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Top 100 Best Foreign Action Movies of the 2000s: Part 2


If you want to pile on someone, but you’re afraid that this “someone” can roll on you, I’ll say, knock on a punching bag. Well, or play, or even better - watch something from the category of action. And in this you will be helped by our top-100 best foreign fighters of the 2000s, not yet too tolerant, but very interesting.

And the second part of our selection will begin with a cult action movie that launched a high-budget franchise, in which films are still being produced ...

26. Fast & Furious (2001) US 7.73

In recent years, audacious attacks on heavy-duty trucks have become more frequent and the police are beginning to suspect that local lovers of driving on night routes, and in particular the guys from the entourage of Dominic Toretto, are involved in these sophisticated robberies.

In order to quickly solve the case, a cop undercover Brian O'Connor is introduced into Dominic's gang, who later became so merged with the gangsters that he could no longer understand what was good and what was bad.

No, of course, he understood perfectly well that robbing poor truck drivers was definitely bad. But it was too good to rock with Dominika's little sister.

27. Train to Yuma (2007) US 7.72

Another action movie of the 2000s from among the best of the best will tell the story of how a simple farmer, played by Christian Bale, tried to escort the gangster Ben Wade, played by Russell Crowe, to the nearest train station.

From this station, Ben Wade was supposed to go to the city of Yuma, where he was awaited by the trial and the death penalty. Wade's accomplices, who wanted to free him, turned out to be above the roof, so the journey to the station will be long and arduous.

Especially considering that the hero of Christian Bale is not even close to "Batman".

Not even John Connor ...

28. Hidden Blade (2004) Japan 7.72

Americans are always running around with their Wild West, USAs - with the Great Patriotic War, and the Japanese, of course, with their samurai.


This film is a sequel to the film "The Gloomy Samurai", which was not included in our selection due to the fact that it is more of a drama than an action movie. But, as the creators insist, there are more fights in the sequel, and therefore they decided to classify the picture as an action game.

Again, the unremarkable everyday life of the samurai. The time is the same, but the heroes are different. This time, the plot revolves around the "rescuer of sick maids" Munezд, who is tasked with tracking down and finishing off his former comrade Yaichiro, who managed to get into the ranks of the conspirators.

As in the lion's share of Asian films, victory will go to those who possess the knowledge of one of the secret fighting techniques. How many of them were there for all the time - do not count. But the most secret always wins.

29. Robbery (2007) South Korea 7.70

A distinctive feature of the best foreign action films is that detectives from homicide and investigation departments will always be demoted to traffic police. Even Lethal Weapon's Riggs and Murtaugh did not escape this fate. Therefore, it is not surprising that Koreans have a similar situation with this case.


Detective Jung Do-man did not serve his sentence long as a traffic cop. He had the honor to play the role of a bank robber at police exercises close to real ones, for which he, of course, will be returned from the "road hard labor" to his native position.

The main thing is how to rob a bank. And Chon-Do-man, of course, will treat the task with all the professionalism that he could only dig up in himself in this regard. It will be fun. Moreover, the entire police department. It's fun to tears.

One thing I want to know. After all, into whom, then, will the traffic police themselves be demoted?

30. Bourne Supremacy (2004) US 7.69

Next on our list of the best action movies of the 2000s is the second film in the Jason Bourne franchise, in which the protagonist, who has not fully remembered his past, must find the freaks who killed his lover and set him up, leaving his prints in place crimes far away from the place where he happily spent time in retirement, in which he sent himself.

He thought he had finally figured out the Treadstone program and its founders. He also thought that the memories that woke up in him were enough to happily live the rest of his life. But, as it turned out, it only seemed to him, pardon the tautology.

We'll have to find the guilty again and explain everything to them on the shelves. And on the way to get back some more "necessary" memories.

31. Run Without Looking Back (2005) Germany 7.69

Paul Walker was a good actor. Not only the Fast and the Furious franchise has lost from his untimely death. A whole bunch of projects remained without his participation only on paper. But this particular project is lucky.


History teaches that if you were told to get rid of a weapon after a wet case, then get rid of it, and do not take the trunks to your house, where you have a wife, children and an idiot neighbor who can easily borrow one of the firearms from you without asking and sew your annoying sadistic dad out of it.

Now you have to run around, cleaning the place of the shooting and stealing the bullets extracted from the hospital from the daddy. Only, does it help?

