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Five Questions About Domain Name


"What is a domain name?" - this is one of the first questions that beginner webmasters are asked. Creating your own website is not easy, and if you do not need to have practical HTML or PHP skills (constructors to help), then you should understand some theoretical issues at least superficially.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is what you see in the address bar of your browser when you visit the home page of the site.

For example, the domain name of a Google search engine is

Each site has its own domain name, it is unique and several sites cannot be attached to it at the same time.

Website and domain name are inseparable from each other?

They are in the same relationship as your smartphone and phone number. You can buy a new mobile phone and keep the old SIM card: everyone will call you on the old number, but you will answer from the new device. In the same way, you can change the site (more precisely, its appearance and content) and keep the same domain name.

Or you can switch to another mobile operator, buy a SIM card from him, but continue to use your old smartphone. In this case, you will have to inform all contacts that your phone number has changed and you will no longer get through to the old one. The same is the case with the site: you can change its domain name by saving the content, but you have to tell people about it, as they will no longer find it at the old address.

By the way, for registration you will need to provide your personal data. Domain name providers can be trusted, but there are resources on which personal information is best not shared. Here we show you how to protect your personal data.

Is a free or a free domain better?

Web builders Wordpress, Wix, Nethouse and Jimdo are popular among those who cannot write their own website from scratch. These services have not only all the tools necessary to create a website, but also offer to register a domain name through them. By using the free service, you get a subdomain (subdomain, second-level domain).

It looks something like this: or

A free domain is, of course, an economical solution, but it is not always appropriate. If you are building your business on the Internet and are interested in attracting long-term partners, the subdomain will only hurt. First, the subdomain name is too long, difficult to remember and takes a long time to type. Secondly, free solutions are often used by fraudulent resources, and this from the very beginning tarnishes your reputation.

The subdomain does not belong to you, it belongs to the service that provided it to you. This means that your resource can be closed at any time. In addition, the address of your site will always contain the name of the registrar: for example, at you can immediately understand which service you used when you created the site.

Therefore, for the benefit of your own business, it is worth spending money on acquiring a first-level domain name.

How much does a domain cost?

In different ways: from 50 rubles per year to infinity. Domain names that include popular keywords are expensive. Buying a domain from a trusted, trusted service also can't be cheap.

It is desirable that the domain name reflects the essence of the site or business. So, if you are the owner of a fitness center, the domain may contain the word fitness, sport, active or anything related to this area.

Do I have to choose a domain name that ends with .com?

No. Com, org, net, ru are the most popular domain endings, but besides them there are many others. Some have regional connotations: for example, a site with the ending was most likely created by a resident of the UK or intended for a British audience.

Not all domain endings have a good reputation. For example, some users admit that they do not trust .biz sites, since such an ending has a number of advertising and spam resources.

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