of key renewal. Alternatively, an example of the mobile version was given. After all, almost always, its network and fiber-optic network for most users have different providers.

It was also recommended to refuse to carry out significant transactions or limit the number of such transactions.

Representatives of the press services of the largest mobile providers in USA said in their speeches that the above procedure would not entail any disruptions in their work.

One of the experts in the field of high technologies Oleg Demidov, in his interview, also expressed the opinion that there is no need to worry about the upcoming system update. This event was planned, it was known in advance. Everyone who wanted and had to prepare for it. In addition, O. Demidov explained that the keys will be updated in the root zone of the DNS, and above this structure there is a more significant one, with an extension that is designed to ensure the security of the entire process.

Thus, all experts declare that there is nothing to be afraid of. However, the fact of primordiality is alarming. In our country, everything is often lumpy for the first time. However, we'll wait until October and we'll see everything.

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Author: Jake Pinkman