32. City of Life and Death (2009) China 7.67

Black and white Chinese 80 millionth (in yuan) five-year long-term construction, telling about the hardships and hardships that the residents of the old Chinese capital had to endure during the Second World War ..


The film very colorfully (for black-and-white cinema) tells about the second Japanese-Chinese war, which began, as everyone remembers (or does not remember) in 1937, and about the "Nyankin massacre" in particular.

In a month and a half, the Japanese managed to send to the next world up to half a million civilians and surrendered military Chinese. For six weeks, the capital of China - Nanjing turned into a hell for the local population. Perhaps, there was not a single woman left in the city that would not have been raped and not a single house that would not have been looted.

If you are interested in the details, welcome to view.

33. Zatoichi (2003) Japan 7.66

Takeshi Kitano's film has nothing to do with the multi-part franchise, where the role of a wandering blind man and, in combination, a sword master - Zatoichi was played by Shintaro Katsu, and is an independent and self-sufficient story.


The action takes place in the middle of the 19th century. In the next town, which was caught by the blind tramp, the main character on his way, everything was fine, except for a couple of things. They do not allow to play dice here, and local bandits behave too self-confident.

I wonder when Zatoichi will deal with all the local boss's henchmen, will he finally be allowed to play his favorite game as normal?

Although, after such a mess, it would certainly be better to proceed further.

If you stay alive, of course.

34. Duelist (2005) South Korea 7.65

Koreans again. Again, a naive love story amid sword fights.


The action takes place in the 18th century during the Joseon dynasty. "Police officers" girl Nam-sun and her partner An are chasing a suspect in theft. Nam-sun manages to catch up with him and rip off the mask from the criminal. She also managed to "requisition" a matrix from him for the outflow of counterfeit coins.

But she did not succeed in returning her heart, drowned in the depths of his eyes. We'll have to chase with him until he returns it to her. Or will not respond to her feelings. Although, you still have to fight.

35. National Treasure (2004) US 7.65

An attempt by the Americans to assure the citizens of the Old World and themselves, including that they have already formed their own established nation, although it is not yet 250 years old.

And, moreover, they decided to come up with a move in which this "nation" already has its "treasures", although that this poor peasant can have their own, except for the loot and taken from the local Indian tribes, on whose territory a valiant "nation" and created its own state?

But the main character in the person of Nicolas Cage quite convincingly pretends to be Indiana Jones, who rushes about the whole film in attempts to solve riddles and puzzles that his great-grandfather and company invented for something.

At the same time, he is trying to whitewash his grandfather's name. Very cute, spectacular, but, to be honest, naive and funny.

But American children will be proud of their past, which, alas, the cat has cried so far.

36. Shooter (2007) US 7.64

Former Marine Bob Lee Swagger (Mark Wahlberg), a professional sniper, one of the few who can hit a target from a kilometer away, is visited by a certain Colonel Johnson. On the eve of the "tour" of the president in several cities, he asks to assess the situation in them and tell him the most obvious places where snipers could hide.

Swagger initially refuses, but Johnson, as it turned out, knows how to put pressure on the slack. Bob Lee, having driven through all the cities and carefully examining the places of future performances, finds the best place for an ambush. At the time of the president's visit to the city, at the time of his speech to the public, an attempt is made, but the African archbishop who was standing nearby is killed.

And then it turns out that the shot was just from where he warned. He quickly finds himself in the building, but immediately becomes the object of pursuit. He turns out to be abruptly set up, because all the threads lead exactly to Suegger, and the FBI follows him like hounds after roe deer. Bob Lee did not expect such a setup. Despite the fact that the corrupt sheriff managed to hit him once, the former Marine escapes the pursuit and hides with the wife of a murdered friend. Now his task is to prove his innocence.

The only one who doubts the guilt of the elite marine is an unbiased clumsy FBI agent. He alone is heated by obvious contradictions, which everyone seems to ignore on purpose.

The duet they have with Swagger will still have one. And it will not seem a little to the villains in ending.

37. Wasabi (2001) France 7.63

Next on our list of the best foreign action movies of the 2000s is the French film. Hubert Fiorentini is a typical example of a bad cop. He, without any twinges of conscience, mutuzits suspects, exceeding his authority. For the time being, the authorities turned a blind eye to this, since Hubert's disclosure was above the roof. But when the son of the district prefect got himself from a bad cop, the high authorities sent Hubert on an indefinite leave.


The state of "vacation" unsettles poor Hubert. Inaction is not his strong point. And then a lawyer called from Japan and informed him that his ex, whom he still loved, had died. He goes to the funeral, and upon arrival at the place he learns that he, it turns out, has a daughter who has a lot of problems, which he immediately takes up with his "badkop" manner to solve.

It will be funny in some places, but in general the uncompromising Jean Reno remains the uncompromising Jean Reno everywhere.

At least in those days it was like that.

38. Never Give Up (2008) US 7.63

Action movie of the 2000s with a plot from the 90s. In its center is Jack Tyler, a high school student whose family recently moved to a new place of residence. And, as usual, the newcomer began to shovel in a new place to the fullest.

At least once, from the local authority Ryan McCarthy, he didn't want to. Then a friend advised him to go to the "mixed martial arts" section, which is fashionable here. Then, of course, he will have to participate in the championship.

And guess from one time with whom he will clash in the final?

39. Bad Boys 2 (2003) US 7.62

Eight years after the events of the first film, the bad guys are back in business. They are still police detectives, this time chasing drug dealers, trying to reach the leaders.

As usual, the very bad guys here are the USAs, who flood the streets with hundreds of ecstasy. And all would be fine, probably the guys would have figured it out themselves. But the matter is complicated by the fact that, on the other hand, Marcus' sister Sydney is also leading it, which neither brother, Mike, who rushes after her, is not aware of.

To make matters worse, Marcus is not aware of the romance between Syd and Lowry. And when Marcus finds out about it ...

In short, this will certainly not help.

40. Dragon Kiss (2001) France 7.62

Inspector Richard was very unhappy with the fact that a collar in the form of a Chinese police consultant was hung around his neck, and on him so - an overseer and a pain in the ass, Liu Xiujian (Jet Li).

Moreover, the damn Chineese witnessed the reprisal that Richard perpetrated over the suspect in the heat of anger, and therefore he urgently wants to remove him. In general, only Richard knows that he himself sewed the suspect, and not the Chinese. Only video can confirm that Liu is innocent, but if the Chinese are removed quickly, by sewing on the spot, it can still be settled.

The race begins with the pursuit of the Chinese, who mercilessly incapacitates all of Richard's fighters one by one. It will soon be the turn of Richard himself. Chinese people are patient, but they also have a limit.

41. Taxi 2 (2000) France 7.61

After the first part, supertaxist Daniel Morales and police inspector Emilien Kuta-Korbadek became inseparable friends. But despite his acquaintance with the police, Daniel still very maliciously violates, accelerating his tuned "Peugeot 406" to such speeds that it leaves the racers of the fast track far behind the rear bumper.


But no matter how he "twisted", and could not do anything, when the yakuza intervened and kidnapped the Japanese Minister of Defense from the car, and along with him Emilien's girlfriend, Petra.

When all the raids and seizure operations organized by Commissioner Gibert go down the drain (by the way, together with the broken Gibert himself), Daniel and Emilien take up the matter personally.

And here, as we all understand, it will not seem enough to anyone.

42. Cruel Winter Blues (2006) South Korea 7.61

Koreans are back in our top 100 best foreign action movies of the 2000s. The scumbag Che-moon arrives in a provincial town to find the goat responsible for the death of the sidekick.


After a little reflection, he figured that it would most likely be found at his mother's, in the village. Where else can this bastard hide?

But it becomes much more difficult to carry out his plan when he meets this very mom, who so reminds him of his mother from a distant village childhood.

The character arc, like it or not, will have to bend in the other direction. How is it in Korean. To be a villain for so many years to be re-educated in a matter of hours in a matter of hours ...

In general, see for yourself.

43. Kill Bill (2003) US 7.60

The first part of the Tarantino dilogy, which, according to rumors, may soon turn into a trilogy.


The murderer named "Black Mamba", who was almost finished off at his own wedding, having regained consciousness, to the great horror of the former accomplices begins to eliminate them one by one. In the end, everyone who took part in her unfinished murder will be removed.

But she won't be able to kill Bill this time. Although there will be plenty of corpses here.

44. Master of the Seas: At the End of the Earth (2003) US 7.59

In the center of the plot of the next action movie of the 2000s, the grip between Her Majesty's battleship "Surprise" and the French frigate "Acheron", with varying success lasts throughout the film.

The action takes place at the beginning of the 19th century. Wonders of ingenuity, art of naval combat and a sense of proportion did not help the captain of the "Surprise" Aubrey, whose role was played by Russell Crowe himself, to capture the enemy ship until the very end. And even there, not the fact that he will succeed.

But combat battles with the participation of airborne artillery of the century before last will be very spectacular and entertaining.

45. Revelation of Love (2008) Japan 7.59

Another greetings from East Asia. Life as a teenager in Japan is difficult. Especially if this teenager's father is a priest who, because of the slut who abandoned him, constantly takes out evil on the child.


In retaliation for the constant attacks from his father in the fact that he is supposedly a sinner of sinners who needs to repent from morning to evening, he decides to sin against his father for evil and joins a gang of local frostbites, becoming an excellent photographer of what women have an upskirt.

But someday love can knock on the soul of a voyeur. Before his death, his mother bequeathed him to find a girl worthy of the Virgin Mary in purity and attractiveness.

And he finds her. Only will circumstances and ill-wishers give him to get along with her?

46. Kinda Tough Pointers (2007) UK 7.59

The next action movie of the 2000s from the category of comedy. It’s hard to be a good London cop, so much so that against your background, all other law enforcement officers simply fade. Therefore, it is not too surprising that they decided to get rid of such a beacon in the capital by sending it to the outback.

Arriving in the town of Sandford in Gloucestershire, Nicholas Angel (this is the name of our super cop) almost went crazy with boredom. The most serious thing here turned out to be the capture of a swan, which I tried to make legs from a local pond. And then, as a partner, he was given a pronounced idiot, although he adores watching good films.

But the measured course of the town's life was soon broken by a series of murders disguised as accidents and natural deaths. But our super cop can't be fooled. He rudely begins to dig into the local bedbug, turning inside out his undercover, rotten under the surface gloss.

It will be funny. Those who haven't watched have lost a lot.

47. Kingdom of Heaven (2005) USA 7.58

A tale about how a simple blacksmith Balian, who also turned out to be the son of Baron Gottfried of Ibelinsky, defended Jerusalem from the Muslim army.

As the hero of Orlando Bloom looked into the water, that nothing good awaits him in the sacred lands. All these crusades and wars of faith were not originally for him. But he had to sip them with interest.

The film is spectacular, but not everyone will like it. It's not just Balian who dislikes wars of faith.

48. Robbery in Italian (2003) USA 7.58

Another top-notch action movie starring Mark Wahlberg. Here he plays a professional robbery planner, who, together with the leader of the group, John Bridger, is preparing another "operation".

As a result, they turn out to be richer by many millions of dollars, having become the owners of a huge batch of gold bars. But before they had time to rejoice in the successful business, one of the team - Steve Frazelli decides to cheat everyone and, having grabbed all the gold for himself, sends the whole team, all their friends and comrades, to the bottom of the river to feed the fish right in the minibus.

But to his misfortune, the whole team, with the exception of the oldest of them - the leader John - survived. But Stevie doesn't know about it yet. And when he finds out, it will be too late.

Revenge will be colorful, harmonious and delightful.

49. Persecutor (2008) South Korea 7.57

Koreans in the 2000s dispersed in a serious way. Former police officer Chun-ho has long forgotten that he was once a law enforcement officer. He is now a successful pimp.


At least, it was until recently, until someone began to poach his girls from him. Still, it seems likely that the pimp will have to remember his past life skills and deal with whoever is behind the disappearance of the girls.

Starting his own investigation, he notices that all the girls were ordered from the same phone number. And he decides to dig up information on him. And on time.

Since girls are not "lured away" at all ...

50. Temptation of Wolves (2004) South Korea 7.57

South Korea again. Leaving her village for the big city, the Han-kyong girl did not even suspect what kind of hurricane she would arrange at the place of her new residence. It turned out that two local macho would fall in love with her at the same time.


And these macho will start a real war among themselves. They seem to be good guys. What did love do to them and what will happen to them by the end of the movie?

Although, it may very well be that love has nothing to do with it. Maybe they just didn't have a reason to find out who's cooler ...


The second part of the top 100 best foreign action movies of the 2000s has come to an end. Continue waiting in the near future, and there will be sonorous blockbusters in it no less than in previous issues. In the meantime, we will look forward to the total "de-mothballing" of USA cinemas.

By the end of August, it certainly should take place, because at every corner there are already banners advertising the national unscientific-fantastic long-term construction "Goalkeeper of the Galaxy".

In the meantime, as usual, we will torment streaming services in the hope of finding something new and interesting on them. Good luck to all of us in this worthy and exciting activity!

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